Best gift hampers – Top choice selections for friends and family

Gift baskets, hampers & gift boxes for any occasion come loaded with different varieties of food & beverage ideas.

This article covers the best gift hampers primarily, but the information can be useful for other special occasions to seek a memorable gift.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples to help you purchase the intended recipient in your life.

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Best gift hampers – Top choice selections for friends and family

When it comes to choosing presents for a loved one, it can be challenging to think of something thoughtful and personal yet unique and useful for these important people in our lives. Gift hampers are the perfect gifting idea with any holiday or occasion you’re celebrating! Here are some reasons why gift hampers make an ideal present:

  1. Gift hampers come in a wide range of styles and may contain many different goods and items. Whether the recipient prefers healthy snacks, gourmet sweets, body products, or cooking tools, there’s a gift hamper that matches everyone’s needs and wants.

Gift hampers can be given for any occasion or celebration. Also, one gift hamper can be good enough for an entire group or family and has enough treats inside to keep every member happy, so you don’t have to shop individually for everyone.

  1. Gift hampers are easy to personalize and customize. If you want to put together your own or add more items to the basket before giving it to your friend or family member, you can do so without damaging the original presentation. For a more personal touch, consider buying a gift hamper and then add in some of the recipient’s favorite items, like a good book or tickets to a concert they’ve wanted to attend.
  1. If you’re following a budget, you won’t have a hard time with gift hampers because many of these are inexpensive. From food gift baskets to spa collections and everything in between, you’ll realize that thoughtful gifts don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.
  1. One of the most common reactions to a beautiful gift these days is to take pictures of it and post these online. Surprisingly, your loved ones with a gorgeous gift hamper will certainly rake in plenty of likes when they proudly show it to others. Gift hampers are wonderful subjects for a photograph, and pictures of them will certainly be social media-worthy.

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Best gift hampers – Types available to choose from

If you’re not sure what to get that friend who has everything or that family member who’s picky as ever, gift hampers are an exceptional present for them to experience a little of everything. I’ve rounded up a couple of main types of the best gift hampers you can choose from to impress anyone on your list.

Food gift hampers

Food gift hampers are some of those presents that keep on giving. While there’s a large variety of food baskets out there that focus only on a single category, like popcorn gift baskets or dried fruit gift baskets, you can also go for gift hampers that are filled with an assortment of goodies. Make sure you’ve chosen items that are delicious and will bring comfort to your loved ones, no matter the time of the year.

For instance, for health-conscious people, you can find fruit gift hampers in your local stores or online. While traditional fruit baskets will contain juicy apples, pears, grapes, strawberries, and many more, other fruit gift hampers will complement these fruits with nuts and other healthy snacks.

For friends and family members who can’t let go of sweets, there’s a large variety of chocolate, candy, and cookie gift hampers out there. Items such as chocolate-covered pretzels, gooey brownies, crisp cookies, and other delightful goods can definitely make this gift hampers a real treat!

If healthy snacks and sweet goods are not the recipient’s preferred comfort food, you can always consider many more food gift hampers filled with varieties of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. These are always a welcome addition to the pantry as these are tasty beverages that can be consumed at different times of the day.

Suppose you’re not sure whether these drinks will impress the recipient. In that case, other food gift hampers you can consider include breakfast gift hampers for someone who loves to prepare the first meal of the day, popcorn and snack gift hampers for someone who loves snacking while watching movies; wine gift hampers for the wine connoisseur, gift hampers with meat and cheeses. Gift hampers with baked goods, to name a few.

Please note these gifts to hamper ideas because it’s always safe to start early and order or put together your gift hampers today!

Gift hampers for special occasions and celebrations

Gift hamper selections are highly versatile and can be delivered anywhere you want them delivered, such as homes, offices, and hospitals, among others. As such, these baskets are perfect for any occasion or celebration. Whether you want to give a present for a wedding celebration, a Christmas party, a housewarming event, a corporate affair, or just about any occasion, gift hampers can be put together within minutes and shipped wherever you desire.

Birthday gift hampers can contain candy and flowers, although you can consider luxury gift hampers that have gourmet snacks and wines. New baby gift hampers are a thoughtful gesture in celebrating with a couple as they welcome their family. These may contain items like baby clothes, bath products, and other stuff that the couple will need for their little tot.

Christmas gift hampers can be a quick and inexpensive option for the holidays; these baskets can be put together with any item you want for the important people in your life, from imported candies and toys to world-class wines and snacks.

These are only a few examples of gift hampers you can give on different occasions. Other celebrations where you can consider giving these incredible baskets include anniversaries, graduations, housewarming events, retirement parties, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and many more. You can even go for these gift hampers as a sympathy gift for bereaved families and as a get-well gift for an ailing loved one.

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Items to add as extras for your gift hamper basket

To add more to your gift hamper’s content, choose fun yet appropriate goodies that are still relevant to your theme. For example, if you’re doing a food-related theme or you recognize that majority of the contents you’ve put together are best placed in the pantry, try adding cooking- or kitchen-related stuff, such as cookbooks, aprons, cooking tools, even handwritten recipes for a more personal touch.

For people who love to drink tea and coffee, throw in a pair of mugs that are just the right size and appropriate design to match the recipient’s taste. For the wine drinker, squeeze in a couple of wine glasses and a wine bottle opener.

A relaxation gift hampers that typically includes bath and body products can do better when you put in additional scented candles plus an assortment of tea bags so your loved ones can treat themselves to a great time of pampering.

For the ultimate barbecue gift that men will enjoy, items like meat claws, grill forks, and basting brushes are typically included in the set. Consider adding different kinds of sauce and meat rub plus grill wood chips to complete the barbecue experience.

These are only a few examples of items to add as extras for your gift hamper. Always follow your chosen theme and consider the recipient’s likes and dislikes, so every item in your gift hamper is well appreciated.

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A how-to guide to customizing your gift hamper basket

Customizing a gift hamper makes your present a useful one, particularly with goods that the recipient will appreciate instead of another basket comprised of items you’re not even sure they will like.

While putting together fancy goodies that someone wouldn’t normally buy make an amazing gift hamper, a container filled with practical groceries can also be considered a thoughtful and useful gift. Customizing a gift hamper may take a little more effort, but the work it takes to have the gift customized makes it so much more meaningful.

  1. Settle on a theme. Most often, the theme will reflect an occasion or event. A graduation gift hamper will most likely differ from a baby shower gift hamper. If the occasion doesn’t have a particular theme, consider the recipient of the basket and their preferences and hobbies.
  1. Settle on a budget. The contents of your gift hamper will also depend on your budget. With a minimal budget, gourmet chocolates and fine wine may not be what you put in the hamper.

However, you can actually make the items yourself, especially when it comes to food gift hampers with which you can make your own homemade goodies, like crisp cookies and fresh brownies. If you have a more flexible budget, consider assembling various individual presents that the recipient will definitely appreciate.

  1. Make sure the items are appropriate and personal. The crucial thing about customizing a gift hamper is making sure the contents match the recipient’s likes and interests.

The contents of your basket will typically reflect your chosen theme. For example, if you’re thinking of a breakfast gift hamper, throw in a couple of cooking tools and aprons alongside the pancake mixes and varieties of coffee or tea. However, if you know your friend or a family member has plenty of kitchen gadgets already, this may not be a perfect idea, so you can think of other items to complement the breakfast items. Fruit preserves? Maple syrup? The possibilities are plenty!

  1. Pick out a container that matches your chosen theme or the contents you’ve bought. People commonly choose a basket, but there are many more options if you’re not keen on using one. Consider a fancy but inexpensive serving bowl, a recyclable cardboard box wrapped in decorative paper, planters, wooden crates, metal buckets, serving trays, vintage handbags, and homemade shopping bags.
  1. Using fillers is recommended because these lift the contents of your gift hamper and make them look more presentable. Shredded and crumpled papers and fabrics are often used as filler material in the bottom of the bag. The gift items can actually protrude, and the recipient will easily see what they are getting.
  1. When arranging the gift hamper, begin with the biggest or tallest goods first and place the smaller ones around these. For example, in a wine and snack gift hamper, start with the wine bottles, then any large food packages, and then place the smaller goodies around these. Overlapping items can be solved with some clear sticky tape to keep them in position. Fill empty gaps with the smallest items appropriate to the theme or with decorative materials.
  1. When it comes to wrapping the gift hamper, cellophane is commonly used because you can easily see through it. Depending on the theme, you can also wrap your basket in other decorative materials, such as tulle fabric, foil wrapping paper, or lace wrapping paper. Complete the gift hamper with a lovely ribbon along with a nice gift card, and you’re good to go!

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A how-to guide to personalizing your gift hamper basket

For people who deserve one-of-a-kind special gifts, you can always put a personal touch on yours by personalizing your gift hamper. If you’re the type of person who gets a kick out of making special presents for the people in your life, check out these few ideas on personalizing your own gift basket.

Personalized gift hampers for women

For the busy woman in your life who can’t take the time to ease up and pamper herself, you can assemble a bath and body gift hamper with which you take special bath products and perfumes plus sweet-smelling candles and a favorite wine or tea brand, and place everything inside a fancy gift container.

If she loves movies, take a giant popcorn bowl and place a couple of microwave popcorn bags, candies, and soda bottles together with a plush blanket and a subscription to her favorite streaming channel, and she’s off to a great start!

Looking for some romantic time with your girl? Take an elegant metal bucket and fill it with a bottle of her favorite wine and desserts, decadent chocolates, and stunning flowers to show her how much you care.

Personalized gift hampers for men

But gift hampers aren’t only for the ladies because men appreciate these thoughtful gestures, too. If you know a guy who has a sweet tooth as well, put together a magnificent gift hamper filled with a large assortment of chocolates, cookies, truffles, and other sweet snacks. You can even throw in a touch of savory goods, such as premium meats and cheese spreads.

For the beer lover, assemble many craft beers that he can enjoy for himself or share with his buddies. Complement these drinks with savory cheeses, rich chocolates, crackers, condiments, and even beer glasses for a complete beer drinking experience.

But that movie enthusiast on your list will be more impressed with a basket filled with a care package brimming with popcorn, candies, and other snacks to delight them whatever movie they’re into, even on rainy days when they want to stay in and watch films the entire day.

With these examples in mind, you can also create your own personalized gift hamper to suit any occasion or celebration. Even on ordinary days, when you want to say thank you or express sympathy to friends and family members, a personalized gift hamper will definitely show how much you care for them.

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How much do the best gift hampers cost?

While choosing a theme and considering the recipient’s preferences are crucial to purchasing or making a gift hamper, it’s always best to find creative ways of sticking to your budget.

Many of the best gift hampers cost between $30 and $100, depending on the basket contents. Regular gift baskets will cost you less than $100, while deluxe ones with items from world-class brands may go over the $100 price range. Extra special gift hampers that offer complete lavish pampering, top-notch culinary experience, and other ultimate arrangements can cost up to more than $200.

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Best gift hampers – Where can I buy them from?

Regardless of the theme you’ve chosen, the best gift hampers can be bought in your local groceries, department stores, and gift outlets.

However, if you choose online shopping, Amazon is basically the go-to destination because it has countless gift options for your convenience. Place it in your cart, wait for it in two days or less, and never worry about gift-giving ever again.

It’s easy to navigate Amazon, and, aside from the recommended items, there are many more underrated yet useful goods on the site. You can also rely on the reviews, so you’ll know whether or not a gift hamper is really worth it.

The best gift hampers from Amazon – My top choices

Ocean Bliss Extra Large Spa Bath Gift Basket- for an extra special occasion, this gift basket offers everything your recipient will need in putting together their own spa experience. This gift set will set you apart from the rest with its complete kit to help them pamper themselves and create a relaxing mood for that special occasion, whether it be an anniversary or a housewarming event.

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New England Breakfast Gift Basket Deluxe- this hearty arrangement filled with mouth-watering breakfast foods, such as lush maple syrup, juicy blueberries, and hickory-smoked bacon, is guaranteed to make anyone’s morning unforgettable.

Please note: “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Holiday Baked Goods Gift Basket- a unique idea for any occasion. This scrumptious assortment of gooey brownies and delicious cookies makes for the perfect basket to entertain guests or be enjoyed on a special day.

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Themed items for your gift hamper basket

Some common items for your themed gift hampers can include:

  1. Food theme- what do your loved ones love to eat? Depending on the type of food the recipient prefers, you can always throw in some delightful goodies, from savory cheeses and aromatic biscuits to premium cookies and sugar-free snacks.

If they love cooking, consider condiments and ingredients that will help create an even more pleasant cooking experience, from barbecue sauces and fine spices to smoked sausages and sun-dried tomatoes. The sky’s the limit!

  1. Spa or bath theme- if you choose a shower set or a spa kit, these often include shower gels and bubble baths, different kinds of body products like creams, scrubs, and sprays, as well as complementary items like glass candles, bath slippers, and even massage sticks, to name a few.
  1. Relaxing theme- newlyweds or pregnant moms may love a gift hamper centered on a relaxing theme. If you’re considering this vibe, throw in a variety of items that will truly help them unwind, from their favorite magazines and bath salts to an assortment of tea and a Netflix subscription.
  1. Beverage theme- make a delicious duo with assorted coffees and teabags along with small bites, such as biscotti and brownies, that go well with these drinks.
  1. Get well theme- when arranging a beautiful gift hamper with a get-well message for an ailing loved one, combine healthy eats with favorite snacks and drinks, such as a blend of fruits and nuts, assorted tea, cakes and cookies, and encouraging books, posters, or journals to help raise their spirits.

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Unique gift items to include in your gift hamper basket

If you’re not a big fan of traditionally themed gift hampers, you can rustle up a basket that follows a unique theme. Here are some examples of unique gift items to include in your gift hamper.

  1. Tropical theme- a festive gift hamper will make your loved ones think of lush beaches and incredible vacations. Sending summer gift hampers filled with coconut meringues, dried tropical fruits, salted nuts, and rum cakes will make them feel like they’re set to go on a tropical getaway.
  1. Grandparents theme- you don’t need a special celebration to show your grandparents’ love and appreciation. If you intend to put together a set of items for a fancy gift hamper, don’t forget to include delicious snacks and sweets, like lemon crisp cookies, assorted fruit-flavored candies, vanilla cream-filled cookies, drink mixes, lighthearted books, and beautiful grandparents frame they’ll be excited to put on display.
  1. Picnic theme- perfect for a couple, a family, or a group of friends, you can opt for a picnic theme and fill a large handcrafted picnic basket with delicious gourmet food, such as cheese spreads, chocolate-covered nuts, smoked salmon, savory sausages, assorted premium cookies, and so much more.
  1. Corporate theme- if you wish to strengthen your relationships in the workplace, make sure you fill in your basket with no-nonsense goods, including gourmet nuts, premium cheeses and meats, and decadent snacks, all beautifully displayed in a unique container.

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How to make your own best gift hamper basket – A simplified guide

Gift hampers are a creative and thoughtful present; your loved ones will revel in receiving a gift hamper that comes with a personal touch, especially when filled with their favorite items. Learning how to make your own gift hamper doesn’t require craft expertise; you only need to follow these simple tips, and you’ll be making amazing gift hampers in no time.

  1. Begin with some brainstorming for the theme of your hamper. Could you keep it simple, and don’t overthink it? Start by thinking of the recipient’s favorite things. Books? Coffee? Travel?
  1. Once you have chosen your theme, collect the items you intend to include in the basket. Be sure to have gathered all the contents you want to include before actually buying the container. Also, have the wrappers and decorations ready for your hamper, such as shredded paper, cellophane paper, and tissue paper, to name a few.
  1. Select your container, whether it’s a traditional basket or other artsy containers, like wooden crates, ice buckets, and huge paper bags, among others.
  1. Before arranging the container’s gifts, place some filler material on the bottom so your items can pop up more- large items toward the back and middle and smaller ones in the front and the surrounding area.
  1. Take a step back and decide which decoration would go well with the gift hamper, such as wrapped candies for added color and colorful tissue paper for the empty spaces. A big bow or a pretty ribbon will complete the decoration for your hamper once you have wrapped it in cellophane, tulle fabric, or any other material you choose.

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