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What is an Engagement Gift Basket?

An engagement or betrothal is the relationship between two people who want to get married, and also the time between a marriage proposal and a marriage. An engagement gift basket is simply a gift basket containing gifts and edibles to help the couple celebrate their fantastic decision.

A gorgeous engagement gift basket is an excellent way to celebrate the announcement of engagement of a couple. Gift baskets operate for many sorts of different events. An engagement gift basket contains different kinds of items which may help a newly engaged couple make their relationship last longer. It will also make them feel important because they’ll think that you remembered them on their special milestone in life.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party, but today many modern couples host their celebration for future wedding guests to get to know one another. It’s a nice gesture to bring an engagement gift to an engagement party to which you are invited. Engagement photos are increasingly popular options for couples who are eager to announce their proposal to their family and friends.

What are the Best Engagement Gift Basket Ideas?

For a  bride to be, you may select a cocktail gift collection that includes bath salts, an eye mask, loofah, yummy chocolate, and other indulgent treats. This kind of gift may fit her interests, but knowing the lady will help greatly.

While for him, you will find beer, and maybe even golf, baseball, or basketball themed gift basket would be ideal for a groom to be. Following his hobbies and favorite past-times is always a good idea when aiming for a theme around which to purchase.

How to make an Engagement Gift Basket?

You can make gift baskets to match any price point too. If you want to spoil a special someone, you could spend hundreds on a fancy basket and pile it high with all their favorite luxuries, but a simple small hamper filled with a couple of special treats is equally as thoughtful.

Here is a simple guide that may help in making your own customized engagement gift basket:

Instructions for Making a Gift Basket

You will be able to do most of this process on your own, but ask a friend to help you with the cellophane and ribbon.

  1. Start by selecting a theme and go shopping for items. Your “basket” can be anything that goes with your topic.
  2. Make sure to have scissors, ribbon, tissue paper, tape or glue, and cellophane sheets or a cellophane bag to give your basket its finishing touches.
  3. Set up your work area. You may use a large folding table.
  4. Place all the items on the table.
  5. Add a layer of tissue paper to the bottom of your basket to help prop up things. If you’re using a large container, you’ll need lots of tissue and may find it helpful to add newspaper or even a small cardboard box (which you can then cover in tissue paper). Many other types of filler are also available.
  6. Begin by placing one of your sturdiest items in the center. Think of this as your centerpiece, and you’ll build out around it.
  7. Add larger items and taller items behind the center item.
  8. Place smaller items toward the front.
  9. If you have an item that’s too bulky for the basket, try taking it out of the package or using just a portion of it. For example, we had a container of cookies that were too big. We opened it, selected a few smaller (individually wrapped) packs of cookies, and added those to the basket.
  10. Use softer items, like hand towels, to fill in gaps.
  11. As you add items, make sure labels are facing forward, and no price tags are visible.
  12. Add tissue paper to any remaining gaps.
  13. Step back and make sure items stay in place. You can use glue dots or tape to secure items to each other.
  14. Eyeball it and feel free to rearrange a little if needed.
  15. Ask your friend to help you wrap the basket in cellophane or place it in a cellophane bag. We found the bag easier because we didn’t have to cut cellophane and shape it to the basket.
  16. Open the bag and roll down the sides down. Have one person hold the bag while the other carefully lifts, and then lowers it into the bag.
  17. If you have any exceptionally large items that didn’t fit in the basket, you can tuck them into the bag behind the basket.
  18. Carefully roll up the sides of the cellophane bag.
  19. Twist the top of the cellophane bag. Have one person hold the top while the other person ties the ribbon and creates a bow. Use wide, wired ribbon for the bow; it’s sturdy and can be shaped into place.
  20. Give the basket its final nip and tucks—you may want to fold and tape any cellophane flaps under the basket—and enjoy your creation!

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Best Engagement Gift Basket for Him

Are you looking for the engagement gift basket for him? Most of the women want to spoil their soon to be husband by giving a gift, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many options to find on the internet and physical store, but it’s up to you to choose the best gift that will make him happy.

Below are some product suggestions from Amazon that may help you:

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Best Engagement Gift Basket for Her

So she is getting engaged, and it is a beautiful beginning to a path of self-discovery, togetherness, and personal progression. She could be your lover, your friend, your sister, your colleague, or just a wonderful woman you know who’s getting engaged. If choosing what kind of gift you could give to her gives you a hard time, below are some gift suggestions that may help you:

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Funny Engagement Gift Basket

Looking for a funny gift for a newly engaged couple? Maybe they’re hilarious jokesters, or perhaps you know they’d love a playful present. We’ve got you covered from silly gags to amusing token gifts.

Below are  some product suggestions that may help you in finding the best funny engagement gift basket:

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Engagement Party Etiquette – The Formality

Is it an impromptu celebration at a local bar days after the proposal? If the invitation is casual (you were invited by text), the celebration will probably be too. In this case, no engagement party gift is necessary, but a bottle of champagne wouldn’t be out of place if you want to spread some cheer. While a gift isn’t “payback” for free drinks or food, if you’re sharing in the expenses of the evening, you’re not usually expected to bring a gift as well.

Hosting the engagement party

A lot of newly engaged couples like to share the news by having gatherings with family and close friends to announce and celebrate their status. If you want to have an engagement party, it’s generally best to do it before you start planning the wedding, or you might find yourself flapping around in a sea of preparation for your big day and wind up forgetting about it.

Traditionally, the best way for couples to announce their engagement was at a party hosted by the bride’s parents. However, with social media and other rapid forms of communication, word gets out before the invitations can be written, stamped, and mailed.

This does not mean you shouldn’t still have the party. It merely means that the purpose of the party has changed. It’s more of a celebration than an announcement. Although the bride’s parents may still host the party, they are no longer locked into the tradition. Any family member or friend may hold engagement parties.

If you’re the person hosting the party, stay in contact with the bride and groom throughout the planning to make sure their wishes are met. Don’t spring any embarrassing surprises on them during the event.

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Who to invite to the engagement party

Immediate family members, close extended family, and the intimate circle of best friends should receive invitations to an engagement celebration. This is not the time to invite coworkers you only see at the office.

Everyone you plan to include in the bridal party should receive an invitation to this event, unless they are long distance. You may still want to let them know about it, in case they have an opportunity to take an extra trip. This includes maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

People who are invited to the engagement party should also be on the wedding guest list too. Otherwise, you may hurt the feelings of those left out of celebrating the most important day of the bride and groom’s life.

Most of the time, it’s appropriate to have one party with everyone in attendance, but there may be an issue if the bride and groom’s families and friends are from different areas. In that case, it’s okay to have two separate events. If you have a single engagement party, do your best to have guests equally representing the bride and the groom.

How to invite people to the engagement party

The preferred form of the invitation is one that arrives in regular mail with a stamp and street address. However, for a less formal gathering, you may use email. Avoid using social media to invite your engagement party guests because you might hurt the feelings of others who are not invited, and this could create an awkward situation.

Engagement Gifts for Couples

Maybe you’re friendly with the groom and will be meeting his partner for the first time at the engagement party. Or perhaps you’re shopping for the couple that already has everything. Finding the perfect gift for a new duo can be tricky. Our expert tip: Choose something they can enjoy together.

Engagement party activities and events

The only activities or events that need to be scheduled for an engagement party are the announcement and toasts. In some cases, this is when the parents of the bride and groom meet. That should be done as soon as they both arrive at the party, without the interference of other guests.

This is a time for the bride and groom to share the proposal experience and all of the guests to get to know each other. If you want to have an icebreaker, that’s fine, but don’t feel that you need to plan games or anything elaborate.

Alcohol may be served if the families of both the bride and groom are agreeable. However, if either family has an objection for religious reasons or illness that would make drinking dangerous, there should be no alcohol.

Common engagement etiquette mistakes

There are several common mistakes made at engagement parties that can be avoided if you deal with them in advance. Here are a few ways to ensure a positive experience:

  • Keep the party small. Engagement parties should be intimate gatherings for those who are closest to the bride and groom. Too many people at an event without scheduled activities can be a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Practice diplomacy. If anyone who may object to the union is invited, discuss the matter with him or her beforehand.

The person doesn’t have to agree with the decision of the bride and groom wholeheartedly, but he or she should promise not to make a scene. This is a celebration and should be a very happy time without the couple being nervous about experiencing an awkward situation.

  • Introduce the families in private. If the bride and groom’s parents haven’t met until now, don’t do the introduction in front of an audience. A private setting enables them to bond without interference and comments from others.
  • Don’t overspend. Save the elaborate decorations, food, and entertainment for the wedding and reception. The purpose of the engagement party is a time to introduce families, officially announce the engagement, and offer toasts to the happy couple.
  • Limit alcohol. If you want to provide alcohol for your guests, it’s best to limit the amount per person. One of the ways you can do this is to provide a single glass of wine, champagne, or signature drink per person for a toast.

Keep It Simple

The engagement party can be very short and sweet since its purpose is to share your good news, toast your new status, show off your ring, and answer questions about the proposal. The main focus is the happy couple, so there’s no need to provide other entertainment.


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