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Find Ways Here On How To Cheer Someone Up With Gift Baskets

Here are my top 5 gift baskets to help cheer someone up available from Amazon USA:-

  1.  Grandma’s Cookies Variety Pack of 30 (View on Amazon.com)
  2.  Frito-Lay Ultimate Snack Care Package (View on Amazon.com)
  3.  Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket (View on Amazon.com)
  4.  Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket (View on Amazon.com)
  5.  Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, and Milky WayFull Size Chocolate Candy Bars (View on Amazon.com)

This article is designed to provide you with my personal top recommendations, hints, and tips to help you choose a gift hamper to help bring some cheer to someone you know.

Knowing how to cheer someone up is most important when you truly care for them.

Please note that this is NOT an article on how to cheer someone up suffering from depression. Depression is a different matter and something that needs to be dealt with professionally.

You will find many more examples within the article to help you make a choice that suits you.

I hope the information is helpful and makes your decision a lot easier than it would have been.

Hopefully, your choice will bring the person up to a higher level of happiness.

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What are the best ideas and ways to cheer someone up?

Here are my go-to best ideas and ways to cheer someone up:-

  • A trip to their favorite restaurant, a movie, museum, or exhibition will let him/her know you want them to be happy.
  • When sending a gift basket, or better still when taking one, try and add some flowers. Doing this will provide comfort during this hard time they are suffering.
  • If someone needs a motivation boost and sleep, help them take a peaceful nap and then enjoy the gift basket contents.
  • Always keep smiling and give your loved one plenty of hugs, which will help decrease the stress through physical contact.
  • Providing you have not included something bubbly in your basket of goodies, share warm drinks to boost that fuzzy feeling.
  • Asking open-ended questions shows them that you genuinely care about their feelings and gives them the extra listening time to express their emotions and work things out more clearly.
  • Help them smile by assisting them in pampering themselves. Send or give your loved one spa gifts as part of your gift box.
  • Let them vent it all out to relieve the stress, and the best way to show empathy is to listen. Give the person a time limit to stop rambling, though, and encourage them to move on to more positive topics by adding extra questions.
  • Feeling sorry for your loved one is no help but use these feelings to put yourself in their shoes. Empathy is a far better approach.
  • Listening and caring for another takes time and energy, both well spent when investing in another person. Your loved one will beat this temporary setback with your loving support.
  • Listen with care while the person is speaking, and don’t interrupt unless you need to guide his/her feel better.
  • When things have improved, always ensure confidentiality and say that you will not repeat to anyone what you were told.
  • Never be unrealistic nor offer and provide false enthusiasm as this can work negatively.
  • Always be positive.

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Are gift hampers suitable to cheer someone up?

Answer: Yes, gift hampers are suitable to help cheer someone up. If I were feeling a little sad or glum, I would love to receive one.

To maximize the effect when attempting to cheer someone up, try the following:-

  • Please keep it simple.
  • Keep it apt for the situation.
  • Keep it fun.
  • Make it look great.

We have all felt a little unhappy for one reason or another. Your gift of a small basket of joy will lighten their mood no end.

Types of gift hampers available to give some cheer:-

There are many types of gift hamper/baskets available, and you may be able to pick one that truly suits the person perfectly.

Here are my top choice types of gift hampers that are available to give some cheer:-

  • Food-based ones – If they like chocolates and sweets, then this is an excellent area to start.
  • Alcohol-based hampers – Be careful with this one. Please make sure they are merely a little glum and not depressed. Alcohol and depression do not work well. Maybe a little Prosecco may put some extra fun back into her smile?
  • Spa types – Always a good one to fall back on, especially for you men to buy for the ladies.
  • Item orientated – Maybe one specializing in coffee or tea would do the trick.

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What gift hamper options are there available to cheer someone up?

Answer: Depending on who the recipient is, there is a vast amount of options for your gift hampers. Whether you want luxury quality selections or a basket full of goodies for that special someone who enjoys snacks, there will be one for you to buy.

Maybe try the cute path for a loved one or a more formal one for the business colleague. Imagine suffering from a nasty cold and how much an assorted branded gift hamper would brighten up your day! There are many ways to cheer & ease your friend or relative with the variety of great styles and types from which to choose.

Try surprising your loved one with a “just because I love you” hamper and brighten their day. Nothing shows that you care more than when you surprise them with a thoughtful gift basket or hamper.

Hints – 5 main things to consider before buying a gift hamper to cheer someone up:-

With so many types of gift hamper available, it can sometimes be a struggle to sort out the right choice. To help, it is worth taking extra time to consider your purchase.

Here are my 5 main things to consider before buying a gift hamper to cheer someone up:-

  • How sad are they? – Very important to understand why they are sad. If they are unhappy about money and send them a big gift hamper, they will feel worse. Take care!
  • How much do you wish to spend on your friend? If the budget is limited, then different lines of thought are necessary to consider. Stay within your budget, and do not put yourself into debt to make them happy. How would they feel if you did?
  • If sending abroad, will it get through customs? I do not know where you will be posting the parcel to consider this so. Does the nation you are shipping to allow the products in the package?
  • How does it make you look when it arrives with them? Does it make you look like a cheapskate or a kind, thoughtful person and caring friend? Vanity perhaps, but if they were to think something negative, they would not be happy with their gift. Now I am not referring to cost here mainly but more so the overall appearance. If the item is not packed professionally and it does not look nice, then what? The friend will be disappointed on their special day as I would be too.
  • The shelf life of the contents – If it’s a busy time of year such as Christmas, if the materials are short-term perishable, are they suitable right now? There is no point in sending a large basket of quick shelf-life products if they are not consumed. Perhaps a combination of the long and short term would be better or stick with long term shelf-life products for safety if in doubt.

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Where should I order my gift hamper from?

Answer: Remember when ordering hampers, it is best to ensure that you purchase it from a reputable company with a guaranteed delivery schedule. A reputable company will ensure any perishable items will hold their quality while being delivered in time for a special occasion.

If you visit your local shops, you will be able to find plenty of selections such as “get well soon” gift hampers. A “get well soon hamper”contains typically a variety of fresh fruit, some flowers, possibly a soft toy, and usually a card to go with the hamper.

Once you find one you like, try and adjust it even further to match the person you are giving.

Can a gift hamper help to cheer someone up?

Answer: Yes, a gift hamper can help to cheer someone up. But as always, it all depends on the situation and why that person needs cheering up.

I recently had a friend who was feeling a little sad for himself. A small gift hamper basket of his favorite cheeses soon helped bring a smile back.

Hints – 3 things I look for from my hampers for friends who need help to cheer up

Here are 3 things I look for from my hampers for friends who need help to cheer up:-

  • Ease of delivery – This is essential, especially going abroad or leaving it a little bit too close to a birthday. If time is a constraint, then make sure it will arrive on time and that somebody will sign for it upon delivery. If your friends are a little frail, will they be able to lift a hefty gift hamper?
  • Overall appearance, correct? – If it does not look good, I don’t want it. The presentation is half the battle in making the recipient happy. I referred to this point earlier.
  • Does it suit the requirement? – Think about what you are trying to say with the gift and what it means to you and them when they receive it.

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What size gift hamper should I get to cheer someone up?

Answer: Gift hamper sizes, shapes, and contents vary greatly, as do their prices. Please choose the size based on what you want to cover and represent on your behalf.

Additional factors to always keep in mind as well are the quality and brand name. We all know that a particular type of person expects or demands quality regardless of the occasion, so don’t let yourself and them down by going cheap.

If your relative or friend sticks to specific brands, follow suit with your branded gift hamper, making it a winning solution. If costs are a problem, reduce the size of the gift hampers.

Hints – 5 Alcohols I choose for my branded gift hamper baskets to cheer someone up:-

Please remember if the person is depressed and not glum, then alcohol is one NOT to choose. However, if just in need of a little cheer.
Wine – Wine itself is the top of my list. A nice glass of wine with my friend to cheer him or her up would go down well.

Here are the top 5 alcohols I choose for my branded gift hamper baskets to cheer someone up:-

  • Sherry – If your friends are perhaps in a senior age group similar to some of mine, they love a little glass of sherry in the afternoon or evening. Sherry is, therefore, one of the alcohols I would choose to be part of a gift hamper for a friend.
  • Beer – Often, I have sat with my good friends on a sunny day and shared a cold beer. Heard or done that before? This is why alcohol is included in my list. I am sure they won’t go amiss with your friends too.
  • Champagne or Prosecco – The ladies love Prosecco, and if you want to go the full hog, then why not consider a bottle of Champagne. Look after your friends the way you like to be looked after; that is my motto.
  • Cognac – Not one for me personally, but many friends of a certain age or ilk seem to love a glass of Cognac after their dinner. Well worth considering if this is a drink your friends indulge in now and then.

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How can a gift hamper cheer someone up?

Answer: A gift hamper can cheer someone up by merely showing them that you care and love them. This, in itself, is all that some need for a little happiness boost.

When you feel a little low, it’s always lovely when friends or relatives make that little bit of effort to show much they think of you and that they care deeply.

Should I customize the gift hamper when trying to cheer someone up?

Answer: Try and customize your branded gift hamper as this is what will make it stand out from the natural hamper gifts the recipient will receive.

Customizing the hamper will point out how much you care and want them to be happy again.

The ability to customize the basket contents is also critical if the recipient has many food allergies. Hampers nowadays can be ordered, which are entirely wheat-free or nut-free, depending on the allergies, for example.

If in doubt, check it out.

Hints – 5 Foods I choose for my gift hampers to cheer up a friend or relative:-

Although there are many choices available, try to aim for those you know, your friend or relative likes.

Here are my top 5 foods for my gift hampers to cheer up a friend or relative:-

  • Chocolates – Now, I love sneaky chocolate now and then even if my waistline doesn’t. What about your friends? What would they like to find in their gift hamper basket from you? A large box of Cadbury’s
  • Pate – A fantastic starter for any meal or even eat as part of a plowman’s lunch. Is your unhappy friend or relative a plate lover?
  • Cheese – Now, this is a priority choice for me in any gift hamper for any reason. Only one of my friends is not keen on cheese, which shows how popular it is. Add it to your gift hamper list, and I am sure this could help.
  • Cookies – We all love a cup of tea or coffee, and a cookie always goes down well as our favorite warm brew. A simple selection in the gift hamper will still help bring a smile.
  • Cupcakes – A good cupcake is always a favorite, so almost a must-have in a gift hamper for a friend in need of cheering up.

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What type of gift hamper will help to cheer someone up?

Answer: The type that will cheer someone up will depend on the recipients’ likes.

Keep the basket of goods small and based around what you know they like, such as a favorite wine, cheese, or other product.

Getting them what they will make it worthwhile.

Hints – 5 non-food items I look at for gift hampers to cheer up friends:-

Moving away from food items and into non-food items gives you an immense number of choices to choose from. Now you can delve into combination gifts or topic-specific ones. The choice is yours!

Here are my top 5 non-food items I look at for gift hampers to cheer up friends:-

  • Bath bombs & spa items – We all love smellies at any time of year. This product range can be a good fall back for the gift hamper for your friends if they are likely not to need any more food.
  • Sweets – Ok, so these sweets are a food source, so to speak, I know, but one that I add. The gift hamper may be for your friends, but we all love some sweets now and then. There are even hampers, just full of sweets. Your friends will also have their old-time favorite sweets, so maybe include them or do a special hamper basket full of their favorites.
  • Teas & coffees – Ok, so again, they are foods in a way, but I am not classing them as such here. A good quality selection of either can truly stand out. The aroma of a good coffee after dinner is terrific.
  • Perfumes & aftershaves – A good add on or top-up for the gift hamper for your friends. Please keep it simple and know what they like before buying.
  • Towels – I know, maybe a little boring unless you GO FOR QUALITY! The quality will stand out always, and getting the right variety is oh so important.

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Why should I buy the gift hamper online when trying to cheer someone up?

Answer: The good thing about buying branded gift hampers online is that all of the available products are ordered. Each of the guaranteed selection types come with photographs, and you can order at the touch of a button.

The branded gift hampers can be delivered directly to your recipient’s door without you ever leaving the comfort of your own cozy home. Remember that many baskets can be personalized with the recipient’s names and your messages.

Personalizing will help show that you have thought about the gift hamper’s contents and what to say.

Will a branded gift hamper basket cheer someone, up?

Answer: Yes, a branded gift hamper will cheer someone up if you choose it correctly.

Stick to what they like the most contents and brand wise, then watch their smile return.

If I were ill or a little glum, I would love to receive a small hamper basket of my favorite surprises.

Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to cheer someone up with gift baskets. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

If you have found this page to be of help to you, it would be awesome to share this page with me. (Thank you).

Good luck with your future purchases, and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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