Gift Basket Delivery- Packaging and Shipping Simple Guide

Gift Basket Delivery – Packaging and Shipping Simple Guide

This article covers what I feel are the best ideas about “Gift Basket Delivery” for the people considering gift deliveries to prevent inconvenience sending gifts to someone special to them.

Through this article, I refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), suggestions, guidelines, and associated linked product examples to help you with your purchase for the intended special someone in your life.

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Example types of gift basket packaging worth considering:

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How do I Choose Gift Basket Delivery?

A gift basket is typically a type of gift delivered to the recipient at their home or workplace. The basket content usually consists of a variety of gift items. Some are fruits, drinks, and foods, while some include a combination of gifts. A gift basket is often sent for special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many more holidays, while some are a thank you or a complimentary gift.

To send this kind of gift item, you will be using a gift basket delivery service that must be suitable. But in choosing the best deliverer, you should make sure that the delivery company you choose will deliver your gift basket correctly and in perfect condition.

So, here are some recommendations for you in choosing the best gift basket delivery:

  • You must check the company of the gift basket delivery. You can rely on their previous customers’ reviews to be sure that your gift basket will be delivered accurately.
  • When you want the gift basket to be delivered, it is reasonable to worry if the gift will be delivered on time. So in choosing the delivery company, you should know their timing. Choose the company that has a reputation for consistently providing packages quickly and safely.
  • There are times that you will be surprised at how costly the service might be. So, you should find a delivery service that has a high cost to service ratio.
  • When your parcel is out of your hands, you need to trust the delivery service you chose. And the delivery company that you chose should treat you and your property with respect because your property holds value as well as you.
  • Another thing to consider is the delivery service area covered. You should know which areas do they serve and how far do they travel.

In these ways, you will find the best delivery service for your package and enable you to send items worry-free.

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What is a Gift Basket Delivery?

Gift basket delivery is the way a person delivers a gift basket to someone without inconvenience. There are areas covered in how they pick up the gift that you will send. It is either you will bring it to their company or pick it up at your place.

Why Should I Choose Gift Basket Delivery?

This gift basket delivery prevents disruption to you, especially if you are a busy person. This kind of gift delivery will help if you are running out of time in giving the gift on time.

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How to Send a Gift Basket – Your Simplified Guide to Sending the Present

If you are a first-timer or are sending something fragile or expensive for the first time, using a courier to deliver your goods can make even the most confident shipper a bit nervous.

Whether you’re shipping within your home country or using an international courier service, your parcel will be handled multiple times, may pass through various sorting depots, and because it will be transported with other packages, it will have parcels placed on top of it. And if you are shipping internationally, your parcel may even be subject to environmental pressures.

Choosing A Box For Your Gift Basket:

Choosing a suitable box is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your items are protected during transit and delivered safely. When choosing a box, there are three things to consider: box size, box strength, and whether a re-cycled old box is sufficiently robust.

Box Strength Selection For Your Gift Basket:

The heavier the item or items you are sending, the stronger the box requirement. Packaging retailers offer dedicated boxes specifically designed for particular items (e.g., a bike or golf clubs) or general use boxes of various strengths.

Box Size Selection For Your Gift Basket:

Please don’t just use the first box you find. Using an appropriately sized box is an important factor in protecting your items and saving you money on your delivery. Things to consider:

  1. If the box is too small for its contents, then it puts excessive strain on the box. This creates a greater risk of the box, splitting in transit. Choose a box that allows you to place the recommended 7 cm/2.5 inches of bubble wrap or internal cushioning around the items within the box. Your items should be a snug fit, not forced, and should not touch the box walls.
  2. If the box is too big for the contents, you will require additional internal cushioning to ensure your items do not move around inside, as this can cause damage. An unnecessarily large box will also cost more to send as all parcel couriers charge based on size and weight. The larger the parcel, the higher the delivery cost.

Packing Materials Needed To Protect Your Gift Basket Content:-

There are a wide variety of packaging materials you can use to protect your items. When you use a courier to send a parcel, it will be handled multiple times; it will be exposed to environmental conditions and transport vibrations, so it’s essential to use the right packaging materials.

Corrugated cardboard box –

This form of packaging is the most widely used outer packaging, and the strength of the box is critical—the heavier the items, the stronger the box requirement. A common mistake is to re-use boxes that have been excessively weakened as each time a box is used; it loses rigidity and strength. If other boxes are placed on top of your box during transit, this puts a strain on the box, and eventually, the walls of the box could weaken and collapse. Boxes are available in single, double, or triple strength corrugated cardboard, and we recommend using double or triple strength boxes for heavy parcels.

Express Envelopes –

If you’re only shipping documents, we recommend using an express envelope. Your courier will be able to provide this. An express envelope is a rigid cardboard envelope with a documents enclosed pouch and a sealable flap. This form of packaging is only ideal for protecting your documents during transit.

Express Bags –

Your collecting courier will usually carry express bags on board their vehicle. These sealable plastic bags come in three sizes and protect items from environmental conditions. However, please note they do not provide cushioning or protection from impact, so please place your item in a padded envelope or small box before placing it in the express bag. Never send fragile items inside a courier bag as they will be insufficiently protected.

Internal Packaging –

Recommended internal cushioning levels prevent movement inside the box, protect your items from impact, and reduce the risk of damage in transit.

Bubble Wrap –

Bubble wrap is the perfect internal cushioning material for protecting lightweight products in transit. It is readily available, or you may have it in the house or office already. You can use bubble wrap to protect individual items and to suspend your goods inside the box. We strongly recommend using multiple layers of bubble wrap for each item for maximum protection.

Loose Fill Polystyrene’ Peanuts –

Polystyrene packing chips or ‘peanuts’ are the perfect space-filling material for lightweight items.

Polyethylene Foam –

Polyethylene Foam is ideal for delicate items because it is soft and non-abrasive. We recommend wrapping a delicate piece completely with polyethylene foam, making sure no part of your article is exposed. Secure with securing tape, apply bubble wrap and pack as before.

Here’s how to use these in your parcel:

  • Individually wrap each item in bubble-wrap and fill the box with at least 7cm of polystyrene chips.
  • Place the items in the center of the box, ensuring they are not touching each other or the box’s outer walls.
  • Fill the box with the packing chips before sealing the box with strong packaging tape.

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Safely Packaging and Wrapping Your Items Within The Gift Basket:

It sounds obvious, but the more fragile the items you are sending, the more care required when packaging them up for shipping. How you insulate and pack your items depends on what you are sending and how fragile they are.

Package your items safely –

Here is a quick guide in packaging your item or gift:

  1. Wrap each gift or item individually
    We strongly recommend individually wrapping each piece in bubble wrap to protect it during transit.
  2. If it is a hollow item, for example, a cup or vase, we recommend filling the interior with bubble wrap.
  3. If it is a delicate, fragile piece of equipment such as a camera lens, we suggest adding an underlayer of wrapping paper before encasing in bubble wrap. This care will help avoid dust infiltrating the equipment.
  4. For electronic items, you should consider using an anti-static bag. This bag protects against static electricity, which can damage or contaminate electronic items. Once placed in the anti-static bag, encase in bubble wrap and cushion with polystyrene packing chips for maximum protection. Anti-static bags are available in a wide variety of sizes.
  5. Carefully pack your item with recommended cushioning materials.
    The most commonly used forms of internal parcel packaging materials, bubble wrap and foam or polystyrene chips or ‘peanuts,’ are both readily available. They both protect and cushion your items from vibration, impact, and shock.

The cushioning materials should be used as follows:

  • Place them on the base or floor of the box.
  • Place your individually wrapped item or items on the base layer and add packaging chips or bubble wrap to all sides.
  • Place material in-between each item inside the box to not slide around and damage each other.
  • Check your items are not touching the box walls (or lid) to avoid potential vulnerability to external impact.
  • Place materials on top of the items to create a top layer of insulation.
  • The box should be filled with the cushioning material, so the items inside have no room to move around.

6. Sealing Your Parcel – Taping your box up securely is just as important as using the correct box. Adequate robust taping significantly reduces the chances of a box collapsing or being damaged during transit. Follow these steps when taping up your package.

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Gift Basket Packaging Do’s and Don’t’s You Must Remember:


  • Use a box that’s strong enough for the contents, ideally a new, unused box.
  • Use a box that’s the correct size for the products you’re shipping.
  • Remove any old bar-coded labels, address labels, or markings from the box.
  • Wrap each item individually before placing them inside the box.
  • Suspend the item(s) inside the box with suitable internal cushioning materials.
  • Place an extra address label inside the box as a precaution.
  • Use a double-lined box if your parcel weighs over 10kg.
  • Use a rigid wooden box when shipping artwork or heavy products over 40kg.
  • Always ensure you apply the parcel packaging tape in both directions, all the way around the box.
  • Always remember that if your packaging is not sufficient, you may be unable to claim in the event of damage.


  • Re-use an old box, a box where the walls of the box are weakened or creased.
  • Let any item inside the box touch the inside walls of the box.
  • Allow any movement of your items inside the box – make sure the box is filled with interior packaging material, such as polystyrene packing chips.
  • Ship prohibited items such as flammable liquids.
  • Place any strapping or string fastenings outside the parcel (as the straps may get caught on something while in transit).
  • Send perishable goods that need to be kept cool. They are not suitable for a standard courier service. Most countries prohibit the importation of perishable food products without a special license.

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Packaging Criteria Always Worth Considering:

Parcels sent on a courier network are subject to environmental pressures along with vibration, impact, and shock, so it’s essential your box is sufficiently packaged to ensure its safe transit. If the items you’re shipping are not adequately packaged, it may invalidate your claim.

If an item is damaged during transit, during the claims process, the packaging will be assessed as per the following criteria:

  • Use a rigid box with flaps intact that are strong enough for your goods.
  • Remove any labels and markings from the box.
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping. Make sure the joins have enough tape to hold them securely closed and run the tape in both directions across the box and joints.
  • Use adequate cushioning material.
  • Make sure your products are not touching the walls of the box; they should be suspended in packaging.
  • Wrap all items separately.
  • Don’t encase the outer packaging with paper or plastic or use string.
  • Use a single address label with delivery and return information.
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the package. (Source)

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Extra Tips on Shipping a Gift Basket – My Personal Top Tips When Sending Your Parcel

Suspending a fragile item inside the box –

If you’re shipping electronic items or products containing glass, it is essential the product is fully suspended inside the box and is not touching the box walls.

This will protect your items from any impact in transit and radically reduce any possibility of damage.

Delivery companies recommend using bubble wrap or packaging chips for your interior insulation, but please note, only wrapping your items in bubble wrap does not constitute full-suspension within the box, and your articles could still be subject to impact pressures.

When suspending a fragile product, polystyrene corner blocks or end caps are recommended.

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Types of Gift Basket Delivery – Methods Available for Shipping Your Items:

The Postal Service divides mail into different services, called “classes.” Each class of mail has various features, service levels, postage prices, and presort requirements.

For most of your mailings, the material and postage content will determine the class of mail you select. To learn more about each category of mail—including what can be mailed, the minimum and maximum weights and sizes, and the number of pieces needed for commercial prices—click on the name of the class of mail. Not sure which type of mail is right for your mailing?

Look at the matrix below to determine what class of mail best matches your priorities, and if you are unsure about what class your mail piece will—or should—be, contact your Business Mail Entry Unit for advice:-

Priority Mail Express – Anything mailable, letters, merchandise, etc.

Priority Mail – Anything mailable, bills, invoices, personal correspondence, merchandise.

First-Class Mail – Anything mailable, bills, invoices, personal correspondence, merchandise, periodicals, newsletters, magazines, (formal authorization needed).

USPS Marketing Mail – Advertisements, circulars, newsletters, small parcels, merchandise.

Package Services and USPS Retail Ground – Merchandise, catalogs, printed material, computer media.

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Types of Courier Services and Service Providers You Can Choose:-

Standard courier services involve collecting the parcels, sorting the packages, and transferring the packets to the closest depot to the delivery location. The box is then loaded on a van and delivered to the desired destination. This service takes a few days, and it is generally the cheapest of all courier services.

Overnight service is the same as standard service, but slightly more expensive, and the parcel is guaranteed to be delivered by the next day.

Same-day express courier is the most expensive of all courier services and used for urgent deliveries.

International courier service is used for the transfer of goods overseas. The price varies greatly depending on the size of the package and the speed required.

Pallet courier services are used for delivering goods on pallets. This service offers strict delivery schedules at affordable rates.

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Types of service provider You Can Choose:-

Carriers are large delivery companies that have an extensive delivery network and a large fleet. Their fleet includes airplanes, trucks, vans, and ships. Carriers offer an entire supply chain solution for a large variety of goods. FedEx (FDX) and United Parcel Services (UPS) are examples of carriers.

Freight forwarders are subcontractors to airlines or carriers. Most freight forwarders offer specialized services like pallets, parcels, or bulky goods transport.

Haulage services transport bulky and heavy goods. Haulage services are not trackable like the services of carriers or freight forwarders. Most haulers make use of rail networks like CSX (CSX), Norfolk Southern (NSC), and Union Pacific Corporation (UNP) to transport goods.

FedEx forms the largest holding in the iShares Transportation Average ETF (IYT) with a 13.14% weight.

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Gift Basket Delivery Selection Criteria – Tips on Knowing What to Look For:-

When will my order be shipped, and how long will it take for my item to arrive?

Orders are usually processed within 2-4 business days unless otherwise stated in the product description or your confirmation email.

Due to the nature of pre-order sales and often in-demand products, shipping delays may occur. We will do our best to contact you regarding your shipment as soon as possible with an updated timeline.

If your non-preorder item has not shipped after five business days, or if five business days after your pre-order timeline has elapsed, your order still has not shipped, please contact us.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information to the e-mail address linked to your purchase. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for your tracking info to update after you receive it.

Orders within the United States usually take 3-7 business days to arrive after being shipped.

International orders (outside the United States) typically take 2-4 weeks to arrive after being shipped. Occasionally, international orders are delayed in customs, causing arrival time to increase to 8 weeks for delivery. If you are an international customer and do not receive your package within eight weeks, please contact us.

Pre-order and limited edition items usually have delayed shipping times. These items are expected to ship by the date or within the timeframe listed in the product’s description unless otherwise specified.

How far is it being shipped?

Shipping company example:- Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Expedited Courier Group (ECG) is expanding its services statewide. We are currently able to deliver to Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania to meet your urgent and long-distance delivery needs.

Whether you are sending a single envelope or several large boxes, we will ensure a safe and secure business to business or direct customer shipping.

Did you know that Expedited Courier Group also offers Same-Day Long Distance Delivery Service? We offer many long-distance delivery options when you need to send an envelope or package from anywhere within a 40-mile radius of Baltimore or New York City. In most cases, we can deliver it on the very same day.

The rates that the more substantial conglomerates will charge you will be astronomical compared to Expedited Courier Group’s same-day long-distance delivery services. Our prices are competitive against the national companies for any shipment picked up and delivered out of state to Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. This service is treated as an exclusive service for any shipment that needs to be at its final destination absolutely the same day, not overnight or three days later, like the USPS.

If you need to send a part dedicated to an assembly line, a medical device, a state medical specimen, a legal document, or a motor vehicle part that needs to be delivered now, consider using instead Expedited courier groups reliable delivery services to handle your urgent package.

The Expedited Courier Group (ECG) is available 24/7 to decide to help you decide which option is the most cost-effective given your specific time frame. Urgency is our business.

Will The Shipping Company Pack The Item For Me?

Shipping company example:- The UPS Store offers domestic and international shipping options, packaging services, packing and moving supplies

Looking for a domestic or international shipping company in Canada? Do you need help packing your fragile objects ahead of a big move? Or maybe your business needs the right kind of packaging material for an over-sized delivery? The UPS Store offers local and domestic shipping, plus international shipping options, packaging services, and a wide range.

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Gift Basket Delivery – Potential Problems to Consider When Shipping Parcels:

In an ideal world, online shopping deliveries would run smoothly for both the retailer and shopper; however, that isn’t always the case.

There can be many things that delay shipments. Still, it’s how retailers tackle these issues that can mean the difference between a positive shopping experience for the customer or a disastrous one.

Thankfully, the most common delivery issues have simple solutions. Retailers who want to ship cross-border need to consider the following scenarios and have clear procedures in place to minimize the impact on their bottom line:

Incorrect shopper address – One of the most common but avoidable delivery issues is an incorrect shopper address. A manual address tool that allows a user to input any characters or formatting could cause a considerable headache for delivery companies, especially in foreign countries where addresses may follow an entirely different format. Retailers cannot rely on shoppers to enter their addresses in the format a carrier requires; therefore, it is essential to have a system that can verify the address formatting to postal authority standards, regardless of the shopper’s location in the world.

Some carriers may provide a checking service; however, having a built-in address tool in the checkout will reduce time spent liaising between carriers and customers.

Weather (force majeure) – Many carriers x retailer contracts include a force majeure clause, i.e., the carrier is protected from liability and the obligation of delivering shipments on time in the event of a significant weather event.

Companies with a tried and tested plan for responding to this potential supply chain disruption have a distinct advantage over their competitors.
While significant weather events are catastrophic for logistics, it is essential to remember that all weather types can impede the transit of goods unexpectedly, in turn, frustrating your customers.

Retailers should consider:
• Are we using reliable transportation providers?
• Do they have a force majeure clause in their contract? What does this mean for shipments?
• Do our carriers have the ability to move additional freight volumes in the event of a significant weather event?
• Does our budget account for the unexpected, and are we willing to spend more to move freight impeded by weather?

Remote locations – The good news for many retailers is that shoppers who live in remote or rural areas are buying more and more online. However, this represents logistic challenges because shipping costs may end up costing more than the actual items – if not done cleverly.

According to market research firm Kantar Retail, 73% of rural consumers shopped online in 2016, versus 68% in 2014.

Alice Fournier, director at Kantar Retail, said:
“While [rural shoppers] traditionally shopped with more of a stock-up approach, having access to free-shipping programs means the flexibility to shop more often, with a lower overall basket value. [The problem is] the fixed costs to retailers of the current model make it unsustainable from a profitability standpoint.”

Amazon has set a standard on shopper expectations around fast, cheap shipping, and retailers need to adapt and compete with them or risk losing customers.

In rural areas, low-density routes can get costly fast, with not only time and money being spent dropping off just a handful of parcels, but on missed deliveries too.

Last-mile delivery is generally the most costly and challenging leg of the supply chain, and there are several ways to reduce this difficulty. Some retailers use complex algorithms to determine the most efficient way to get each package to its final destination.

Others work with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to negotiate carrier discounts and offer more efficient shipping with local carriers in regional areas. It is beneficial to use smaller, domestic carriers for remote addresses because more prominent carriers can charge a fee for these deliveries and handoff parcels to the national postal service to save money.

This is not ideal for the shopper as drivers aren’t always obligated to deliver to the door, meaning some residents might be forced to pick up packages from the local post office.

By using a logistics solution that works with specialist carriers with expertise in delivering to difficult-to-access addresses, retailers will increase profit margins and customer satisfaction rates.

Aircraft capacity restrictions – To remain competitive, retailers must make sure their supply chains are dynamic and cost-effective. This means ensuring they always get goods to the consumer quickly and reliably. One of the quickest but most expensive ways to do this is via air cargo.

There are restrictions on the weight and size of the goods that can be carried via plane, and there is an even longer list of prohibited items.
Capacity bottlenecks are a significant delivery issue many retailers experience, particularly on the Asia-Europe trade and transatlantic trade during peak periods.

Relationships with the airlines are vital to avoiding disappointment related to cargo, which doesn’t move as scheduled. The more accurate the retailer’s predictions are, the more likely material will proceed as expected. Therefore regular updates with forecasts, particularly during peak period, is critical. Seasonal trends should also be accounted for, such as Christmas and even Valentine’s Day, when the movement of flowers peaks, leading to havoc across the aircraft cargo sector.

It is recommended that retailers make bookings as early as possible to avoid capacity shortages, longer transit times, and potential delays.

Customs inspections – The cross-border shipping business is subject to various import controls and regulations and can quickly become costly and time-consuming when something goes wrong.

Sometimes import containers can be stopped for examination, leading to delays, fees, and penalties. How long your shipment is delayed depends entirely on the type of exam you’ve been selected for and how long it takes your cargo to get into and out of the examination station.

As in most cases, prevention is key to avoiding a customs inspection to reduce the supply chain’s impact.

Retailers should use reliable partners in their supply chain, ensure paperwork is up-to-date and accurate, and include a thorough description of goods.

Retailers also need to have a contingency plan in case goods are held in customs and maintain visibility over the shipment and inform the customer at each stage of the process.

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