Best Sympathy Gift Baskets - In Times Of Sorrow Show You Care

Best Sympathy Gift Baskets – In Times Of Sorrow Show You Care

They say nothing is constant in life but change. However, I think it’s safe to say that death can also be added to the list.

Losing a loved one is perhaps the hardest thing we have to experience. What are we supposed to do now when we’ve lived our whole lives with them around?

This article is for you if someone close to you just passed away. Or, if one of your close friends is currently going through this tough time.

Here’s everything you need to know about this sad event and my picks for the best sympathy gift baskets available right now.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

What Do U Say When Someone Passes Away?

First things first: what do u say when someone passes away?

This may seem common sense for some. But, we may end up saying things with good intention that is actually hurtful to the grieving person.

You can never go wrong when you say/do one of these things:

  • Say you’re sorry for their loss.
  • Acknowledge that you don’t know how they feel, but you’re always there to help.
  • Let them know that you’re just a phone call away.
  • If you don’t know what to say, just give them a hug instead.
  • Just allow them to feel your presence rather than saying anything.

What Do You Send to a Grieving Family?

Ok. So, what do you send to a grieving family?

Well, there are a lot. I’ve listed a few options to show your compassion:

  • A flower arrangement for the funeral.
  • A card with a sympathy message.
  • A beautiful sympathy gift basket.
  • A contribution to help lessen the family’s expenses.
  • Cooked meals/comfort food.
  • Offer some help with the household chores (that is if you’re really close to the family.)

What to Do for Someone Who is Grieving?

Losing someone close to you is never easy. If you haven’t experienced it before, you may ask: what to do for someone who is grieving?

Aside from the ones above, here are more things you can do once you’ve heard the sad news:

  • Get in touch with the family as soon as possible.
  • Let them talk and try to understand what they’re saying.
  • Make sure to attend the funeral once it’s set (you don’t have to be religious for this.)
  • Always be there for your friend even after the funeral.

What is an Appropriate Sympathy Gift?

What is an appropriate sympathy gift? Well, the answer is anything as long as you don’t make them feel worse about their situation.

Food is a safe choice if you know what they prefer. And before spending money on flowers, see if flowers are fine with the family as some cultures are against flowers during funerals.

Keepsake boxes, frames, or albums are also a comforting choice. If money isn’t a problem, you can even donate to a charity on behalf of the deceased’ name.

What to Send to a Family Who Lost a Loved One?

Are you thinking of what to send to a family who lost a loved one? Aside from the physical ones, I think the gift of time is the best you can give during this period.

Letting the family know you’re there no matter what is enough to make them feel better. If you want to take it up a notch, offering services is a good gesture as well.

To be clear, it doesn’t have to be you. You can offer to hire someone to clean around the house, do the laundry, or maybe cook meals for the ones left behind.

Is a Gift Card Appropriate for a Death?

Since funerals are a sad occasion, is a gift card appropriate for a death?

Of course! The family will even appreciate your gift even more. Sending a gift with a gift card is a great way of telling them you’re with them during this hard time.

Just make sure it’s as personal as possible to let them know how much you really care.

Should You Wrap a Sympathy Gift?

The question should you wrap a sympathy gift has also bothered me for some time. The answer is it depends.

If the gift comes directly from the supplier, I think they’ll understand if the gift is unwrapped.

If you have the time to wrap your gift, I don’t see why you shouldn’t. It will even make the family feel more special knowing you put some effort into it.

What Food to Bring to Someone Who is Grieving?

Wondering what food to bring to someone who is grieving? Setting any dietary restrictions or food allergies aside, here are what I think your safe bets are:

  • A vegetable and fruit tray.
  • Coffee and regular/flavored creamer.
  • Baked treats like brownies or cookies.
  • Soup or stew.

Ideas for Memorializing the Deceased to Make His Memory Live On

Celebrating the life of someone who passed is a good way to continue their legacy. Although it can’t bring them back to life, it’s a great way to honor and pay tribute to the memories they left.

Here are some ideas for memorializing the deceased:

  • Plan a family reunion. This is a nice way of honoring and remembering family members who are no longer with you.
  • Write an open book. Pour your heart out and write your feelings or any special memories you’ve had with that person.
  • If you’re more of a virtual person, try making a page for the deceased. This way, even relatives who are overseas can help in reliving his/her legacy.
  • Have a mural painted on one of the walls in your house. Choose colors and designs that reflect the personality of the deceased to make it more special.

DIY Memorial Gift Ideas for People with a Budget

They say creativity can help heal a broken soul. Here now are DIY memorial gift ideas to help your friend through their grief:

  1. Make them a DIY photo pendant with the picture of their loved one.
  2. Create a memory jar and write down your special memories with the deceased.
  3. Put together a small memorial photo book.
  4. Ask for his/her jewelry or accessory and turn it into art that they can display at home.

Sympathy Gift Ideas to Help Ease the Pain

A few DIY sympathy gift ideas have been listed above. But if you’re not that creative or just want something in an instant, please continue reading this post for what you can bring to a funeral.

Grieving Gift to Comfort those Left Behind

We give a grieving gift to let those left behind heal after a loved one’s passing. Here are popular gift suggestions that you can add to your list:

Gifts for Lost Loved Ones that Show How Much You Care

A gift is sometimes the only way to ease someone’s grief. Here are ideas for gifts for lost loved ones if someone close to you is going through this difficult time:

Gifts for Children Who Have Lost a Parent

Younger kids often scream how they hate their parents just because they’re strict. But, they only realize how wrong they were once their parents are gone.

Continue reading this article if you’re looking for gifts for children who have lost a parent.

Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Father

Losing your dad is one of the toughest things a child could face. After giving your life direction all these years, what will you do now without his guidance?

Here are my top choices for sympathy gifts for loss of father:

Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother

We still turn to our mothers for care and advice even as we grow up to be adults. Life will never be the same once she’s not around.

Here are sympathy gifts for loss of mother that will touch your friend’s heart:

Gifts for Parents Who Have Lost a Child

Losing a child is just as tough. Words aren’t enough to express a parent’s grief—whether your friend had him/her for years or even just months.

Please continue reading for gifts for parents who have lost a child to help them through this hard time.

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Son

Here are some ideas for memorial gifts for loss of son to let your grieving friends know that they are not alone:

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Daughter

These are my suggestions for memorial gifts for loss of daughter that can help your friend feel a bit better during this dark moment:

Gift Ideas for Grieving Friend to Comfort Him/her

Consider yourself lucky if someone close to you hasn’t passed yet. Here are some gift ideas for grieving friend if you absolutely have no clue of what to give:

Sympathy Gifts for Men

People say real men don’t cry. However, that doesn’t apply when someone dear to them passed away.

These sympathy gifts for men will help them stay strong during this difficult period:

Sympathy Gifts for Women

No one can tell a person how long they’re allowed to grieve. If you have a female friend, these sympathy gifts for women will hopefully stay with her until she heals completely:

Edible Arrangements Sympathy

Food baskets are great gifts since mourners usually forget about eating right. Hopefully, these edible arrangements sympathy can help bring back their lost energy:

Sympathy Baskets Amazon for Gifts in an Instant

Online shopping is such a blessing, especially for sudden moments like this. These sympathy baskets amazon won’t let you attend a funeral empty-handed:

Sympathy Plants that Add Life to a Sorrowful Event

Plants are great gifts when flowers aren’t allowed due to culture or religion. Gift any of these sympathy plants to help bring life to such a tragic event:

Sympathy Candle to Remember the Departed

Lit candles are our way of remembering loved ones who’ve passed away. This sympathy candle list features great selections of candles that are said to guide souls in the afterlife:

Sympathy Flowers You Can Send to Funerals

These sympathy flowers will surely add some color to any wake or funeral. Just make sure to check with the family if flowers are allowed before gifting any of these:

Sympathy Flower Arrangements the Family Will Appreciate

Flower arrangements are a nice addition to a rather dead event. Help bring life to the room with these sympathy flower arrangements:

Condolence Flowers Message that Brings Solace

Sending flowers is one of the easiest ways to express your condolences. However, thinking of what to write on sympathy cards can be challenging.

They must be short and at the same time, well-thought of. Here are examples of condolence flowers message to comfort the grieving:

  • Always in my heart.
  • In loving memory.
  • May you rest in peace.
  • Gone but never forgotten.
  • With condolences.
  • Until we meet again

Memorial Lanterns to Honor His Legacy

Like candles, lanterns are lit to remember the memories of people who passed away. Continue that tradition in style with any of these memorial lanterns:

Unique Sympathy Gifts You Never Thought Possible

Flowers can sometimes be a boring gift when it comes to funerals. Stand-out from the others with these unique sympathy gifts:

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