Baskets For Gift Hampers - When You Want To Make Your Gift Yourself

Baskets For Gift Hampers – When You Want To Make Your Gift Yourself

Buying baskets for gift hampers is a sure way to surprise someone, especially when making your gift. You’re giving your recipient a wide selection of gifts—and that, I think, is the exact definition of happiness.

But, not all of us have the budget to buy ready-made gift hampers. In some cases, you may feel that some are priced so high that you’d instead make one yourself.

Whether you fall under the first or second category, don’t worry. I’ve listed down my top choices of baskets for gift hampers you can start with to up your gift-giving game.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples to help you purchase the intended recipient in your life.

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Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article, which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

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Types of Basket Available for Your Gift Hamper

Bread baskets and wicker trays are the most popular types of baskets amongst British people. These are great because they’re very compact and make perfect decorations afterward.

These two can be categorized further according to their shapes and sizes. I’ve added a few examples below to give you several options:

However, gift baskets aren’t limited to using literal baskets.

Your base can be in the form of a box to ensure all your gifts stay safe. Another option that’s becoming popular crates that often double as durable storage.

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How to Choose a Suitable Basket for Your Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Making your own gift hamper is fairly easy. Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to focus on which basket will go best for the occasion.

But, you shouldn’t just buy the first basket you see. I think this guide on how to choose a suitable basket for your gift hamper can help a lot when deciding if a basket is worth it or not:

  1. Quality

We know how quality should always be our top consideration. Remember that you’ll be giving a gift with many items in it, so you have to make sure they reach your recipient in one piece.

But, expensive doesn’t always mean good quality, and cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. I’ve seen cheaper ones that exceeded my expectations and costlier ones that are…never mind.

I’m not saying we should settle for less. But, there are a lot of baskets in the market today, so finding a good one that at the same time fits your budget isn’t impossible.

  1. Size

After quality, ask yourself how many gifts will be in it. It won’t make sense to buy a huge basket if you’re only putting around 5 items.

Or, if you have a large budget, why would you settle for a tiny basket if you’re planning to fill it with several items?

Also, in general, bigger baskets cost more than smaller ones. With that in mind, make sure it’s just the right size, so it’s still presentable without looking too crowded.

  1. Versatility

I’ve shown different examples for each type of basket above. Before making a purchase, you may want to consider the overall versatility of your gift basket.

You may wonder: but why is it still my problem?

Technically, it’s not. But, I think it’s a nice gesture to think of what your basket may become the moment all the gifts in it have been consumed.

For example, is it small yet spacious enough to hold and display fruits in the dining room? Or, is it big and wide enough to be a temporary laundry hamper in your neighbor’s bathroom?

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How Much Do Baskets for Gift Hampers Cost?

The cheapest basket for gift hampers I saw was about £4, and it can go up to £20. So, I suggest that you think about your budget first before making a decision.

I do think your budget is an important factor when buying an empty gift basket. This is because though a basket is considered good, you still won’t buy it if it doesn’t fit your budget.

For example, you found a basket that perfectly suits your needs. But after checking the tag, you realize you can’t afford it, so you move on and look for another.

Again, I’m not saying that you should compromise. I’m only suggesting that you take your time while shopping (even for a basket) to make sure you get the most out of your money.

Here is an item from Amazon which may be of interest:

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Baskets for Gift Hampers – Where Can I Buy Them From?

There are basically two places where you can buy baskets for gift hampers. It can be from a physical store or an online shop, and each has its pros and cons, which we’ll talk more about in detail.

The biggest advantage of online shopping is you can do it at home. You also don’t need to deal with long queues since orders basically get processed in an instant.

However, the biggest downside is that you can’t physically see the basket before buying it. You have to rely entirely on pictures and reviews which sometimes, don’t do much.

Then, there’s the shipping cost, which can be a burden for some. There’s the waiting time, too, which can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you need the baskets immediately.

Meanwhile, the biggest pro of buying a basket from a physical store is you can check and test it out before buying it. You don’t have to set your expectations because what you see is what you get.

But, the first disadvantage is you have to wait in queue for your order to be processed. And if you’re not inside the mall, you have to endure the heat or maybe even the pouring rain.

Additionally, I suggest buying in bulk if you have many recipients in mind or feel like you’ll be doing it frequently.

Doing this can save you time and money. This applies to both online shopping and to buying from a physical store.

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How to Make a Baby Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Store-bought baby gift hampers are sold everywhere. However, what if you wish to add a couple more items as you’re not satisfied with what is inside?

If that is what’s bothering you, kindly check out this guide on how to make a baby gift hamper:

  1. Start with a theme

I suggest going with items the parents would find useful for the baby. You have to consider the gender of the baby, too—choose pinks for girls and shades of blue for boys.

  1. Pick a basket

There are several basket options listed above. You’re also free to be creative and use other containers you think are appropriate for the event.

  1. Select your gifts

Useful items include baby clothes, nappies, and bath products. Once complete, arrange the gifts inside the basket with the taller items in the back and the shorter ones in front.

  1. Wrap your basket

This step is optional and will also depend on the container you use. If you use a container other than a basket, it’s best to leave it that way.

You can also choose to leave it unwrapped when using a basket. But if you wish to take that extra step, here are steps that you can follow:

  • Lay a sheet of cellophane flat on a table.
  • Place your gift in the middle of the cellophane.
  • Gather the flaps on top and scrunch them on top of the tallest item in your container.
  • Get a fancy ribbon and tie it around the opening to secure everything together.

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How to Customise a Baby Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Buying baby gift hampers is great when you’re short on time. But if that’s not the case, why not try customizing your own basket?

Take a look at this guide on how to customize a baby gift hamper to add some uniqueness to your gift:

  1. Decide on a theme

Think of things the baby can really use on a regular. You can also opt for a food-related basket to congratulate the parents on the new baby.

  1. Choose a basket

The usual willow baskets work great for this occasion. However, I also encourage you to think outside the box and use other containers for that added effect.

  1. Pick your gifts

Baby stuff like teethers, feeding bottles, or some emergency linens are always a good idea. On top of that, make sure to consider the baby’s gender and age when buying gifts.

Once you’re done shopping, place, and arrange the gifts inside the basket. Ideally, shorter items are placed in front of taller items where they can easily be seen.

  1. Add the final touches.

It’s ok if you choose not to wrap your gift. Just tape a card or a bow on the handle or your container’s body to make it look nice and presentable.

But if you think wrapped gifts add to the element of surprise, here are easy steps on how to wrap your gift basket:

  • Start by laying some cellophane flat on your table.
  • Grab your basket and place it over the cellophane.
  • Pull the flaps upward and hold them using one hand over the tallest item in your basket.
  • Using the other hand, tie a ribbon around the opening to finish off your basket.

Here is an item from Amazon which may be of interest:

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How to Personalise a Baby Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Personalizing a gift is an excellent way of making it unique. To make your hamper different from the rest, I suggest that you keep reading for a simple guide on how to personalize a baby gift hamper:

  1. Selecting a theme

You can go for food or a non-food related arrangement for this.

If you choose a food-related arrangement, think of it to congratulate the parents for the blessing. For non-food baskets, think of what they will find handy when caring for the baby.

  1. Choosing your container

Using a willow basket is completely up to you. But to make things a bit different, you can pick other objects in which to carry your presents (a baby bag, for example.)

  1. Buying your presents

Some good items include a storybook, photo frames, and a stuffed animal (depending on the baby’s age.) Aside from age, consider the baby’s gender as well when out shopping.

Once you’re satisfied with your gifts, place them all inside your container. If using a basket, put the taller items behind and the shorter ones to make the basket look organized.

  1. Finishing the basket

If you choose not to wrap your basket, add a card or a bow to make it look structured. But if you prefer your basket wrapped, here are the steps to follow:

  • Place a sheet of cellophane flat on the table.
  • Get your gift basket and place it in the center of the cellophane.
  • Hold the edges of the cellophane and bring them upwards, gathering them over the highest item in your gift basket.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the opening to secure the basket, and then you’re done!

Here is an item from Amazon which may be of interest:

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Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article on baskets for gift hampers. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

If you have found this page to be of help to you, it would be awesome to share this page with me. (Thank you).

Good luck with your future purchases, and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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