Baby shower gift basket ideas

When friends or family members share the exciting news that they’re welcoming a baby, you can expect a lot of hugs, happy tears, and belly rubs. The big task, however, is to find a thoughtful baby gift that will truly show your love and care for the family-to-be, including presents that aren’t only awesome but are useful and practical as well.

Whether it’s your sister, close friend, or a coworker who is expecting, consider baby gifts that will help prepare them for the birth of their little one.

A new baby is an extra special reason for a party. Baby shower parties remain as one of the traditional ways with which loved ones come together, celebrate, and express their joy at someone’s pregnancy. It’s the perfect time for family and friends to spend time with the expecting parents and to bring gifts intended to wish them well before their baby’s birth.

From nursery room decorations to outfits and personal care products, the options for baby shower gifts are endless. Make sure the presents you’re bringing will give comfort to the new parents and their baby, and will be cherished for a long time.

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Baby shower gift list

After being invited to a baby shower for some celebrations, now comes the fun part- choosing the perfect baby shower gift. As most mothers will tell you, the best option is to choose an item from the parents’ baby registry, also known as their wish list. This way, you’re purchasing something that certainly suits the needs, preferences and lifestyles of the parents-to-be.

If you’re not whether they have a baby registry, you can ask the baby shower host. Some parents may skip this process of making a baby shower gift list. In this case, it can be overwhelming to choose the ideal gift from the countless options of baby gear. With some careful thought and consideration, you can make your baby shower gift a practical and thoughtful one that your loved one will truly appreciate.

Keep checking out the items on this article because it features some of the most useful and unique baby shower gifts any parent would love to receive.

Baby shower gift ideas

Choosing the perfect baby shower gift can be a perplexing task. While it’s thoughtful to give the expectant mother the things she registered for, you can also consider giving the family-to-be something unique, interesting, and useful that will receive many “aaww’s” and “oohh’s” from their loved ones.

When it comes to giving baby shower gifts, you have to keep several things in mind, including usefulness and practicality. You can make things simpler for the soon-to-be mother by gifting her the baby stuff essentials or the best products for her to use and carry around as a new mom.

Baby shower gift ideas that are most suitable for the littles ones include baby’s clothing items such as bibs, mittens, and booties. Make sure you get the ones made of cotton, not of synthetic materials.

You also can’t go wrong with giving diapers from trustworthy brands or high-quality cloth diapers if the new parents are environment-conscious.

Babies also need skin and oral care products, but it’s best to choose solutions that contain mostly natural ingredients.

New parents may feel overwhelmed with giving their newborn baby a bath because their little darling may seem delicate, so choosing practical baby bath products will be highly appreciated.

Bed linens for babies also make for an awesome baby shower gift. These bedding sets are available in many eye-catching designs, but choose items made of quick-dry material and are sure to keep the newborn snug and comfortable.

When it comes to entertainment, the market has countless options for musical toys and rattlers. Aside from their bright and lovable designs, these toys are soothing enough to relax and entertain the little one for a long time.

Before the time comes that their baby can playfully look at a range of toys, such as teethers and plushies, it’s best the family has floor mats and propped-up pillows that can create a neat and safe playground for the child.

Gifting baby room décor is also a brilliant idea; you’ll have no difficulty selecting items from a wide selection of furniture, such as appropriate room lighting, lively picture frames, peppy wall stickers, and tidy rugs.

For the soon-to-be mother, she’s going to focus on everything that her baby will need so she might forget to take some time to care for herself. For the baby shower, you can give her stuff that will make her post-pregnancy days more comfortable and easier to deal with. Useful organizers can allow her to monitor her health and wellness after giving birth while she cares for her newborn.

Choose diaries and journals that track the baby’s feeding patterns, sleep behaviors and more as well as remind the mother to keep up with her own healthy diet, sleep, exercise and other physical and mental preparations for the coming days. This makes for a fabulous gift whether it’s her first baby or fifth.

You can also get her a personal care kit that will make for a smoother recovery and boost her routine after giving birth, including products such as postnatal multivitamins, scalp and hair care solutions, and skin moisturizers, among others.

A multi-functional diaper bag is definitely a must-have. Lightweight carryalls are all about storage that will cover both baby and mama’s essentials, from spare clothes and baby wipes to phone and keys.

You can also bring a nursing cover as a baby shower gift, especially those that aren’t only used for breastfeeding but are versatile enough to be used as a personal scarf or a car seat cover.

If you’re a coupon aficionado, you can procure some babysitting coupons for your friend or family member from a trusted babysitter so the momma can spend some quality time for herself. Having me-time is a precious gift and she will treasure the much-needed rest.

On the subject of well-deserved breaks, every expecting, new or long-time mother will want some time for pampering, so gift certificates for a facial, mani-pedi, or body massage will be a cherished present.

For new parents who are overwhelmed enough with caring for their little angel, the last thing they want to be bothered with is what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consider setting up a food delivery service for the couple so they get to easily choose meals three times a day without the hassles of having to prepare it themselves.

All in all, being able to treasure and look back on these special moments with their newborn is a wonderful thing. For their baby shower, why not give a gift card for a professional photography session? It’s one of those presents that are truly incomparable.

Baby shower gift bag

A baby shower remains one of the most treasured celebrations in a parent’s life. With loved ones coming over to extend their well-wishes and offer their precious presents, you’d also want to hand over a meaningful memento and celebrate with the parents-to-be.

When it comes to choosing the ideal token of congratulations, baby shower gift ideas are plenty. While some are classic and traditional, others are cute and customized. By placing them in gift bags, both you and the recipient will enjoy its advantages that will save your time and money. Looking for the supplies to help you in your wrapping task is quite unnerving. Using baby shower gift bags does not require any ribbon or tape so you can simply drop your gift in the bag and head over to the party.

Gift bags also accommodate items that come in odd shapes and sizes so you can quickly put your gift in a larger bag and drop in some pretty festive tissues to take up the extra space. For the baby shower, you can also accessorize the gift bag and add life and character to your present. You may want to consider gender-neutral styles and patterns especially if the parents don’t know their baby’s gender yet. While bunnies and butterflies are adorable, these wouldn’t probably be fitting for a boy nor would basketballs and cars be for a girl.

Most of these gift bags are light, non-toxic and made of eco-friendly materials. Because they can be easily customized for baby shower celebrations, your options are unlimited.


Baby shower gift wrap

Gift wrapping means tapping into your creative side. With endless wrapping options for baby celebrations, you should consider baby shower gift wrap ideas that are truly exceptional and appealing. Wrapped presents topped with a gift card will never go out of style as they come out nice and clean.

When wrapping baby shower gifts, it’s best that the item is placed in a sturdy box first because items that aren’t boxed or have an odd shape can be harder to wrap. The best portion in gift wrapping baby shower gifts is having the chance to decorate them as you deem fit for the celebrations, from spectacular ribbons to festive bows.

Baby shower gift card

While some people may deem gift cards to be a less personal approach to gift giving, it does have its benefits and could be the perfect baby shower gift for parents-to-be. Friends and family members can be encouraged to consider nice gift cards from baby stores or general stores, such as Amazon or Walmart, where the couple can buy the baby items they need.

Baby shower gift cards are most useful if the new parents are choosy about what they want or are in need of the bigger, pricier stuff. Cribs, strollers, and car seats are just few of the things that aren’t exactly cheap, and you can’t always expect people to spend lots of money for their baby shower gifts. However, if the couple’s guests will let them have gift cards, they can buy all the most important stuff at stores or on sale later.

Baby shower gift for boy

Sneakers and cars and robots galore, if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gifts for boys, consider the awesome ideas that are both cute and practical. From activity mats to soothing music, you can never go wrong with these baby shower gifts for your loved ones who are welcoming a son.

Useful basic items such as baby’s clothing, including mittens, caps, booties and bibs, are always appreciated by new parents. However, you can choose items that put an extra oomph to their purpose, such as bib and burp cloth sets that can easily absorb spills and spittle or adorable outfits, receiving blankets and hooded towels made of soft cotton, not of synthetic fabrics.

Your loved ones can never have too many cute outfits for their newborn. Choose adorable yet comfy playsuits that can easily be zipped up and used all year round.

Make things easier for their little angel by giving them an impressive activity mat that is perfect for playtime and basically any other time. Surrounded with safe musical toys and pillows and amused with a super cool design, the baby will certainly be kept occupied. With a wide range of toys to choose from, consider sustainable items that he can play with until he’s a few months old or even more. These can also be a welcome addition to the nursery room’s decorations.

When he’s a bit older, their child will also delight in multifunctional objects that they can use to snuggle or play. Consider fun bouncers that where the baby can enjoy his playtime and find relaxation at the same time, whether he’s inside or outside the house.

Reputed brands have also been releasing the best accessories for helping babies- and their parents- achieve a good night’s sleep. To name a few, these include sound machines that mask external sounds, swaddling blankets that help promote a sense of security in babies while sleeping, and portable projector soothers that release a soft glow onto the wall so the little one can drift asleep while listening to lullabies.

Baby shower gift for girl

If your family member or friend is set to welcome a new addition to the family, you would want to help celebrate with the most thoughtful present that says “welcome to the world!” to this healthy baby girl. While giving packs of diapers and onesies are always a kind gesture, it’s also a good idea to come up with presents that are fun, handy and inspiring.

New parents looking forward to the arrival of their baby girl will certainly fall hard for irresistible baby shower gifts, from adorable décor items for the nursery to glam yet comfy onesies and so much more.

If you want to take it up a notch, go for items that offer a mini luxury experience for the newborn, such as cozy, easy-to-clean loungers where her mom or dad can put her down. She’ll be calm and relaxed knowing she can see her parents while being cradled gently. Stylish large-capacity diaper bags are also a perfect idea so your loved ones will love taking their baby girl around the city even more. Choose bags that are incredibly spacious, you never know which of the bottles, clothes, diapers, toys, and accessories the parents will be taking today or the next.

A snug bouncer is also perfect for the baby girl as it will keep her entertained and relaxed at the same time. The little darling will especially appreciate bouncers that come with adorable hanging toys and play songs that can put baby to sleep. While parents will take these into consideration, they would love to get their hands on accessories that are easy to clean, carry and fit into small spaces.

Inspiring books with their beautiful pages can also provide affectionate affirmations for the baby girl. Choose books that have a positive message, which will be helpful from the time she’s born until she gets older. It’s one of the best sentimental ways of encouraging her to continue what she loves to do and reach for her dreams.

Baby shower gift box

The arrival of a new baby is such a marvelous occasion for a couple as well as for their family members and friends. Handing over gifts that are suitable for the newborn can be challenging. Everyone would want to gift something that is proper and convenient for the baby and their parents.

If you haven’t found the perfect gift idea, you can always put together your own baby shower gift box so you can fill it with different things that the new parents will really appreciate.

Bath time accessories- try buying a baby bathtub so you can have it as a gift basket and have it filled up with baby soaps, baby towels, a baby grooming set, even some rubber duckies, and a non-slip mat.

Bigger-sized clothes- because babies tend to grow fast, try choosing outfits that their little one can still wear not just in the first few weeks but later on towards the first year.

Babyproofing accessories- help your loved ones in securing their home for the new addition to their family by choosing safety items such as electric outlet covers and baby gates.

Items for emergency- for those small emergencies that the new parents might not be ready for, consider an emergency kit that comes with antibiotic cream, calamine lotion, small bandages and a thermometer, among others.

Baby shower gift essentials

Choosing a baby shower gift can be really tricky because as parents may have different wants. However, in welcoming a baby and caring for them, we basically need the same items so here are some ideas for baby shower gift essentials that are definite must-haves before and after giving birth.

Crib- this is understandably a crucial item, although there are plenty to choose from and there are different factors to consider. Safety should be the most important. If you’re going for a crib as a gift, consider the type that the parents would like. If the parents already have a crib, go for other essentials, such as a mattress cover and a fitted sheet.

Changing table- another must-have for newborns is a changing table, which will really be put to good use. The parents may be looking for a specific brand or a certain style, so it’s best to know what type they’d go for. If they’ve already gotten a changing table, gift them with items that will comprise the diaper-duty station, including a changing pad, wipes, and diapers.

Nightlight- a dim light tend to help calm the baby and make it easier for the parents to get around the nursery at night during feedings.

Rocking chair- mom will be kept comfy with a durable rocking chair as she nurses and cuddles her baby while its gentle rocking motion will also help soothe her baby to sleep.

Pregnancy guide book- this will serve as a detailed, user-friendly source of information about pregnancy for moms and dads as it’s filled with tips and advice on a wide range of topics, from birthing practices to current lifestyles and trends.

Baby monitor- parents would love to have the option of looking into and checking out their baby’s room instead of having to panic and run into the nursery every time they hear whimpers.

Baby shower gift prizes

Baby shower prizes are one of basic components of a fruitful celebration. For those of us with a competitive side, the games are where the real fun happens. It becomes even more thrilling if delightful prizes are to be given away. If you want to help out the expecting parents with their baby shower gift prizes, use these ideas to choose items that will definitely be a hit without having to break the bank.

Keychains that represent the baby’s gender

Scented candles with soothing oils

Pamper-yourself kits that are already assembled or grooming items that you can put together

Delicious chocolates to enjoy the celebrations even more

Baby shower gift registry register

Celebrating with a baby shower means counting on receiving plenty of baby gifts. Despite babies being the little angels they are, the list of baby basics and essentials is quite big.

Parents-to-be find it important to come up with a baby shower registry because it gives you, their friends and family members, an opportunity to help them collect all they will need in preparation for their newborn. These stuff should also help them get through the first few years of their child’s life.

Making up a registry is a stress-free way of letting people know what the couple really wants. This also keeps them track of what they’ve already gotten so they don’t end up with multiple cribs or an incredibly high pile of blankets. When it comes to the rules of creating a baby shower registry, moms-to-be will break down everything she needs for the birth of her little one, from bibs and onesies to spoons and strollers. However, if she has already decided to buy the bare essentials (baby furniture basics like cribs and changing tables) as well as the too-personal items (breast pumps and other nursing accessories), be on the lookout for other things she’d likely be putting on the baby shower gift registry, such as:

Cute outfits and burp cloths

Receiving blankets


Baby monitor

High chair


Bathtubs and other bath accessories

Diaper bag

Baby carrier or sling


Baby shower gift set

In coming up with your own baby shower gift set, have a look at the following steps:

  1. Choose your gift container, such as a box or basket, as well as wrappings and embellishments so it can guide you for what else you need to buy.
  2. Once you have decided on the outer portion of your gift set, you’re ready to decide on which baby gear to give. Place soft items at the bottom, such as pillows and plush toys, as they make a good lining for your set.
  3. Choosing the larger, bulkier items first, which are likely to be main gifts in your set, will ensure you have enough space for them.
  4. Gift sets that are filled with stuff are definitely the most exciting to open, so make sure your container is tightly wrapped. Items such as bottles, shampoos, lotions, pacifiers and smaller plush toys will round out your baby shower gift set. Accessories for the expecting mother will also make a good addition to your present.

Baby shower gift unique

Expecting parents are sure to be physically and mentally overwhelmed by the arrival of their latest family member. You can help ease some of their worries with these unique baby shower gifts that are both precious and practical.

Instant camera- gifting the mom-to-be with a fun instant camera will offer beautiful, hard copies of memories that her entire family will love looking at for years to come.

Baby monitor- while you can’t give your loved ones a complete night of sleep, you can gift them a reliable baby monitor that will give them peace of mind, knowing their baby is safe in the nursery.

Diaper pail- choose diaper pails that have been assembled and ready to use; these items absorb odors and keep them locked away- something that parents will definitely be thankful for.

White noise sound machine- as it generates a steady stream of calming sound, a white noise sound machine can help baby to sleep better. Choose machines that are portable and small enough to attach to baby’s stroller or car seat so he or she can sleep better while on the go.

Baby shower gift guide 

If there’s anything more overwhelming than pregnancy, it’s buying the things that one’s baby might need. If it’s your friend or family member’s first pregnancy, it may take her a longer time to decide on what products to use or which brands to trust.

If you’re yet to decide on what baby shower gift to hand over, here are some tips you can follow so you can help guide your loved one in avoiding ordeals and preparing well for the arrival of her baby.

  1. Find out if there’s a registry because this wish list lets you know what the expecting parents need and want as they welcome the new addition to their family.
  2. Consider the gender of the little one if it’s a boy or girl. If the parents plan on a gender reveal surprise, choose clothes, toys and other items that come in gender-neutral styles and colors.
  3. Consider the time of the year when the baby will be born. If it’s winter, go for warm, comfy clothes that will keep them cozy. If it’s summer, choose light clothing to keep them fresh and snug despite warm weather conditions.
  4. Choosing everyday items is a practical move; these include diapers, bottles and pacifiers. While certain trendy toys may be cute and gorgeous, you can give the parents a bigger hand by helping them with items they need on a daily basis.
  5. New parents are showered with plenty of baby clothes, but most of these might be worn for only a few weeks or months. Infants grow quickly and would need more clothes for the succeeding months so consider buying clothes that are sized for six months up to two years.
  6. If you’re looking to buy larger items, such as a crib, stroller or piece of nursery furniture, it will certainly help the expecting parents push off with a great start. Because these items come with a heftier price tag, you may want to ask other baby shower guests to contribute so you can give it as a group present.

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