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Gift Baskets For Bridesmaids – FAQs And Product Examples

In this article on gift baskets for bridesmaids, I will provide you with my top tips, hints, and affiliate linked choice selections to help you buy a branded gift hamper suitable for your bridesmaid.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (faqs), for which I provide the answers along with affiliate linked suggestions, to help you with your purchase of a suitable basket for the bridesmaid recipient.

I’ll give you some beautiful ideas to help you find tasty gourmet or economic gifts to suit all occasions, regardless of tastes, and also regardless of your budget.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

What do Brides Give to Bridesmaids as Gifts?

Answer:Often, brides present their bridesmaids with gifts at the rehearsal dinner. I feel it is better to give them on the day during the toasts.

The bridesmaids are a vital part of the wedding day, and they should always be appreciated as such.

Here are a few items I would include within the gift basket or box:-

1. Personal memento to mark the occasion.
2. Chocolates are always a good standby.
3. Candy can be an excellent choice if some of the bridesmaids are very young.
4. Spa items are a good choice with some quality perfume.
Cookies & muffins.

The contents will depend on the age of the bridesmaid. As long as the packaging matches the occasion and contents, all will be received gratefully.

What do bridesmaids expect to receive as a gift?

Answer: Most bridesmaids on this particular day expect to receive the usual necessary gifts such as a card and voucher with a box of chocolates.

You can make your gift stand out by giving the end recipient something truly unique and one-of-a-kind such as a branded gift hamper basket full of personalized items.

The correctly targeted branded gift hamper basket is sure to brighten up their day, and your gift will stand apart from other standard gifts received in the past.

Go on, break the mold and make your gift stand out next time and send them a branded gift hamper full of their favorite items. You know it will be worth it in the end.

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How much should I spend on bridesmaids gifts?

Answer: Your bridesmaids will also be spending a fair amount of money on your bridal shower and of course your hen night so you must be aware of this in what you spend on them.

You should be aiming to spend appropriately and within your budget, but you should expect to pay $50 to $200 per bridesmaid if able to do so.

Some thoughts on this matter which may be of help to you are as follows:-

1. Stay within budget.
2. Ensure all are treated equally except the maid of honor.
3. Do not go into debt buying the gifts.
4. Ensure that the awards are suitable for the age of the bridesmaid.

Always remember the wedding is the main thing and buying the bridesmaid gifts should not be a chore. Enjoy it as part of the whole.

What are the content requirements of a branded gift basket for a bridesmaid?

Answer: Content requirements of a branded gift hamper for a bridesmaid will largely depend on the age of the person you are buying for.

Think carefully what your bridesmaid friend or family member can and can’t eat or drink. Think of any allergies they may have and make sure nothing which may be a problem is in the gift hamper.

Once you know what can go into the gift hamper there are many hamper boxes for your bridesmaid to receive.
You will find a selection of featured products on this page together with links to other pages that may be of help for most types of requirements out there.

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What do you put in a bridesmaid gift box?

Answer: What you out in a bridesmaid gift box is up to you. 

Where and when you can try to be personal, thoughtful and original while staying within your budget.

Here are a few extra items I would consider before making a buying decision:-

1. Photographic memento.
2. A small piece of jewelry.
3. Voucher or gift token.
4. Food and drink items appropriate to their ages.

Think outside the box so to speak to individualize and maximize the gift impact. It is a one-off occasion so try to make the gift match.

Hints for when buying gifts for your bridesmaids:-

If the branded gift hampers or baskets seem a little expensive, consider what you would have spent on a standard gift for the recipient.

Time carefully when to buy your gift and the price may drop slightly nearer the time you need it. Alternatively buying the gifts early can also save you money if done correctly, so planning and prep work are all important.

Although this may help to save you money, don’t buy too late or your gifts may not arrive on time. Check the prices of items you are interested in over several websites as many almost identical ones could have dramatic price differences.

By checking carefully, you may save additional money which may help you have a more substantial gift for each of the bridesmaids.

Check if you can get a discount by purchasing multiple items. Some suppliers online will give a small percent off your total if you are buying more than one gift basket at a time.

Never be afraid to ask for a small discount when buying in quantity. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

What is the best bridesmaid gift?

Answer: The best bridesmaid gift is one you have thought about, that matches the event and means something between the two of you.

Personalizing and correct representation is so important one of your bridesmaid’s gifts.

I have given examples of possible item types to include earlier in this article, and I will not repeat them here again.

Just ensure the gift is meaningful and personalized to get the effect that is deserved and required.

Do you have to give gifts to bridesmaids?

Answer: You do not need to present gifts to your bridesmaids, but it may not be seen to be a nice thing to do.

Your bridesmaids are very important and should be thought of highly.

Even a small token gift for each would not break the bank account when working to a budget.

It is the thought that counts in the end and how would you feel in their place if you received nothing?

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When should you give bridesmaids their gifts?

Answer: You choose when you wish to give out gifts as it is your special day.

You can present gifts to your wedding bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner or on the day of your wedding which is when I think it is most appropriate to do so.

Alternatively, you could hand them out at a brunch or lunch, or even when getting ready together. 

I think it is better on the day itself, and the bridesmaids can be photographed with you as they receive them.

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