Cookie Gift Baskets - For the Cookie Lover in Your Life

Cookie Gift Baskets – For the Cookie Lover in Your Life

This article covers Cookie Gift Baskets – For the Cookie Lover in Your Life as well as tools and other cookie related items! and made especially for the people we know who does not only like but love cookies!

Whether that person loves eating cookies or loves baking cookies, this article might help you get a gift for them that they will surely use and appreciate! Giving them cookie gift baskets will make their hearts melt and will make them feel extra special.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

I wish you best and luck with your gift item search for the cookie lover in your life! Thank you for considering this article to help you get a gift basket for them. Happy reading!

What Is A Cookie Gift Basket?

A cookie gift basket is simply a gift basket containing a range of cookies that you have either chosen or put together yourself.

What to give to a cookie lover in your life is why cookie gift baskets are here. Surprise them with an unexpected gift of a cookie basket and see their smiles beaming!

Knowing your loved ones and their love for cookies will help you think and decide what types to give them.

The effort of creating your own assembled gift basket for someone is not as easy as buying one, but it will be fulfilling in other ways.

These gift baskets referred to can include some tools, and ingredients alongside pre-made cookies so that they can later make their tasty nibbles. Remember to keep your gift content practical and straightforward when picking items out of the things you know they like the most.

You can also bake the cookies yourself if you prefer and especially if you are a cookie lover too! Nothing will ever beat the satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment of giving someone something you made and exerted an effort over in producing. Plus you get to try the finished product.

So, you always have the choice of baking the cookies yourself. Just be creative and love what you do so that you too will be happy with the result. The good thing with making them yourself is that if you don’t like them, then you know the person(s) receiving them won’t. All you need do then is make another batch.

Here is an example of a cookie gift basket I would consider as a gift:-

How Do I Make Cookie Gift Baskets?

To make Cookie Gift Baskets, one should have a good or unique friendship with the couple, or maybe know the person very well. Knowing what they like the most, and their love for cookies or baking will surely help you in making a cookie gift basket based on a theme if needed.

I have here a short list that might help you when considering ideas and  plans to make a cookie gift basket:

On our sister page covering ‘Empty Gift Baskets‘ we describe how to build your own gift basket which will allow you to fully customise the content. Simply use cookies as your primary content.

Here is the article again for your information:-

An empty gift basket that’s nicely-designed adds a whole new dimension to an unwrapped gift or to a gift that comes in boring packaging. Also, its size doesn’t matter as long as it’s big and wide enough to contain your actual gift.

Once you’ve gathered all your gifts, here are the things you’ll need to turn an empty gift basket into something you’ll be proud to give as a gift:

What You Need:
Paper Shreds
Cellophane wrap

What to Do:
1. When arranging gifts, see to it that smaller or shorter items are in the front while heavier or bigger items are placed in the back. And then, scatter even smaller pieces like mini chocolate inside.

2. If your basket contains several snack-sized items, grab a Styrofoam and put it inside the basket. Grab a skewer and cut to your desired length. Tape one end at the back of the item and stick the skewer to the foam.

3. Place fragile items in front of the basket so they won’t be crushed by the other items.

4. You can choose to glue the items in place using a glue gun so they don’t shift around.

5. Once you’re done, use shredded paper to fill in any gaps.

How to Wrap Your Gift Basket:
1. Buy a roll of cellophane from your local craft store. To make your basket more feminine, wrap it with a tulle instead, which you can buy from a fabric store (usually at the bridal fabric aisle.) Alternatively, there are selections available on Amazon.

2. Make sure to give the cellophane (or tulle) some allowance when cutting it. This makes it easier to work with compared to cutting it too short.

3. Place the cellophane square under the basket and cover the front and back sides by bringing the rectangular flaps up. And then, scrunch it over the handle (or the tallest item) with one hand and use the other hand to tie a ribbon around the scrunched part of the cellophane.

4. Straighten the folds by tugging the cellophane above the ribbon. Leave about 10 inches of cellophane from the ribbon and trim off the excess.

5. Fold the seams at the sides and secure them with tape.

6. Grab a pretty bow and tie it around the ribbon to cover it and make it more presentable. And then you’re done!

Additional tips that will help:
• Make sure your basket has a flat bottom since those with a round base may rock when heavy objects are placed in them.

• Choose the style of basket based on what you’re giving. For example, chips or snacks call for lower baskets while using a basket with higher walls for wine, bottles, etc.

• When using baskets with higher walls, add crumpled paper under your gifts. This helps keep them elevated and at the same time, provide an extra cushion in the bottom.

• Put some shredded paper over the crumpled paper to make it look more professional.

Here is an example of a basket I would consider when building my own:-

Why Should I Make A Cookie Gift Basket?

Everybody loves to receive something that suits their interests and hobbies, so, why don’t we at least make them feel a little more unique and loved and give them something that captures and tingles their hearts? Provide a gift that will surprise them and will make them a lot more delighted! And especially a gift that will put a smile on their faces!

Why not give a perfect cookie gift basket to a cookie lover in your life? It’s a sure thing that giving them this perfectly suited gift will make them happy and appreciate you a lot more; it’s not that people expect materialistic gifts from anyone, but isn’t it fulfilling to see someone smile because of you?

You don’t always have to buy and buy; you could still create something yourself and turn it into something that they will appreciate. Let’s make every gift-giving extra special by adding just a little bit more effort!

Creating or making a hand-picked inclusion in a gift item for your favorite cookie lover person is something that is not usual to do because people nowadays are busy and some find it hard to even look for something to give. It doesn’t make their gifts lesser than the hand-picked or confident one, but we all want to make the recipients feel special.

One more thing is that you can buy the ingredients and bake the cookies on your own! In that way, the cookie lover will taste your love and effort for cooking them some good-tasting and chunky cookies!

Always remember that your time, effort, and creativity will never exchange the happiness that you will give to your favorite cookie lover in your life!

Note: If you want to bake for them but have little knowledge about cooking itself, you can go on YouTube to see videos of different ways of baking cookies!

Here is a cookie gift basket example worth trying to make your version of:-

How Can I Buy Cookie Gift Baskets?

You can buy different types of gift baskets online and in your local market or local stores. And if you have extra time, you could always buy and make (or adapt) it to something you want it to be by purchasing a gift basket and customizing it!

Buying something online nowadays is just as easy as it looks. Most of the people say that it’s less hassle if we buy online, but not all people prefer that way. But if you’re a person who likes to see the actual item face-to-face, then, it will not be as easy as other people think it is.

Here are online sources and other possible nearby retail sources that could help you in buying your special gift:

  • Amazon
  • Boutique store
  • Local store
  • Local grocery store
  • Local gift markets

Here is one I spotted on Amazon:-

Is It Okay To Send Cookie Gift Basket To Someone?

No doubt! Yes, it is always okay to send someone a gift, especially and specifically, a cookie gift basket. All you need do is to choose a theme or additional items that you will include in your cookie gift basket for that cookie lover in your life.

That cookie lover you love will truly appreciate your thoughtful gift and will surely be happy about it and the fact that someone gave them something that suits well with their likes and interests. Knowing that you exerted effort and great great time in your awesome cookie gift basket will make them feel extra special and be genuinely happy.

Here is a gift basket I think would make a lovely simple gift:-

Where can I buy Cookie Gift Basket?

There are a lot of sources where we could buy our gifts. As mentioned earlier, we could find our gift baskets online as well as local stores and shops nearby.

Here are some of those sources that could help you in buying your special gift:

  • Amazon
  • Boutique store
  • Local store
  • Local grocery store
  • Local gift markets

Here is a wonderful looking gift basket I found on Amazon:-

How Much Does A Cookie Gift Basket Cost?

The cost of your gift basket depends on what you include in it. The good thing about it is you have control over the expense that will be poured on your basket.

You can be creative in creating the most unique gift you could give to that cookie lover in your life. And being able to be creative and being ready to bake a cookie at the same will surely help you make your cookie gift basket. Or you can order online!

You don’t necessarily have to spend too much money on your gift baskets. You have to have the heart of a giving person. After all, a present can’t be measured by the price of it, but by the love, you pour out and the thoughts you fill in. Being thoughtful in your way could make that cookie lover in your life happy and feel loved.

Many of these cookie gift baskets will cost less than $50 depending on the parcel size. From this, you can add extra items to help personalize your gift basket if you wish to do so.

Here is an example of a cookie gift basket under $50:-

Cookie Gift packs and Cookie Gift boxes:

Whether choosing to give selections of different brands or names of cookies, we should all consider the taste of them. It doesn’t matter if it belonged to a big brand of cookies or an unknown one, but it’s the taste that we need to consider the most.

You could always include any types of cookies in your cookie gift packs and cookie gift boxes. You could also either buy them or customize in your way and how you want it to look.

Trying different varieties of cookies with cookie dough bites is one great combination that the recipient will truly love the idea.

Here is a mixed selection gift basket containing cookies:-

Cookie Baking Needs

Baking a cookie would not be possible without the cookie baking kit or a cookie baking mix that is undoubtedly needed and essential in cooking one and can be included in your gift basket.

The list below is the primary and classic ingredient of a cookie:

  • 1 cup butter, softened.
  • 1 cup white sugar.
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar.
  • 2 eggs.
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda.

Hope this list could help you in baking a classic cookie unless you prefer to order a gift basket online.

Here is a cookie dough example to save having to mix your own:-

Cookie Storage and Pans

Cookie storage and cookie pans are where you place our cookie doughs before putting it in and baking it into an oven. The importance of this is that this is what holds the cookie to make it into a solid form.

A cookie rack is where you place the cookie to release the heat and to cool it without putting it into a refrigerator.

A cookie jar is where you can keep prepared and finished cookies until eaten, which in my house is not long.

Here is a great choice for a cookie jar to include with your gift basket contents:-

Cookie Decorations

Some people want their cookies unique and looking fancy, so, some people make frostings and icings and put it on the top of their cookies.

If you are creative enough, you can include a decoration of your own in your cookie gift basket.

Here is a great book that covers cookie decorating:-

Cookie Baking Tools:

There are a lot of tools that can be used in decorating and shaping your cookies.

You can cut a cookie dough and shape it using the cookie cutters; there are different types of cookie cutters, the animal shaped cutter, the letter shaped cutter.

Here is a great book on cookie baking:-

Cookie Packaging

Nothing beats a well packaged cookie gift basket. It’s always good to have a simple yet decorative gift for your favorite cookie lover!

You can use different types of packages such as the following ones here:

Here is a great choice for Christmas cookie tins when looking to make your own gifts:-

Non-consumable/Quirky Cookie Related Gifts

This last section of this article talks about the other stuff you could give to your special cookie lover.

The listed cookie related items below will definitely help you pick a good gift for them:-

  • Cookie jars – to store the cookies in a safe place, also to make them last longer
  • Cookie apron – to help the clothes clean and look neat
  • Cookie cookbook – to help a baker bake a good cookie
  • Cookie decorating books – to help a baker decorate their cookies

Other types which may be of interest:-

  • Cookie Monster shirt – a famous character in Sesame Street
  • Cookies and cream protein powder

Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article on ‘cookie gift baskets’. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

If you have found this page to be of help to you, it would be awesome if you could share this page for me. (Thank you).

Good luck in your future purchases and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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