Family Gift Basket Ideas

Family Gift Basket Ideas

Family is the foundation of every community and the society that we are in. In fact, our family became the most important people in our lives ever since we hit our conscious thought.

You will get a lot of ideas in this article that will surely help you in getting a gift basket for your family, or even make your own gift basket for your family. To witness your family smile and be glad is one of the best feeling the world! So, continue on reading this article to find a perfect family gift basket idea.


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Gift Ideas For Active Families

There are a lot of activities that family does not just in summer, but also in almost all seasons. Some families are active in sports, photography, arts, music, and etc. But all of it are different from each other, so, I’ve listed down the most common activities that a family does, and the ideas for the gift basket for them.

  • Sports – not every family or not everyone in the family loves sports. Some might find it very exhausting, but some find it really healthy for exercise.
  • In this gift basket, you can include different flavors of energy drinks and other healthy stuff like, fruit juice, vegetable juice and others. You can also include some bandages, band-aids, mini sized sanitizers and alcohols and other personal aid kits that can be used when injured.
  • Photography – photography’s demand nowadays is getting higher and higher as the evolvement of the cameras and lenses rises. With that, some family members enjoy photography and labelling it as their hobbies or maybe their career. As the evolution of the cameras and lenses the rises, the price of it also increases, which leaves us to look for something practical to buy and include in your gift basket. You can always include the basic needs of the camera like, cleaning cloth for lenses, memory card cases, camera straps, and etc., and for sure the family will appreciate it.
  • Arts – arts will always be the most colorful among the umbrella of arts. In this gift basket, since we talk about art, you can include freshly baked cookies with your own design, decorate it in the most artistic way as you could, and they will surely appreciate it and enjoy eating it. You can also include art material like non-toxic face paint, non-toxic spray paint, crayons, non-toxic glitters, and other items that they can use in their art crafts. Make sure to be very picky with the toxic and non-toxic item for the kids.
  • Music – being able to play one instrument or any type of music instrument is truly fulfilling and truly fun. The ability to have such a perfect timing and groove gives the music such a heart. There are a lot of music accessories a music instrument has and it could be cheaper or inexpensive depending on the brand and depending on the quality of an item. You can include guitar strings on your gift basket, brand new tuning pegs, guitar cases or guitar bag, or actually depending on the instrument the family has. Most family has a guitar or ukulele at home, so, you could also include in your basket a set of strings for the ukulele, capo, chromatic tuner for all string instruments, and guitar picks.

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Family Gift Experiences

Gift experiences plays a big role in a family; that’s when a family bonds together and enjoy their time for each other. Quality time with the family will surely strengthen the family’s relationship to each other. After all, you can never buy great experiences!

I have listed here some of the many gift experiences for the family with small children;

  • Cooking Classes – if a family has children who wants to learn how to cook, this could be the perfect gift experience for them. Being able to be with their parents in cooking classes strengthens the bondage between the parents and the children. Also, cooking is that one basic skill that any teens or adults knows how to do. It is good that in their young age they will be able to learn how to cook basic foods and as they grow up, they might even pursue it as their career.
  • Museum Tour – some say that touring in the museum is the most boring thing to do with the family, but we never know until we try! Remember, smart kids love the museum and they are amused with the artifacts and history of every craft that was displayed. Kids will also learn and be knowledgeable about the different cultures and how cultures form in every ethnic. Kids are also amused visually by the displayed bones and other historical artifacts displayed in the museum. Who knows? Your kids may love the museum tour and start being a lot more curious in the history.
  • City Zoo Tour – this place the most wonderful place in the city. Exploring different animals will definitely amaze the children visiting the place. Kids love to see we weird and cute animals. They will also be knowledgeable about the different classifications of animals, they will know which animals are mammals, vertebrate, reptile, amphibian and many more. The kids will be aware of the animals that they could take care at home like a cat, a dog, or maybe even a mouse.

Now, let’s see what’s up for the family with teenage kids;

  • Waterpark passes – swimming is a great and fun activity for all ages in the family. With pools and slides, everyone will absolutely enjoy the water with the sun up high on a summer.
  • Movie Passes – who doesn’t like to watch movie on the big screen? Everyone will surely have fun watching their favorite movies together with their family. With popcorns, bottle of soda or a bottle of fruit juice, watching the movie is definitely going to be amazing.
  • Hotel stays – relaxing beside the pool or even on the pool is one great experience for a family. Staying at a hotel and unwind for a few days will relax everyone’s souls and will forget the stress the family has at work or at school. Being able to do this during your free time or during the weekends help you find the peace within the mind and within the soul. Swimming and having a massage make everyone in the family happy and satisfied.
  • Rafting and kayaking – rafting might be the most adventurous thing a family could ever experience together. The rush of the water in rafting will definitely make everyone’s heart beat faster and faster, and the bumping with the rocks while swooshing down the fast water river will excite and scare the family! While kayaking is something opposite in rafting, kayaking is paddling around with calm water and just enjoying the flow of the water in the ocean or in the lake.
  • Rock Climbing and Mountain Climbing – rock climbing makes the family connect to each other while supporting one another to climb up high as they could. While mountain climbing is a lot more relaxed to do because you’re just going to walk up the top of the mountain. Once you reached the top of the mountain, every soul of the family members will feel free as they enjoy the mother nature.

These are just a few of so many family gift experiences that every family will love and cherish. Remember that the family has always been the most important thing in our lives, but some might have a family outside, some might treat their friends as family, and the most important thing is to love one another.

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Whole Family Gift Ideas

If there is something a family would love altogether that is a lot of chocolates and cookies. But aside from that, there also a lot of non-edible gifts that you could give to a whole family, something fun and something that they will use and display in their houses.

I got here a list of things you could include in your gift basket;

  • Wooden Picture Frame – this is a perfect gift for a small and big family. Having a picture frame that will be displayed in the living room or in the hallway will definitely give a good ambiance in their house.
  • Chalkboard – need to go and get everyone’s needs on the grocery? Chalkboard is one easy way to list down each of the family member’s needs like, toiletries, a pen and a paper, or maybe your kid’s favorite chocolate.
  • Board Games – what’s good to do on a Saturday night? Board games! Playing board games with your family members pops a good relationship with each other and everyone will be contented on simple enjoyment and things such as this. Without having to spend a lot of money, everyone is surely having fun playing board games.
  • Card Games – Uno Cards is one of the most popular card games in the US and is one way of spending your quality time with the family. And also, the Card Against Humanity, it is a fun game to play with your friends and your family.
  • Tower Blocks – tower blocks is also a good thing to include in your gift basket, and is also a fun way of enjoying a family’s Saturday night.

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Gift Ideas For Families Who Have Everything

A family already has everything when a family consist of a mother and a father, and a daughter and son. But what really are the needs of every family that seems to have everything?

I believe all things in a household is consumable and replaceable, and that is something that I’ve listed for you. These are just a few simple, yet heartfelt gifts you can give to a family who have everything;

  • A Personalized Pillowcase – a personalized pillowcase is something that they will always love and will remember you in their night sleep.
  • A Personalized Family Mugs – create a doodle of the family and print it on the mug, so, that they will have new mugs to use and enjoy in their morning coffees.
  • Photo Album – a family will never run out of pictures to take so it’s safe to always include a family photo album.
  • Freshly Baked Cookies – if you really think that there is nothing left to give to a family who have everything, then baked them some cookies and decorate it your own or maybe even bake a cookie and decorate it to look like the family.

These are just a few of a lot of things you still could give to a family you think has everything, but hey, everything nowadays is replaceable. But the safest thing you could ever give to a family is a customized stuff and designed perfectly just for them.

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Christmas Gifts For Parents Who Have Everything

Parents received everything already when they became a father and a mother. A father and a mother’s treasure will always be their children and what they become when they grow up.

As a support and giving back to the parents who loved us since day one, I listed down the things they will surely love and appreciate.

  • A Pair of Knitted Mittens – a pair of knitted mittens is one of the most useful to give in a Christmas season, and you can give it to any age by all means. It is so nice to warm up your hands in a cold season, and knowing that it was given by a loved one will definitely make them remember you.
  • Knitted Sweaters or Shirts – like a pair of knitted mittens, give them a knitted sweaters or shirts that will warm them up in a cold night. Together with a cup of hot milk or hot chocolate, their Christmas season will be sweeter with your gifts.
  • A Family Portrait – Christmas season is the best season to spend time with your family, and if someone isn’t able to be with them during the Christmas season, try to make them feel that they are remembered by giving them a family portrait.
  • Flower Pot – give them something to take care of and for sure they will always remember you when they plant their plants.

These are just a few of special gifts you could give to parents who have everything.

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Family Gifts Amazon

Among all the extra special gifts that you can find on Amazon, I have listed here some of the most special and most ordered gifts for family.

  • Watch Ya Mouth (Original Mouthpiece Game)– this set of game is played by a lot of family and group of friends. This game will surely crack your jaw from laughing and it will definitely make any occasion a lot more fun.

  • Klikel Family Tree Frame Picture Display– this display will add a good ambiance in the living room and for sure will be appreciated by the family.

  • Large Keepsake Hands Casting Kit– this is the newest trend that a lot of family desires. Having your family’s hand shaped together is so intimate, this could be displayed in a family’s living room to always remember the love and care for each other.

  • Magnetic Dry Erase Menu Board For Fridge– every family came to the point of fighting when someone forgot to buy something in the grocery, this chalkboard for fridge will surely keep them reminded of the things they need to buy. This could also be a fun way of being creative when their child is bored.

  • 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket Set– going out on a picnic with the family is sure one great experience and receiving a picnic basket set will definitely make a family go out on a picnic again.

Amazon Christmas Gifts For The Family

Finding a perfect Christmas gift for the family is sure one stressful task, but to help you find something good for them; I’ve listed some of the good things you could give to the family.

  • Bamboo Cheeseboard and Cutler Set– give a family something to munch in the dinner or while enjoying the heat from the fireplace in a cold December evening.

  • Pop Up Hotdog Toaster– this toaster will sure be appreciated by each family member; everyone loves hotdogs and hotdog sandwich that could be serve any time of the day.

  • TableTopics– this game is for all ages and is fun to play anytime and mostly anywhere. everyone in the family will definitely enjoy this and will probably get the chance to get to know everybody in the house.

Being able to find the perfect gift for a family on Christmas season is definitely one of the most satisfying things we could ever do before the year ends!

Cheap Christmas Gifts For The Family / Easy Cheap Christmas Gifts

Being inexpensive by all means doesn’t mean you don’t want to exert too much money on your family or the family you’re thinking of giving a gift to, it just means that you are capable of choosing something good that doesn’t have anything to do with the price.

Here is a list of cheap Christmas gifts for the family that will help you build your own ideas to giving one;

  • A set of bath bombs – one good way of making your bath time extra fun is bath bombs.
  • Coffee Mugs – coffee mugs will never go out of style because coffee is needed every morning by most people.
  • Pairing Socks – in Christmas season, socks are everybody’s best friend because it keeps their feet warm and comfortable.
  • Christmas Themed Pillowcases – everyone loves Christmas and every Family try to decorate all rooms in their house as much as possible.
  • Family Picture Frame – give their Christmas photo a home a giving them a family picture frame.

These are just a few of inexpensive Christmas gift for the family that can be bought at your local stores and local markets.

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Family Gift Exchange Ideas

Exchanging gifts with your family is one of the most exciting activity you can do with your family on Christmas season, and everyone is always excited to receive anything from their family members.

Here is a list of gift exchange ideas for family;

  • A Set of Book Series – Harry Potter, Twilight, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and etc., are just a few of hit books that was written by famous authors.
  • A Set of Pajamas – not sure what to give to your parents? A new set of pajamas always work for them.
  • Knitted Sweaters – everyone loves to be cuddled by a knitted sweater; it makes us feel a little warm in a cold night.
  • New Games CDs for XBOX or PS4 – we all have that one gamer in the family, give them a new game to play with on their free time.
  • Art Set – kids love colorful things and it is safe for us to give them art set to practice their skills and to give them something to do on their free time.

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Family Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas


Christmas season is surely the best and most expensive time of the year. And thinking of a gift basket and what to include in it is another stress we have to face. But don’t worry too much because I’ve listed down some gift basket ideas or what to include in it for Christmas.


  • A bottle of wine with cheese and fresh picked grapes
  • Freshly baked cookies with a box of assorted chocolates
  • Freshly baked bread with homemade tomato sauce
  • Biscuits and a box of assorted chocolates
  • A box of assorted cookies with butter cookies
  • Chocolate chip cookies with a box of assorted chocolates

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