Christmas Gift Hampers UK – Bring Joy This Holiday Season

Here are my latest top 10 best Christmas gift hampers and gifts to consider:-

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  2. Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE Moon Light Lamps with Time Setting and Stand 3D Print LED 16 Colors. (Check Amazon price)
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  8. Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QT 660W 6-Speed Tilt-Head Food Mixer, Kitchen Electric Mixer with Dough Hook, Wire Whip & Beater (6.5QT, Black). (Check Amazon price)
  9. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses – for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka – 850ml. (Check Amazon price)
  10. Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle, Anti-UV Waterproof Windproof Straight Umbrella. (Check Amazon price)

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I hope this list has been an excellent start for you in getting some ideas; now feel free to enjoy the rest of the article.

Christmas is indeed the most stressful holiday of the year. It’s also the time when close friends and relatives come together to celebrate the occasion as one.

Jesus’ birth is what we’re really celebrating during Christmas time. However, exchanging gifts is another highlight we’re all excited about.

Christmas may still be a few months away, but you have to prepare as early as now. If you’re unsure what to gift as a present, why not go with a gift hamper?

Please look at these Christmas gift hampers the UK your recipient will absolutely love if you agree with me.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples to help you purchase the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article, which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

Christmas Gift Hamper Contents – What to Expect Inside

On average, the Brits have spent almost £500 on Christmas gifts in 2016. But, why not choose a gift hamper instead to give your gift a more special touch?

They’re even a sweeter way to let someone know you’re thinking of them this Yuletide season.

The typical Christmas gift hamper contents are usually food and other indulgent treats. They’re the special types, too, and something you won’t consider buying outside the said season.

Add a bottle of wine for an alcoholic hamper or packs of cocoa, coffee, or tea for a non-alcoholic one. For food items, you can’t go wrong with these seasonal favorites:

Christmas Gift Hamper Accessories

We all know that it’s the gift inside that truly matters. However, a hamper that’s well-decorated is sure to catch anyone’s attention by giving it an extra oomph.

There are different types of Christmas gift hamper accessories available. They’re basically used to decorate your hamper to suit the occasion and make it different from the others.

Accessories used for Christmas gift hampers are basically the same for all manufacturers. They will only differ based on where you got them from and, of course, your budget.

Here are the basic accessories used in Christmas gift hampers:

  1. Decorative and colored tissue – this is usually the first layer and placed in the bottom of the basket or container. This also gives the basket a decorative and even base.
  2. Shredded paper – this is used as a filler. It’s often scattered in the basket once the gifts are inside to cover any empty spaces.
  3. Cellophane – you can choose between a clear and a colored one. Additionally, you can also go for the printed types, whichever you think fits the occasion.
  4. Bow or curled ribbon – these are used when adding the final touches to your hamper. These make it look pretty and well put together.

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Christmas Gift Hamper Themes

As mentioned, Christmas gift hampers usually contain food. To give you more inspiration, here are some Christmas gift hamper themes I think your recipient will love:

  1. Coffee gift basket – is your recipient a coffee connoisseur? Then, a basket filled with bags of coffee beans, some spoons, a few mugs, and maybe some creamer will be absolutely perfect. Don’t forget some snacks they can munch on while sipping from their coffee mug.
  2. Italian food gift basket – for the friend who loves pasta, filling a basket with a pack of uncooked spaghetti, a can of tomato sauce, bottles of herbs and spices, and a box of cheese is the ultimate gift. Add in a bottle of premium grade extra virgin olive oil so he/she can prepare his/her favorite dish even after the pasta is gone.

You can also go for a non-food basket if you think the ones mentioned are too common. Here are some examples that I personally love:

  1. Shower gift basket – this is perfect for a friend who’s particular with his/her personal hygiene. Some items you can add are bath soaps, facial cleansers, shampoo, and a few towels and you’re all set.
  2. Baking gift basket – grab a few spatulas, a pair of oven mitts, measuring spoons, and an apron to surprise him/her. And though I said this was a non-food basket, adding a bottle or two of pre-made cookie dough would help.

Here is an item from Amazon which may be of interest:-

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Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

There are a lot of options available when shopping for gift hampers. This has made choosing Christmas gift hampers both easy and confusing.

Here are more Christmas gift hamper ideas to help with your next shopping:

  1. Salty snacks gift basket – our diets usually go to waste during the Christmas season. For the friend who can’t stop eating, give him/her a basket full of crisps, pretzels, and a pack of trail mix to help satisfy his/her cravings.
  2. Breakfast gift basket – there are times when we get lazy, making our meals from scratch. A basket filled with ready-to-drink coffee and packets of pancake mix is a great idea for that one lazy friend we all have.
  3. Sundae gift basket – know someone who always screams for ice cream? Then, gift him/her a basket filled with different kinds of syrups, colorful sprinkles, some wafer cones, and an ice cream scooper to complete his/her day.
  4. Dog mom/dad gift basket – treating your friend’s pet will surely touch his/her heart. If he/she has a dog, gift a basket full of dog treats, pet wipes, chew toys, and potty bags to delight him/her.
  5. Film enthusiast gift basket – watching movies is my definition of a perfect weekend. If you have a friend like me, a basket full of popcorn, DVDs (or a USB) of popular movies, and loads of other snacks will do the trick.

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Christmas Gift Hampers For:

It’s a must to know your recipient first before buying gift hampers. This is so your gift hamper will really be appreciated, and you won’t end up wasting your money.

Here now are examples of Christmas gift hampers according to whom you’re giving it to.

For Women

Women are now making their own names in this world dominated by men. Check out these gift hampers for women to help celebrate that strong woman in your life:

for Mum

for Sister

for Daughter

For Kids

People say that Christmas is made for children. Take a look at these gift hampers for kids so they could celebrate this season with extreme joy:

for Girls

for Babies

for Boys

For Men

Men are usually viewed as the tough ones in society. Here are some gift hampers for men that you can gift for that special man in your life:

for Dad

for Brother

for Son

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How to Make a Christmas Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Let’s say you found our choices a bit expensive. You decide to make one yourself—but where do you start?

Here is a simple guide on how to make a Christmas gift hamper:

  1. Select your theme

You can choose from the number of options above. Make sure it’s something your recipient will be pleased to receive and not just because it’s convenient on your part.

  1. Buy your gifts

Always take note of your theme when hunting for gifts. This will help you save money and time and will make your gift look organized, too.

  1. Pick your container

There’s no problem in sticking with wicker baskets. You can also use other containers you think are appropriate to make your basket truly stand out.

Once you’ve picked a container, arrange your gifts in it so they look neat and presentable.

  1. Wrap your gift

It’s ok if you want to leave your basket this way—tape a bow and a greeting card to the basket to finish it off.

For those who want their baskets wrapped, here’s a guide on wrapping your basket you can easily follow:

  • Lay a piece of cellophane flat on a table and place your gift on top of it.
  • Hold all the flaps and bring them upwards.
  • Scrunch them over the handle of the basket or the tallest item in your container.
  • Grab a ribbon and tie it around the opening to finish your basket.

Here is an item from Amazon which may be of interest:-

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How to Customise a Christmas Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Customizing your gift hamper is one way of putting your personal touch. It can save you some money, too, so it’s great if you have a tight budget.

Here’s a simple guide on how to customize a Christmas gift hamper to cut down on expenses:

  1. Picking a theme

I’ve included a lot of options above for you to choose from. But, feel free to use other ideas you think are more appropriate.

  1. Choosing your gifts

Don’t get overwhelmed—stick with the theme when buying gifts. Consider your recipient’s gender when choosing presents, and don’t just buy the first things you see.

  1. Selecting a container

Be creative and choose a container that goes with your theme. But, it’s also fine to use wicker baskets if you wish to make things simple.

Then, place your gifts in the container. The general rule is to place shorter items in front of the taller ones to be seen easily.

  1. Adding the finishing touches

You can decorate your basket by following these easy steps:

  • Get a roll of cellophane and lay a piece flat on a table.
  • Put your basket or container in the center of the cellophane.
  • Pull all the excess pieces of cellophane and pull them upward.
  • Gather and scrunch them over the basket’s handle or your container’s tallest item.
  • Secure the opening with tape and tie a ribbon over it so the basket looks presentable.

On the other hand, you can also leave your basket unwrapped. Just tape a bow and a card on it, and you’re good to go.

How to Personalise a Christmas Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Personalizing is one way of making a gift truly unique. Check out this simple guide on how to personalize a Christmas gift hamper to make your gift really memorable:

  1. Start with a theme

There are several theme options above that you can go for. Also, see to it that the theme suits your recipient, and you’re not making a “one-theme-fits-all” type of basket.

  1. Pick your gifts

Make sure to buy gifts he/she will really enjoy based on the theme. Doing this will make him/her really happy and perhaps appreciate your gift even more.

  1. Choose a container

Wicker baskets are a traditional yet popular container for gift hampers. However, you can also use other types of containers to spice things up a little bit.

After picking a container, arrange your gifts in it so they look organized.

  1. Cover your basket

Wrapping your basket isn’t really a must. Just add a bow and a simple card to it to make it more special.

Meanwhile, here are simple steps on how to wrap your basket if you want to take the extra step:

  • Place a piece of cellophane flat on a table.
  • Put your basket or container in the middle part.
  • Grab the rectangular flaps and pull them upward. Scrunch them on top of the handle or the tallest item in your container.
  • Secure the opening with tape and cut off any excess from the top part (don’t cut it all.)
  • Wrap a ribbon over the tape to decorate and finish off the basket.

Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article on Christmas gift hampers in the UK. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

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Good luck with your future purchases, and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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