Cheap Gift Baskets - Budget Driven Quality Gift Items Guide

Cheap Gift Baskets – Budget Driven Quality Gift Items Guide

This article on cheap gift baskets tackles about making your own gift baskets that will help you to not spend too much on the gift baskets that you are planning to build or adapt. Seeing someone smile because of the gift you gave them makes our heart melt and satisfied. But, what if, we don’t have enough money to something to someone? That will be easy if you continue reading this article!

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

Thank you for considering this article to help you make a budget-driven yet quality boost gift baskets! Sub-headings below are the ideas that will help you on what kind of gift basket to make and what to include in it — wishing you best and luck.

Why Make Cheap Gift Baskets?

Making your own Cheap Gift Baskets will always be as fun as eating the contents of a gift basket you’ve just received. In addition to that, you can save money and give a gift that you exerted an effort on for someone important to you.

Being thrifty doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend much money on someone or spend much money on gifts, it just means that you are practical enough and you know that a gift doesn’t depend on how much it cost, but, by the thoughts, you have for the recipient. Remember, there is no standard requirement or ideal amount to spend on a gift basket, so stay within your allocated budget.

Cheap Gift Baskets Empty – Make Your Own Gift Baskets:

To be able to create your gift baskets, you should first have your empty gift basket. What you will need to make a cheap gift basket is an empty basket itself, different colors of a ribbon or any colored strings you can buy. You will also need some sheets of your own choice of cellophane paper or crepe paper to design the outside appearance of the basket; you could also use these as a shredded piece on the inside of the basket unless able to find more economical versions. You may be able to find some already used content fillers in nearby market stores.

There are different types of baskets you could use to build and customize your gift basket. These are a few of the ones I feel are worth considering:

Box type plaited basket – it is a rectangular basket and comes in different sizes
Wicker basket with handle – it is a circular basket and comes in different sizes
Tray baskets – it is a rectangular basket with its handle etched on the sides, also comes in various sizes
Round bottom baskets – it is a rounded bottom basket with its handle etched on the sides, also comes in different sizes
Dome shrink basket – it is a deep rounded bottom basket and comes in various sizes, and etc.,

Note: There are also weaved baskets that you can order online in addition to those shown above.

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Cheap Homemade Gift Basket Ideas:

In this section of this article, you’ll get many ideas about making your homemade gift baskets; items that you can use in making a gift basket that can be found in your home.

DIY gift basket theme ideas, of course, is something that will also make your basket unique and look ever so beautiful. In making a gift basket, you can use different types of basket depending on your taste and your preferences. Designing it the way you want it to be will be cheaper, more affordable, and more helpful to your strict budget.

Unique gift basket ideas are something that will make the recipient surprised and happy. Creating a unique gift basket takes more effort and will need time and creativity to make a gift basket that no one else has. You will have to have an open mind and broaden creativity skills to make it succeed. In the end, your gift basket is the only gift basket in the world that has the same meaning and appearance!

Here is a short list of items to put in your gift basket depending on your gift basket theme choice:

1. Assorted cookies
2. Chocolate bars & Candy
3. Mixed snacks
4. Assorted biscuits
5. Gardening tools and plant seeds.
6. Fruit & Nut gifts.
7. Meats and cheeses
8. Vegetable Selections

Cheap Plastic Baskets – Multi-Functional Gift Baskets:

Using plastic baskets as a holder for your gifts is a good thing as well. Aside from it is reusable, you can also design it to whatever household usage requirement you want to or depending on what you need at home and somewhere.

You can use plastic baskets in any way you want, such as these;

Old clothes storage – organize your clothes by separating the clothes you still wear and the clothes you stopped using. In that way, it would be easier for you to know where it is stored or may be easier for you to give away
File organizer – store your essential files in a safe place like a plastic basket
Photos or photo album storage – keep your relevant pictures and store them in a place where there are fewer chances of photodestruction
Holiday decorations – large plastic baskets will be very helpful to those storing their holiday decorations. Since it’s not always in used, you can store it in a safe place and get it when it’s time to
Paper and art crafts – store your art materials in a cool and dry place
Towels and bulky clothing – keeping your towels in and your bulky clothing will help you by re-using a plastic basket
Curtains – it is essential to keep your curtains separated from your other cotton material items
Book storage – it is tough to say goodbye to our old favorite books or our old beloved children books, but with plastic baskets, you can store it in an organized place and place it in your garage or maybe in your attic

These are just a few of the possible manner of usage for your plastic baskets. Not only can you use cheaper plastic baskets in gift giving, but they can also be used in any way thereafter, and in any form of practical use, they need it to be.

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Cheap Baskets For Gifts – Tips For Keeping The Overall Price Down:

You can always find cheap baskets for gifts at your local stores and local markets.

You can also find suitable cheap baskets online at such places as these:

• eBay

Note: There are also sellers from different groups on Facebook and other social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy.

Cheap Hamper Baskets on Amazon:

There are a lot of different types of hamper basket for gifts on Amazon, many of these listed with their full descriptions and images.
Here are some of the best that I have found which may be of interest to you:

Holiday Bath Spa Gift Basket – it typically got toiletries and other bath spa items
Beautiful Woven Storage Basket – towels and other garments can be stored and include in this type of baskets
Natural Seagrass and Cotton Rope Basket – it is not only for a laundry hamper, but this basket can be a gift basket for wines and other light liquors
Willow Picnic Basket – it is a charming basket that includes small picnic baskets with utensils and table napkins
Seagrass Round Basket – Blankets and other garments can be added in this basket. Wines and other light liquors can be stored in this gift basket
Vosarea Rattan Storage Basket – Makeups and other small items can be stored inside and included in this type of gift basket. Chocolates, art materials, etc.

These are just only a few of many exciting hamper baskets on Amazon. Check the page also to find more baskets that will suit your desired theme and will also suit your budget.

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Cheap Gift Basket Ideas For Raffles:

This section of this article will tackle different basket ideas for raffles, and that will surely help you find a gift basket for raffles depending on the theme you like the most.

Here is a list of ideas for a gift basket for raffles;

Raffle Basket Ideas For Fundraiser – you can always use cheap baskets that were listed above (see Cheap Gift Baskets Empty – Make Your Own Gift Baskets) for making a gift basket that will help you in giving away gift basket for fundraising.
– In this basket, you can include items that will help the recipient at least in their everyday needs. You can also include snacks or other chips and cookies.

Raffle Basket Ideas For Work – there are a lot of ideas in making a raffle basket for work, of course, depending on the budget that you will allow.
– In this basket, you can include office supplies like pen materials and post-its or sticky notes. Admittedly, these notepads will be appreciated by office people. You can also add anything that will suit your workplace if you don’t work in the office place.

Raffle Basket Ideas For Adults – adults, nowadays, appreciate almost everything that will be given to them. Mostly, because adults are more likely busy with their schedules.
– You can include bath and spa for this basket together with a face towel. You can also add any toiletries or kitchenware that will fit the size of your basket and budget.

Raffle Basket Ideas For School Fundraiser – these are just a few school supplies that children will surely love and appreciate.
– In this basket, you can include a lot of school items or materials that will help the recipients on their schooling. Art materials, pens, and pencils, colored pens, etc.,

Unique Ideas Raffle Gift Basket – in this gift basket, you will have to be creative and make an effort to make a basket one by one with each a different theme or style of the baskets. You can base your item theme for that someone to whom you will give the gift.

Cheap Snack Baskets:

There are a lot of snacks that you can buy on your local stores or your local markets. You can also purchase some snacks online, but wouldn’t it be too much for that?

So, here is a list of ideas for cheap snack baskets;

Snack Baskets Ideas – there are a lot of chips and junk foods that will fit in this gift basket. Also, it is best to depend on the snacks on the recipient.
– There are a lot of snacks that can be included in a snack basket, and potato chips and canned beer or canned soda is one great combination. Another great combination is chocolate chip cookies and juice drink.

Healthy Snack Gift Baskets – looking for a healthy snack is not that hard to do, but you will have to look carefully in your local stores or local markets.
– In this basket, you will have to be ideal and be picky about which snacks to buy.

Snack Gift Basket Ideas – you can be creative in any way you want to be for the recipient of this gift basket.

In this gift basket, you can include almost anything and everything you want to give to a person you desire to send this gift basket to.

Inexpensive Snack Gift Basket Ideas – cheap snack gift baskets don’t mean you’re just forced to give someone something, but in reality, you are just trying to be a lot more practical and stay away from such expensive snacks.

You can always include a bag of chips in any gift baskets, but in this gift basket, you can combine it with any other brands of chips together with a canned soda or pack of candies or candy bars.

Homemade Snack Gift Basket Ideas – this might be the most fun way of giving a gift basket to someone. Aside from doing and making snacks, you will also have on doing it.

The satisfaction you feel when it is finished will always be worth it. One idea of this could be baking cookies and decorate them. Another is baking cupcakes. Also, making a blueberry cheesecake on a mason jar is one great idea.

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Cheap Cooking Gift Baskets:

People are always fond of eating and cooking, and basically, cooking is one of the primary skills a person has that was taught by someone else in the family. Some, however, learn through YouTube, or maybe from studying at home by themselves.
The bullet points below are the cooking gift basket ideas I feel that should be included in the basket itself:

Baking Gift Baskets – baking is only one of the branches of cooking has, and apparently, it is the most fun for teens and other people who are starting to learn anything about in the kitchen.
– You can include wooden spoon and other mixing utensils that the recipient always uses in baking needs. Also, you can include the cookie cutters and icing squeezer for the decorating of their cakes or cupcakes.

Gifts For Cooks Amazon – a lot of people buy almost everything online to make them not go outside and for hassle-free shopping.
– You can include a lot of items for cooks that you can find on Amazon, and all of it will always be easy to add to cart. Spatulas and other kitchen utensils are still popular and for sure will never be out of style! Other than that, you can also include cookbooks for newbie cooks, aprons, chopping board, and knife set.

Gifts For Cooks Who Have Everything – now this is when it is hard to think of any ideas, but don’t lose hope, we have some ideas for you in this section of the article. Just because they have everything they need in the kitchen it doesn’t mean they won’t accept any kitchen related gifts from their loved ones, it just means that they need a backup for their other kitchen items.
– Kitchen knife, chopping board, etc., are only a few of the most replaceable tools in the kitchen. Also, you can always include consumable items on this gift basket like canned sauces or seasonings.

Cooking Gifts For Him/Cooking Gifts For Her – all kitchen tools are made for anyone and prepared to use by everyone.
– You can include necessary kitchen tools in your gift basket like, butter knives, bread knives, and other different types of knife. Also, small frying pans or any pans that will fit in your gift basket. Canned sauces and pasta are also tasty items to include as consumables.

Inexpensive Unique Gift Basket Ideas:

Almost everything nowadays is getting more expensive than they used to be back in the day. But there are also inexpensive items that you can find in your local stores and local markets, and of course, even online.

DIY Gift Basket Theme Ideas – DIYs are always the best in customizing a gift basket and is the most fun thing to do for a loved one. In DIYs, of course, you’ll have to be creative as possible and conclude different ideas depending on the recipient.
– Always include the best designs on the outer physical of the basket. Various goods are one best thing to include in your gift basket.

Family Fun Gift Basket Ideas – it is fun when a gift basket benefits everyone in the family.
– Include chips and cookies in this basket so that the family will enjoy watching their favorite movies altogether. It is also recommendable to include canned drinks and any other snacks. Decorate your baskets in the most stylish way you could.

Cheap Gift Baskets To Inspire – inspire your loved ones with gifts that will flatter them, and that will make them happy.
– Include letters and inspirational letters to your gift baskets along with their favorite snacks and drinks.

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Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas For Wedding:

Being thrifty doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend so much on your gift basket for the couple and it doesn’t make them less important just because you are trying to hold back your money. Choosing inexpensive gifts means you are practical with the amount of money you have available to spend at the time. The important thing is, you are making the extra effort into building your gift basket, and you are pouring your heart out for the couple.

  • Homemade Wedding Gift Basket Ideas – the sweetest thing about giving a handmade wedding basket is you could always bake something for the newlyweds and provide them with something sweet to munch on their honeymoon.
  • Wedding Gift Ideas On Amazon – there are a lot of gift items that you can find on Amazon, and I listed some of the best just for you!
  • Marriage Prayer Wood Plaque – this could be displayed in the dining area or the living room.
  • Matching Aprons – these aprons are so cute that newlywed couples use in the kitchen.
  • Matching Mugs – nothing is sweeter than having a sip of coffee in the morning with your loved one; so, give them a mug that will fulfill their mornings.
  • Wooden Wall Clock – clocks can be a great gift and for any reason.
  • Picture Frame – the couple will surely need a few picture frames to display their wedding and family pictures.
  • Creative Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas – always include a bouquet to your gift bridal shower gift basket. Aside from wines and champagnes, you can also add the bride-to-be’s favorite chocolate.

Cheap Christmas Gift Basket Ideas:

Christmas season is the best season of the year! And nothing beats a cold season with hot gifts.

Here area a election of items and item types that may be of use to you in building your own gift basket gift package:-

  • What To Put In A Cheap Christmas Gift Basket? – Being cheap on a Christmas? It’s fine! You can put all the cheap goods in the basket, and for sure, they will still love it. You can include a chocolate mix drink in the basket and another drink that they will enjoy in the Christmas season. Wines and champagnes are also excellent, but a warm glass of punch or mulled wine is perfect at this time of year.
  • Cheap DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Theme Ideas – DIYs are the best because it will cost you less than you should. Bake some fresh cookies and pack them with your necessary kitchenware. Design your basket starting with a clean old cloth with different colors of pins to suit the Christmas season.

Here is a list of extra things you can put in a cheap Christmas gift basket:

1. Freshly baked cookies
2. Chocolate bars and candy bars
3. A canned beer and a bag of chips
4. Freshly baked bread
5. Candy canes

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