Gift Basket Ideas for Wedding – On a day of celebration

On a day of celebration, great gifts are required. Looking for the perfect wedding present is not an easy task, especially since every couple differs when it comes to needs and preferences. From classic wedding gifts to unique items you won’t easily find in department stores, I have rounded up some of the best wedding gift ideas that you purchase now. Each of these products will definitely please any couple!

While classic items like appliances, big furniture, and fancy luggage will always be appreciated by the bride and groom, we’re looking at putting together wedding gift baskets that will stand out in the eyes of the couple. All of the following smaller-sized items are well appropriate to be assembled in creative gift baskets that you can bring to any wedding party.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

Wedding gift basket types

Couples are different and it’s best to think of what is important to every pair rather than gifting them with traditional wedding gifts. Handing over a gift basket or two can be an incredible gesture, especially with today’s selections that can involve absolutely anything from premium food items to fancy home decors to lush self-care products.

Wedding gift baskets are a wonderful option; you can always find amazing gift baskets suited to a couple’s taste and preference. While there’s a wide selection of gift baskets available in the market that are ideal for weddings, you can also come up with your own and put together the best items to achieve gift-giving perfection.

Try out these special wedding gift basket ideas and make your favorite couple feel extra special on their big day!

  • Wedding gift baskets for relaxation- with gifts that will make for a relaxing day, they’ll certainly thank you the next time you see each other. Choose or make a gift basket filled with plenty of products to help them feel rejuvenated inside and out.

With the right items, they’ll definitely feel re-energized from head to toe and will feel ready to take on the beginning of their journey together. Products for bath, shower, and skin care will give them a completely relaxing experience while grocery and gourmet food items, from coffee and tea to premium chocolates, world-class wines, and other food assortments, will undeniably be considered a thoughtful gesture.

  • Wedding gift baskets for the home- it’s time to breathe life into the couple’s new home. Gifting them with baskets filled with home decors, such as candles and accent pillows, can make a huge impact when it comes to decorating the house. Help them upgrade their style with a couple of small changes to their furniture, such as picture frames, wall décor, mirrors, clocks, decorative pillows and blankets, and home accents, among others. They’re bound to be some of the best gifts for the couple’s big day.

  • Wedding gift baskets for the kitchen- when you want to look for the perfect gifts for couples who love to cook, find the good stuff that will make things simpler and easier for them in the kitchen. If this is where they spend a lot of time together, they’ll be delighted to receive new items and gadgets that will make work faster and easier, from meal preparations to cooking and eating to cleaning up after.

  • Wedding gift baskets for travel- couples who love to travel are never contented with just sitting idle. However, with the stresses that come with modern-day trips, it’s a challenge to remain comfortable while going through the journey.

Help out your friends or family members by keeping them stocked up with items they’ll need (and want) to get to their destination, including their honeymoon getaway, feeling fresh and energized. From books and journals to portable gadgets and good coffee, and everything in between, consider loading your wedding gift baskets with these travel essentials that the couple will need for their next vacation.

  • Personalized wedding gift baskets- if you can’t settle on any wedding gift idea, personalized wedding gift baskets are always appreciated and cherished by couples for years to come. Consider these personalized wedding gifts for your friends or family members who are getting married and setting off into a new home together.

Wedding gift basket gifts to add as extra items

After settling on a wedding gift basket filled with your chosen goodies, it’s a great idea to add a couple of extra items to have your basket brimming with the ultimate wedding presents that the bride and groom will definitely cherish. Show your love for the duo with these ideas that can further enhance your already-incredible gift set.


Beautiful picture frames- what comes out of a wedding celebration is a ton of photos and, as most couples pay wedding photographers to take beautiful pictures, you can’t go wrong in gifting them frames to display these gorgeous images.×10-Picture-Frames-PCS/dp/B07F75TT7C/ref=sr_1_32?keywords=picture+frames&qid=1561968211&s=gateway&sr=8-32

Journals- every first move, first step, first promise is a big deal in marriage, so help encourage the couple to chronicle their “firsts” and cherish these moments with fun journals.


Personalized luggage tags- kick off the couple’s honeymoon getaway with an unforgettable pair of hand-crafted luggage tags that will last for a really long time.


Travel destination maps- if the couple loves to visit places, choose a world traveler map that comes with flags so the newlyweds can mark the places they’ve been and where they want to go next.


Good linens- you can never go wrong with adding good linens to your gift basket because if the newlyweds are given the chance to sleep on the comfiest cotton, why wouldn’t they? Go for silky soft sheets that are luxurious to the feel, especially with the couple now having a bed to share.


Coasters- we can never have too many drink coasters, especially for people who frequently host parties. Upgrade the couple’s table with modern, vividly colored coasters that are perfect for any occasion.


Quality towels- high-quality bath sheets are one of the household items that are usually taken for granted. Check out the wide range of colors and patterns that you think will match the newlywed’s preferences so they’ll feel comfy and warm when getting out of the shower.


Throw blankets- make cozy moments extra special with throw blankets that come in fun patterns and embellishments to add life to the couple’s couch or bedroom.

Wedding gift basket customizing – how to guide

While purchasing gift baskets from the store are definitely okay, these sets may come with items that aren’t suitable to the newlyweds’ needs and preferences. If you’re faced with this problem, you can always come up with a customized wedding gift basket.


It doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You can always follow these few simple steps to put together an elegant gift basket filled with useful and thoughtful wedding presents.


  1. First, choose a container appropriate for a wedding; its size and style will mainly depend on what theme you choose, such as a food-themed basket or a home décor-themed set. While you can always choose the traditional basket as container, you can also consider other items, such as boxes, basins, eco-friendly bags, or other containers.


  1. Next, fill them with items that are suited to the occasion, particularly to the theme you’ve chosen for your gift basket. Try mixing it up a bit, such as filling the container with products of different sizes and shapes for an exciting, full-to-the-brim effect.


  1. Finally, decide on whether you’ll cover your wedding gift basket with brightly colored cellophane, tie it up with a pretty bow, or wrap it with other materials you think are appropriate for the occasion, and then you’re finished!

Wedding gift basket personalizing – how to guide

If you’re on the lookout for the most thoughtful wedding gifts, a container filled with personalized presents for the husband and wife to be is always an exciting gesture.


Personalized presents can be engraved with names, dates, and special messages for the bride and groom. Other ways of personalizing can include monogrammed initials or the addition of a photo of the couple to your gift.


Personalized items will let the recipients feel that you’ve gone out of your way to come up with a special something just for them. With a monogrammed travel item or a poster with the couple’s favorite saying, you can show the newlyweds how much you care by handing over presents that are hard to forget.


 I’ve rounded up some tips that will guide you along the way, especially if it’s your first time planning out and paying for personalized wedding gifts.


  1. Avoid traditional gifts. Just because he’s a man and she’s a woman doesn’t mean they’ll go crazy over a tie and a heart-shaped pillow. Take time to really think about them as individuals and as a couple, including their sense of humor, their likes and dislikes, even their favorite colors and patterns, so you can give them personalized gifts that will truly match their wants.


  1. Shop around and get to know how merchants will charge you for personalization. Do they charge per letter or per line? Who can do it for free? If ordering online, is it a trusted website?


  1. Consider the turnaround time because, unquestionably, you want to get hold of the gift before the couple’s big day.


  1. Because retailers will have your items personalized the way you instructed, always check important details, such as the spelling of names, dates, and construction of the messages. If personalizing with a picture, make sure you’re using a high-quality photo for a top-notch finished product.

Wedding gift baskets – how much do they cost?

Considering wedding gift etiquette, it can be quite tricky especially if you’re sticking to a budget. Depending on the relationship you have with the people getting married, you can stay within these price range limits:


Distant relatives and co-workers: $50 to $100

Friends and relatives: $100 to $150

Close friends and immediate family members: $150 to $200


If you’re buying the gift basket directly from the store, these can range from $100 to $300 depending on several factors, such as its size and the items it carries. Most of these baskets have been assembled with items from different companies, plus their shipping/delivery fees are included in these prices. If this sounds expensive, you can always customize your own wedding gift basket and have fuller control over which products to include.

Wedding gift baskets – where can I buy them from?

There are plenty of sources where you can buy wedding gift baskets or the items you’re going to put in your customized gift basket. Aside from shopping around nearby department stores as well as local shops and stores, you can also go for online sources that will certainly guide you, even curate for you, when it comes to special wedding gifts. These include Amazon and many more gift stores and gift basket suppliers online that will put together unique, high-quality wedding gift baskets.

Wedding gift baskets for the parents of the bride and groom

Weddings are also an amazing milestone for parents of the couple, and buying them wedding gifts is not only a thoughtful gesture but a relatively easy task. You don’t have to spend too much on a present; remember, gifts that are more thoughtful and sentimental are considered the better gifts.

Consider these ideas when gifting the parents of the newlyweds to show them how much they mean not only to their children who are getting married but to their close friends and family members, too.


Monogrammed towels- a set of fresh, high-quality towels is something that any homeowner will appreciate. Have it upgraded by getting these sheets monogrammed.


Wine set- take some time to select some world-class wines and have these boxed up in a fancy container. After months of helping the couple pull of their special wedding, their parents are likely to need some time to ease up and unwind, too.


Personalized cutting board- a timeless wooden board can be engraved with their children’s names and wedding date, even a sweet message to the parents, making it a half touching, half practical present.


Once they’re done with the wedding celebrations, these parents will have more time to themselves. They definitely deserve some quality time to pamper themselves. For the ultimate rest and relaxation date, give them a gift card for a tandem massage plus a romantic lunch or dinner date. You can also buy them seats to one of their favorite sports teams’ games, or tickets to a concert or the movie theater.

Themed wedding gifts to add to your bridal gift basket

Prior to the wedding, bridal showers are among the most thrilling celebrations for the bride-to-be. With these last festivities before she becomes a missus, it’s up to her friends, family members, and guests to brighten her day with amazing gifts that echo the dynamic spirit of the upcoming nuptials. Check out some of the wedding gifts you can add to your bridal gift basket that she’ll truly appreciate.


For Relaxation


Plush fleece robes to keep her cozy and relaxed amidst hectic wedding preparations-


Lightweight sleep mask for a deep, comfortable sleep anytime, anywhere-


Picnic basket with tableware and blanket for a romantic picnic with her husband-


Essential oil diffuser with powerful aroma coverage-


For the home


Artsy photo frame collection to pop their wedding pictures into and have their best memories on display-


Kitchen cookbook to whip up delicious meals with her spouse-


Decorative pillows for a luxe-modern touch in the house-


Extra bulky throw blanket over her sofa, couch, or bed is always a good idea-


For personal uses


Skincare products because brides, sometimes, may also get tired of commonly gifted items and would prefer self-care items that give them a gorgeous glow


Sporty leggings for her workouts, for running errands, or for simply lounging around-


Sweet-smelling cologne spray with long-lasting fragrance she can spritz anytime –

Handbag clutch for when she’s keeping it casual or dressing it up-

Wedding planning and marriage book to help them plan a celebration that’s completely their own-

Unique gifts for the bride and groom to include in your Wedding gift basket

If you’re searching for unique gifts for the bride and groom, you can impress them with these exceptional items they’ll be surprised to see in a wedding gift basket.


Noise-canceling headphones for the times when all they need is some peace and quiet-


Amazon Echo for a reliable personal assistant in setting alarms, checking the weather, and so much more-


Amazing waffle maker to remind them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day-


Sound machine to mask out disruptive noise and continue with a restful sleep at night-

How to make your own Wedding gift basket – simplified guide

Each of the item you choose for the wedding gift basket should have a good reason as to why they’re being put together. If you can’t really think of a reason why the bride and groom would use a particular item, you can simply leave it and decide on something else. Keep the formula this way so that when you’re finished curating the items, the wedding gift basket is unquestionably enough and appropriate for the celebrations.


Here are a few simple steps on how to make your own wedding gift basket.


  1. Choose the right gifts. Once you’ve chosen an item or two that you’re sure the couple will enjoy, create a theme from there. Whether it’s centered on a color theme or based on a favorite activity of theirs, it’s best to build the basket around a theme for a cohesive look.
  2. Pick a container that will fit the items you’ve chosen. You can creatively stuff it later on with additional fillers, such as tissue paper or shredded paper, to help hold the items in place and add an artsy touch to the gift basket.
  3. Arrange your gifts in an artful manner. Place them in ways that every single item can be easily seen. You can also nest some gifts together, like placing essentials inside an ornate bowl. Have the smaller stuff spread out through the basket for added texture.
  4. After arranging the gifts, you can choose whether to put them inside a cellophane bag or have it tied with a beautiful bow. It’s up to you to complete the look!


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