Christmas Hamper Gift Basket Ideas You Must See Before Buying

Gift baskets, hampers & gift boxes for Christmas come loaded with different varieties of food & beverage ideas.

Whether you are looking to seek experience Christmas hamper gift basket gifts for the family or maybe a gourmet delight, there is an extensive wide range of food & drink gifts to suit your needs.

This article covers the gift baskets and hampers for Christmas primarily, but the information can be useful for other special occasions that you are seeking a memorable gift to give.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (faqs), for which I provide answers along with affiliate linked suggestions.

I’ll give you some beautiful ideas to help you find the tasty gourmet gifts you want to suit all occasions, regardless of tastes and your budget.

To get you started how about this quick taster:-

Here are top types of Christmas hamper gift basket ideas to get you started:

  • Chocolates
  • Pate
  • Cheese
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Port
  • Mince pies
  • Hams
  • Mulled wines

You will find many more examples within the article to help you make a choice that suits.

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Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

Here Are My Top 5 Christmas Hamper Gift Baskets from Amazon USA:-

  1.  GiftTree Four Seasons Gift Basket: This generous ensemble of confections and savory fare is designed to show your good taste and send your best wishes. Presented in our signature keepsake gift basket, it’s a gift that’s dressed to impress, no matter the season. Each gourmet item is carefully assembled and the basket is accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon. Complimentary scissors are included so your recipient can easily open their gift. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they repurpose this GiftTree signature keepsake woven tailored gift basket.
  2.  GiftTree Orchard Harvest Nuts and Fresh Fruit Basket:  This crop of fresh fruit, nuts, candies, and more are displayed in a rustic barrel basket with lid and handle, as fun to open as it is to enjoy. Each gourmet item is carefully assembled, and the gift is accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon. A free card is included with your personal message or greeting, as well as complimentary scissors so your recipient can easily open their gift. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they continue to use and enjoy this keepsake barrel-style picnic basket. Basket measures 17″ x 12″ x 10″(Source
  3.  GiftTree As Good As Gold Supreme Gourmet Food & Snack Gift Basket: The top quality of the gourmet goodies in this basket are perfect for sending to your top clients and customers. Delight in giving gourmet French butter cookies, zesty lemon wafers, unique pineapple crisps and more. Each gourmet item is carefully assembled and the basket is accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon. Complimentary scissors are included so your recipient can easily open their gift. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they repurpose this GiftTree signature keepsake woven tailored gift basket (Source
  4.  GiftTree Golden Gourmet Gift Basket: From decadently sweet to savory, this bestselling basket offers a rich variety of flavors and textures to be discovered and enjoyed. Discover a delectable spread of sweet and savory fare in this memorable gift basket. Across town or across the miles, this golden gift basket is ideal for sending your best wishes. (Source
  5.  The Bon Appetit Gourmet Food Gift Basket by Wine Country Gift Baskets: There are so many reasons why this tempting gift basket has been a customer favorite for over thirty years and once your lucky recipients dig in, they’ll know why! With soft nougat fruit and nut bites, crackers, smoked Gouda cheese spread, olives, cookies, a chocolate brownie and more, any foodie will find it hard to resist more than a dozen different sweet and savory treats from the finest brands. (Source

Here Are My Top 5 Christmas Hamper Gift Baskets from Amazon UK:-

  1.  Wine & Cheese Hamper – Cheese Lovers Choice Cheese & Wine Hamper: This Cheese Lovers Choice Hamper contains: Bottle of Five Foot Track Australian Shiraz (75cl) Bottle of Bresco Merlot (75cl) Dormen’s Hexagonal Spice Sesame Peanuts (60g) Yorkshire Crisps Nowt On in a Presentation Drum (100g) Stag Bakers Savoury Biscuit Cheeseboard Selection (200g) Ardens Savoury Selection (115g) Ardens Lockerbie Cheddar Cheese & Caramelised Onion Chutney Bites (80g) Rendles Venison Game Pâté with Cognac (180g) Isle of Arran Cheese Shop Kilbride Scottish Cheddar (200g) Tuxford & Tebbutt Creamery Blue Stilton Wedge (160g) Mrs Bridges Pear, Apple & Ginger Chutney (100g) Presented in a Grey Paper Rope Hamper with Faux Leather Strap (Source
  2.  Bearing Gifts Hamper: The gourmet food hamper that ticks all the boxes. Perfect for him or for her! Contains a wide variety of food goodies including chocolate pralines, shortbread, mince pies, popcorn, crisps, tea, coffee and much more! Add your own free personalised gift message with this hamper and rest assured that no invoices are included with the gift. (Source
  3.  Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Gift Box: 45 sachets of incredible organic herbal teas selected from the Pukka range. Supreme Matcha Green – Turmeric Gold – Peppermint and Licorice – Feel New – Elderberry and Echinacea – Three Ginger – Love – Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey – Night Time. Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes. 100 Percent organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients. Vegetarian, kosher and non-GM. Pukka Herbs are proud to be 1 Percent for the planet. The packaging comes from renewable sources and is recyclable. (Source
  4.  Retro Sweets Gift BoxJust imagine the look on their face when they open up this wonderful Retro Sweets Cosmic Hamper:
    • Black Jacks Chews, Fruit Salad Chews, Refresher Chews, Anglo Bubbly, Milk Chocolate Coins
    • Softies Fruit Sticks, Original Double Lollies, Tongue Painter Lollies,
    • Drumstick Lollies, Chupa Chup Lollies, Love Heart Mini Rolls, Parma Violets, Fizzers Original
    • Candy Whistle, Candy Lipstick, Dip Dab, Double Sherbet Dip, Fizz Wiz (space dust, popping candy)
    • Giant Bubble Gum Strip, Flumps Marshmallow, Candy Necklace, Wham Chew Bar, Refresher Original Chew Bar
    • Drumstick Chew Bar, Refresher Strawberry Chew Bar, Box of Candy Sticks, Bag of White Jazzles
    • Curly Wurly, Bag of Barratt Sweets, Chocolate Mice Bar and 4 Sherbet Straws.


  5.  Snowdonia Cheese Company Gift HamperSnowdonia Cheese Company 3 Cheese, Chutneys, Crackers & Pate Gift Hamper which includes – Little Black Bomber (200g) Red Devil (200g) Green Thunder (200g) Snowdonia Balsamic Caramelised Onion Chutney (100g) Snowdonia Fig & Apple Chutney (114g) Cottage Delight Farmhouse Pork Pate (90g) Cartwright & Butler Wafers For Cheese (75g). Exquisite British Products That Come Packaged In A Wood Wool Lined Box With A Premium Burmont’s Speciality Gifts Sleeve. Free Gift Message & Gift Wrap Options Available. (Source

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Families.

With so many types of baskets available knowing where to begin looking can be a little daunting at times.

When trying to find a gift parcel that covers each member of a family and not just your parents can be somewhat tricky and yet fun to sort.

By adapting a particular basket, you can increase the coverage of who will be happily consuming or receiving the contents. And don’t forget the family pets!

Here are a few Christmas gift basket ideas for families:-

  • Novelty food items that will make them think and be curious.
  • Gourmet nibbles that are old and new to them.
  • Savory tasters to adore at any time.
  • Wines that can be drunk with a meal, on their own, or mulled.
    Coffee to have after a meal or at some point in the day.
  • Teas. I love a good cup of tea.
  • Chocolate, especially a combination of the milk, dark, and white variations.
  • Meats, whether hams or dried meats are always good.
  • Cheeses.
  • Pastries.
  • Something for the family pets because we can’t forget them.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 4 Things I Look for From My Christmas Hampers:-

  • Ease of delivery – Very important especially going abroad or if I left it a little bit too late. If time is a constraint then make sure it will arrive on time and that somebody will be able to sign for it upon delivery.
  • Size of gift – If your parents are a little frail will they be able to lift a substantial gift hamper?
  • Overall appearance correct? – If it does not look good, I don’t want it. The presentation is half the battle in making the recipient happy.
  • Does it suit the requirement? – Think about what you are trying to say with the gift and what it means to you and them when they receive it.

There are many ways to look at, but I am sure you get my gist with these points.

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Wine Christmas Gift Baskets.

Wine Christmas gift baskets can be remarkable to receive when you have experienced taste buds and palate to match the possible contents.

Buying your wine adoring parents a gift such as this will brighten up their day.

I am sure your parents, or maybe close family members, or friends, have mentioned how they would love to taste such and such a wine. Now imagine how they would feel upon opening their gift parcel and finding the bottle they have always wanted to open.

On one occasion I was able to treat a good friend to a bottle for which he had yearned. Wow was he pleased!

If you are not sure what particular bottle or bottles to buy, you could also give them a subscription to a wine collectors club which I am sure they would love too.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 5 Alcohols I Choose for My Christmas Gift Hampers:-

  • Wine or Mulled wine at this time of year – I cannot stand mulled wine, but many parents love this drink at Christmas. Because of that it goes into my top 5 but only for that reason. Wine itself however is top of the list. A nice glass of wine with my Christmas dinner I really enjoy and know my parents do.
  • Sherry – Parents in a similar age group to mine seem to love a little glass of sherry in the afternoon or evening. Sherry is therefore one of the alcohols I would choose to be part of Christmas hampers for your parents.
  • Beer – Often I have sat with my father and shared a refreshing cold beer. Heard or done that before? This is why it is also included in my list.
  • Champagne or Prosecco – The ladies love Prosecco and if you want to go the full hog then why not consider a bottle of Champagne. It is only Christmas once a year after-all.
  • Cognac – Again not one for me personally but many parents of a certain ilk seem to love a glass of Cognac after their dinner. Well worth considering if this is a drink your parents indulge in now and then.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

What to Put in a Christmas Gift Basket.

What to put in this seasonal basket gift will be down to you and your recipients.

Consider what they would like and what you would like to receive if you were in their place.

With the time of year being what it is how about something along the lines of the following product types.

Here are some go to items regarding what to put in a Christmas gift basket:-

  • Port
  • Mince pies
  • Hams
  • Mulled wines
  • Chocolates
  • Crackers to pull
  • Party poppers that shoot confetti
  • Brandy
  • Christmas pudding
  • Candy
  • Coffee

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 5 Foods I Choose for My Personal Christmas Gift Hampers:-

  • Christmas pudding – Christmas is not Christmas without the dessert. Be selective with these as quality matters in my opinion and price does not always mean quality. Use this as an excellent excuse to try lots of them!
  • Mince pies – You need something to go with the coffee after dinner. Would it be Christmas without them? Got to be in the running as content for your Christmas gift hamper for your parents.
  • Shortbread – One of my favorites and yet I only seem to eat it at Christmas. I must be watching my figure 11 months of the year in readiness. Find one that they like and allow them to enjoy as part of the gift hamper basket.
  • Nuts – Again I mainly seem to eat these at Christmas time. I always love seeing the bags of mixed nuts, and I know my parents love them too. Sure a must have in your gift basket for Christmas.
  • Chocolates – My father enjoys a massive Toblerone every Christmas. I enjoy receiving a chocolate orange.

What about your parents? What would they like to find in their Christmas gift?

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Cheap Christmas Gift Basket Ideas.

We all face times when money is seemingly a lot less available than we would like. Under times like these, we need to look for economic Christmas gift basket ideas that will match our budget.

The first thing to remember is that your parents will understand your financial situation and will therefore not mind receiving an economical gift. They would be happy to see you safe and sound and comfortable.

The first step to take when looking for economic proced gift baskets or gifts, in general, is to start with your budget. Once you identify how much you wish to spend, or can spend, you know your limit to work within.

Here are top items worth considering for cheap Christmas gift basket ideas:-

  • Mince pies.
  • Bottle of wine.
  • Cheese platter.
  • Cured, dried meats.
  • Spa items.
  • Hobbie orientated gifts.

There are many more of course that you can choose from based upon their likes.

By packing the gift box yourself, you can minimize the costs further.

Hints – 5 Amazon UK Suppliers I Look to for Christmas Gift Hamper Baskets:-

There are many companies from which you can buy, and most of them should be trustworthy.

I have my criteria for my purchasing choice of a company, but you need to work yours out.

Here are just five suppliers on Amazon UK I would consider buying from:-

There are many many more suppliers, but these jumped out at me when I looked. Do some research and find what suits you and the selection of a Christmas gift hamper for your parents.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Where to Find Christmas Gift Baskets Near Me.

There are far more suppliers local to yourself than you may realize. In addition to this, your whole nation can seem local when you have the internet and direct deliveries available to you nowadays.

Buying your items within your locality is always a good, noble option as it will help those that live and work within your local community. In addition to this, you will also minimize the carbon footprint of your purchase.

Here are a few sources that you can utilize to find local suppliers or the intended gift items:-

  • Internet.
  • Newspapers.
  • Telephone & business directories.
  • Word of mouth from friends.
  • Catalogs.
  • Local stores.
  • Local market stalls.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 5 UK High Street Names I Look to for Christmas Gift Hampers:-

There are many high street stores or local stores from which you can buy, and most of them should be trustworthy.

I have my favorites, but you need to work yours out too.

Here are just five suppliers within the UK I would consider buying from:-

  • Harrods
  • Fortnum & Masons
  • Marks & Spencers
  • John Lewis
  • Food stores such as Asda, Morrisons etc.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Christmas Fruit Baskets.

If like myself you find that at this time of year the celebrating with friends and family members tends to lead to overindulgence then maybe something more healthy would be beneficial.

Here we can turn to a good quality fruit gift basket to assist our bodies in handling the influx of excess chocolates, meats, alcohol and whatever else we throw at it.

We should all probably eat more fruit within our daily diets, and so I think a gift of fruit for my parents would be gratefully received.

Here are a few thoughts on choosing your Christmas fruit gift basket:-

  • Consider how much fruit is likely to be eaten as excess will only go to waste.
  • Consider the shelf life of the fruit.
  • When choosing your supplier to ensure their customer feedback is good enough because you don’t want bruised fruit arriving.
  • It may be better for you to personally build your gift box of fruit and choose what you know will go down best with your parents and those that will consume the content.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

5 Amazon USA Suppliers I Look to for Christmas Gift Hamper Baskets:-

Although there are a vast number of suppliers, I feel these will give you a good range of quality gifts to choose your gifts from:

  1. Broadway Basketeers.
  2. Oh! Nuts
  3. Gift Basket Village.
  4. Organic Stores.
  5. Nut Cravings.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Empty Christmas Baskets.

There are many varieties of empty baskets, hampers, boxes and bowls that can be used for your Christmas gift when making it yourself.

Was I making one I would choose one that can be utilized later for other purposes so that wastage is minimized to the maximum. Think outside the box so to speak and select the main container that maybe suit another purpose. You could as an example use a large salad bowl which will later be used frequently rather than being stuffed into a cupboard.

If you are making your gift, then there are other items you may need when assembling the gift.

Here are a few other items which you may need to consider and I have included affiliate links to the relevant Amazon pages to help you:-

  1. Paper shred filler.
  2. Clear cellophane wrap.
  3. Gift basket bows.
  4. Empty gift baskets and boxes.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Chocolate Christmas gift baskets.

At Christmas time I am sure I am not the only one who loves to indulge with the sweet taste of chocolate. My family members and friends enjoy their chocolate too, whether it be milk, dark, or white in variety.

You will know your parents and family members very well, so which brand or type of chocolate you should consider will be easy to consider when buying their gift.

Here are a some popular chocolate Christmas gift baskets:-

  1. Chocolate Gift Basket Premium.
  2. Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket Premium.
  3. Signature Godiva and Sweets Chocolate Gift Basket by Van’s Gifts.
  4. GiftTree Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket | Assorted Nuts, Ghirardelli and Lindt Chocolates.
  5. GiftTree Grand Reception Gift Basket with Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Christmas Gift Baskets Deluxe and Ways to Improve Yours.

Christmas is a time to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones. Because of this, a little luxury to celebrate this festive season will always go down well.

When buying a gift to help celebrate the time of year, boosting the quality and allowing a little overindulgence into the gourmet side will give you and your loved ones an extra warm homely feeling.

Imagine taking that normal quality gift basket and elevating it another level or two. The boost in quality, content and maybe even the size will amaze the eyes and the taste buds.

Here are a few thoughts on how to boost your Christmas box of goodies:-

  • Consider each item and then see if you can improve the brand name, size of the item, quality, and quantity.
  • Consider the packaging. See if you can you improve the appearance to make it more colorful, grander and more seasonal.
  • Consider making the contents small gifts within the main gift item. By having individually wrapped items within the larger overall package, it will make it more surprising and fun each time an article is unwrapped.

Please note: “As an and Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

If you have found this page to be of help to you, it would be awesome if you could share this page for me. (Thank you).

Good luck in your future purchases and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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