Edible Arrangements – Taking Gift Baskets to Another Level

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  3. Meyenberg Canned Powdered Whole Goat Milk, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 16 oz (Check Amazon price)
  4. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds, 24oz (Check Amazon price)
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Rose bouquets are usually the first thing that comes to mind when gifting someone. This has made them quite too common, so they’ve already lost that sentimental touch.

But, have you thought of edible arrangements? If your recipient is a foodie, these are perfect for him/her.

Edible arrangements are food products you arrange to look a certain way. Common examples are shaped like a bouquet, but you’ll also see other forms within this list.

Furthermore, you can choose to have them done by a pro or make them yourself.

So, are you ready to take the joy of giving to a whole new level? Continue reading my post for ideas about this topic.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples to help you purchase the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article, which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

How to Make Edible Arrangements – A Simple Guide

To make edible arrangements, all you have to worry about is constructing the bouquet. Then, all you need are some skewers to hold the food items together—and then you’re done!

To make an edible bouquet, grab an old poster and roll it into a cone. Secure the edges with some tape (it doesn’t have to be perfect) and then wrap it with decorative paper to make it look pretty.

Grab your skewers to stack the food. You don’t need to go all the way down. Just make sure the food still shows once you place the skewer inside the bouquet.

For assembly, take a mason jar and put the base inside for support. And then, put the skewers one by one and arrange the food items accordingly.

How simple was that?

Edible Arrangements Corporate – Top Quality Gifts with a Twist

Check this out if you’re having an office party and run out of gift ideas. We have more complex taste than children, so these corporate edible arrangements are great for your co-workers:

  1. This edible arrangement is perfect because the contents will surely tickle their taste buds. It has sweet, sour, salty, and bitter all in one! Placed inside a gorgeous yellow tin can, this edible arrangement is an ideal gift to kids young-at-heart.
  2. Let’s say the previous gift didn’t work—no problem! You can try this edible arrangement instead. It’s filled with all their favorite chips and snacks to share after office hours. With all the popular choices included, this edible arrangement will surely be finished in no time!
  3. This cookie arrangement is perfect for a co-worker who’s feeling a little down. These freshly-baked Vanilla cookies are iced hours after they came out of the oven to make sure they stay fresh and look presentable. The arrangement comes with decorative tissue paper and a cute bow to surely cheer anyone up.
  4. Not all kids love the taste of mint in their chocolate. So, why not leave mint chocolates to the adults? These hand-crafted flowers have a ball of chocolate truffle in the middle and are enclosed in a vase made of mint candy canes. You can then choose to throw the flowers or use them as decorations after finishing this sweet treat.
  5. How about that officemate who loves to be surrounded by plants? This gourmet box is the answer. It has two sides: a side with a pretzel covered in rich, European milk chocolate and a side with low-maintenance Succulents that are perfect even indoors.

Please note: “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Where Can I Find an Edible Arrangements Promo Code or Discount Code?

Finding edible arrangements promo code or discount code will depend on the seller. However, there’s a good chance the seller is giving away discounts or promo codes on his/her site when you order an edible arrangement when a special event is coming up.

If they have one, make sure to enter the code upon checkout to save some on your total bill.

Can I Get an Edible Arrangements Free Delivery?

Edible arrangements can be delivered for free. However, this again will depend on the seller’s rules.

While some sellers have a fixed shipping rate regardless of the amount, most sellers make delivery free once you’ve reached a certain amount.

For this, I advise you to read the seller’s terms first before buying. If you’re eager to have free delivery after reaching a certain amount, I suggest going through different sellers before placing an order.

Edible Arrangements for Men – My Top Choices

The men in our lives can be difficult to please. Most of them tend to keep their likes and dislikes in private, so gifting them can sometimes be challenging.

If you want to give him a gift but don’t know where to start, take a look at my top picks for edible arrangements for men:

  1. Show how tough your man is with this beef jerky bouquet. Beef jerkies are best eaten as a snack, so this is perfect as a “just because” gift (because you don’t want him to be hungry!) It comes with 12 1-oz. strips (3 strips per flavor) in a Gary West bouquet sleeve.
  2. What man can resist the taste of salami? Gift your man with this salami bouquet to either flirt with him (you know he can’t say no!) or to express how much you appreciate him. This edible arrangement has 5 differently-flavored 8-ounce salami sticks in butcher paper. It even comes with a box that comes with a “meaty” message inside.
  3. From savory, let’s go to something sweet. Does your man love soccer and also have a sweet tooth? Then this lollipop arrangement is what you’re looking for! This soccer ball planter is filled with different kinds of lollipops that he’ll surely love, whether he’s a pro or not.
  4. Another lollipop bouquet, this edible arrangement, is a good choice now that Father’s Day is around the corner. Show how much you love your “handyman” with this mug filled with lollipops shaped like the tools he uses around the house. The lollipops come in various flavors that your dad will surely enjoy.
  5. For dads who like to keep it simple, this cookie bouquet will do the trick. This edible arrangement is made up of 7 cookies that spell out “the best dad.” Another gift idea for father’s day, all cookies are hand-decorated and comes in a wicker basket.

Edible Arrangements for Kids – Fun and Healthy Choices

I think edible arrangements for kids are the easiest to find. Just give them an arrangement or a bouquet filled with yummy chocolates and candies, and they’ll surely go crazy for it!

  1. Nothing beats the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Even us adults love it! If you agree, then this Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy bouquet is a must. This edible arrangement uses 5 full-size chocolate bars as a vase with 10 handcrafted flowers. Don’t throw away the flowers just yet—they all have chocolate truffles inside that are totally edible!
  2. Imagine giving kids an edible arrangement filled with delicious, crispy chocolate wrapped in shiny, golden paper. This Ferrero Rocher bouquet will make them feel like royalty. This luxurious gift can also be used as a centerpiece if they think it’s too pretty to eat.
  3. This lollipop bouquet is perfect for little girls who love to play dress-up. It has butterflies and flowers and uses different pastel colors. That’s why it’s so attractive. It comes with 16 lollipops and has 4 different flavors, and is the perfect addition to any tea party.
  4. Do you have a friend who’s expecting twin boys? Then it would help if you also considered this lollipop bouquet as your next gift. While I see it more as a congratulatory gift, I still added it here since it’s still targeted towards kids. This blue bouquet is filled with 22 lollipops that come in two different flavors and are shaped into ducks, bears, baby shoes, etc.
  5. For me, M&M chocolate is an all-time favorite. How about receiving a bouquet filled with it? Any chocolate lover will go crazy with this edible arrangement that comes with 3 full-size and 11 mini M&M packs. It even comes in various fun flavors and is wrapped in decorative paper and tied with a bow to make it look more appealing.

Edible Arrangements Get Well – Wonderful Choices for a Sick Friend

Being sick isn’t exactly the best feeling. You’re bed-ridden, so you can’t go out with friends to do the things you enjoy.

Take a look at these gets well edible arrangements to help brighten up their day:

  1. Say goodbye to winter and say hello to spring with this candy arrangement. It’s filled with lollipops carefully arranged to look like a flower, along with a happy frog to show his excitement for this change of season—all of these are sure to cheer your sick friend up. It even comes in a galvanized pail that can be custom printed on both sides to remind your recipient of your thoughtfulness.
  2. This classic edible treat is a true testament of love. The box comes with 12 strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate that will surely lift their spirits. Add some personalized message before checking out, and your recipient will feel just how much you care in an instant.
  3. Nothing screams “get well” more than this lollipop bouquet. It arrives in a yellow, smiley bucket and is filled with 12 differently-flavored lollipops shaped like balloons, smiley faces, and marshmallows. If this edible arrangement doesn’t put a smile on their face, I don’t know what will.

Here is an item from Amazon which may be of interest:

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Edible Arrangements Gluten Free – Health Fully Covered with These Selections

We all have that one friend who has a dietary restriction. This makes it hard to give them a gift, but I got you covered. Here are some gluten-free edible arrangements ideas to choose from:

  1. This gluten-free cookie and bar basket is a refreshing alternative to your typical “get well soon” presents. It’s filled with 4 of Tate’s signature cookies, 2 of its classic bars, and a bag of Harney & Sons tea bags. Who said going gluten-free has to be boring?
  2. Being a donut-addict is hard when you’re sensitive to gluten. But not with this gluten-free donut bouquet! Each bouquet comes with 9 donuts and has 3 different flavors.

Edible Arrangements Thank You – When Words Alone Are Not Enough

There’s no better way to express your gratitude than by giving thank you edible arrangements. Pick from any of these, especially when words aren’t enough:

  1. Does the person who’s done you a favor have a sweet tooth? Then he/she will surely enjoy this mini candy bouquet! This edible arrangement comes with 36 mini packs of the most popular chocolates and comes in a colorful vase. What’s great is it’s shipped with reusable gel packs to ensure that the chocolates remain “cool” and don’t arrive melted or frozen.
  2. Another one for the sweet tooth, this lollipop bouquet comes with 18 lollipops shaped like money bags and dollar signs. The lollipops come in 3 different flavors, and this bouquet is a sure way to shout out a job well done.

Edible Arrangements Reviews – Common Pros and Cons

When you look at edible arrangement reviews, some people are pleased with it, while some are not.

They like the idea because, like what I’ve said, flower bouquets have lost that “special touch.” On top of that, they find edible arrangements more practical for obvious reasons: you can’t eat flowers.

Meanwhile, others don’t like the concept because they end up disappointed once they receive the arrangements. If you feel the same, I suggest ordering from a reputable buyer or just making one yourself.

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