Gift Basket Ideas

This article covers what I feel are the best ideas about Gift Baskets and for the people considering giving things  like this for a present for someone special to them.

Through this article, I refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), suggestions, guidelines and associated linked product examples to help you with your purchase for the intended special someone in your life.

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Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

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What is a Gift Basket?

A gift basket, or fruit basket is typically a gift delivered to the recipient at their home or workplace. A variety of gift baskets exist: some contain fruit; while others might contain dry or canned foods such as tea, crackers and jam; or the basket might include a combination of fruit and dried good items. Gourmet gift baskets typically include exotic fruit, and often include quality cheese and wine, as well as other nonfood items. Gift baskets are often sent for special occasions—such as holidays—or as a thank-you or congratulations gift.

How to choose the best Gift Basket?

Gift baskets are the perfect way to express your sentiments. They’re charming, versatile and appropriate for every kind of occasion from birthdays to thank you and marking special days like Easter.

But with the wide range of gift baskets available from popular online stores such as Gift Barn, choosing the right one can be quite overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect gift basket.


  • Consider your recipient

The best thing about a gift basket is that you can personalise it according to the preferences and personality of the person you’re sending it to. So to choose the perfect gift basket, naturally you need to take some time to think about the recipient and choose a basket that reflects his or her tastes. Are they obsessed with coffee for example? Gift Barn have the perfect hamper for caffeine fiends!


  • Set a Budget

Gift baskets can range vastly in price. Decide how much you want to spend and you can browse baskets within a specified price range. Gift Barn is known for providing premium baskets at very reasonable prices.


  • Select an Occasion or Theme

The Gift Barn website and online catalogue makes it easy to shop for a specific event, or theme. They stock a huge range of gift baskets made especially for events from Easter to Christmas and all the birthdays and house warmings that happen in between! And because you can browse at your convenience, you can relax, take your time and make sure you choose the perfect gift basket.


  • Shop with a Reputable Retailer

As with all online shopping, it’s important to make sure any website you are considering purchasing from is legitimate before making a payment. Gift Barn has been established since 1995, bringing trustworthy, hassle free gift basket shopping to NZ.

A gorgeous basket is a lovely gift, but with every second person opting for a gift basket as a gift for clients, friends and family members, we can sometimes end up feeling a little bit of basket fatigue!

Why should I choose Gift Basket?

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday or special occasion, gift baskets are always something nice to receive, so think of Gift Basket the next time you need a creative gift. Here are some ideas that might attract you to buy a gift basket:

  • Quick, easy and low cost. It saves you time and money.
  • Contains a variety of quality products.
  • Can be used for any occasion.
  • They’re fun to open and see what’s inside.
  • Can be personalized for the recipient.
  • It will be unique (no one will give the same gift).
  • Baskets range in size and cost; therefore, making them affordable for people on a budget.
  • Can be bought as a group gift.
  • The recipient can share the contents with family and friends.
  • Baskets can contain edible and non-edible products to satisfy people’s preferences.

What makes the best gift basket the best?

When it comes to selecting a present for a loved one, many of us browse tge internet for gift ideas. It can be difficult to think up of something unique and personal for all of the people who are important in our lives, and that’s why getting a gift basket is the perfect solution. Gift baskets really are the ideal gifting solution, especially come any holiday!

Here are the top five reasons gift baskets make the perfect gift:

  1. So Much to Choose From

Holiday gift baskets come in a large variety of styles and they contain many different items. Whether a person likes sweets, gourmet food, or healthy snacks, there is a gift basket for everyone! Gift baskets can be for any occasions, whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or simply just because.

  1. Get Personal

Not only do gift baskets come in a large variety, they are also very easy to customize and personalize. If you want to add something special to your gift basket before passing it on to the recipient, that can easily be done without ruining the perfect presentation. For a personal and thoughtful touch, you can purchase a lovely gift basket and then accent it with your loved one’s favorite book, or tickets to a game or show they have been dying to attend.

  1. Easy on the Pocket

One of the hardest parts of gift shopping is trying to fit everything into your budget. Gift baskets are very affordable and there are plenty of amazing fruit baskets, chocolate gift baskets, spa gift baskets, and holiday gift baskets that can be found. Who said giving meaningful gifts has to be expensive?

  1. Insta-Worthy

There is no need to be bashful; everyone knows that one of the most important parts of receiving and giving gifts on any occasion is posting the pictures on Instagram and Facebook for everyone to see and appreciate afterwards! If you surprise your family members or friends with a breathtaking gift basket, your gift will definitely get the most likes when they proudly show it off online. Gift baskets photograph beautifully, and all the pictures you take of them will definitely be insta-worthy.

  1. Unique Options

Alternating between ties and socks every Father’s Day can get old and predictable. Any gift you give will surely be cherished by those whom you love, but it’s always nice to spice thing up a bit! Instead of giving gifts that everyone expects, why not try to surprise them with items they have never seen or tasted before to enhance their special day?

Can I Customize the Gift Basket?

Gift baskets are full of surprises. They are versatile, customizable, affordable, photo-ready, and unique. If you want to make your loved ones’day extra special and not the same as last year, consider gifting them with a beautiful basket full of their favorite items!

Step One: Select a Theme

Having a theme helps you decide what items to put in your basket and gives it a quality of completion. Occasions make obvious themes, and you’ll find most gift basket stores have baskets around birthdays, weddings, holidays and the like. But for a unique gift basket, choose a theme around your recipient’s interest: a hobby or favorite movie genre, or a dream or ambition, like traveling to Europe or writing a novel.

Step Two: Expand on the Theme

If you’re planning a small basket, you can jump this step, but expanding doesn’t have to be large or expensive. Add a couple of novelty items that expand on your theme or match your recipient’s needs or interests. Toss in something unexpected; while it might disappoint your recipient if given as an individual gift, it adds surprise when in the mix of fun and familiar items.

Step Three: Add Edibles

Most gift basket companies boast about their gourmet and specialty items, but not everyone is into “refined tastes.” Toss in some of your recipient’s favorites, especially if you know of any that he or she doesn t usually get to enjoy. Drinks are good, but if you are mailing your basket, you might want to stick to mixes.

Step Four: Choose the Basket

 or not. Who says a gift basket has to be a basket? Even gift basket companies get creative with gift box towers, suitcases and treasure chests. One company specializing in manly gifts uses small crates, complete with a crowbar. Sometimes a unique vessel can cost less than the right-size basket. Use your imagination and play on your theme. Some ideas include:

  • Flowerpot
  • Pail
  • Wagon
  • Old Suitcase
  • Purse or Bag
  • Decorative Box or Crate

Step Five: Put it Together

Now comes the fun part. You can always just stuff everything into the basket and haul it over , but if you want to make an impression, you’ll want presentation.

Use one to raise the bottom of your container and to make a wall on which to lean or brace things. If you want a multi-tier effect, you can add smaller boxes. Camouflage these with colored paper, fake leaves or other decorative packaging. Arrange taller items in the back, shorter in the front. You can group things or be random. Even if your decorative skills don’t match an expert’s, with enough cool stuff the basket will surely impress. Make loops of tape to stick items to each other so they don’t shift as much.

If you’re shipping the contents, you’ll want to wrap the basket carefully to keep the contents still. You can do this yourself with plastic wrap, but there are some shipping services that can create an airtight wrap for you.

Making your own gift basket can be a lot of fun. You don’t need to be an expert. A few simple ideas on what to put in your gift basket can help you create something uniquely suited for your friend or loved one.

Beach Gift Basket

The beach is one of those universal symbols of fun, relaxation, and an all-around good time. Going to the beach feels like a care-free activity unmarred by the worries of the world. What a perfect theme for a gift basket!

Somehow, deep in the psyche of each of us, there are warm associations and feelings with the idea of the beach. We think of a beach include warm sand, palm trees, clear blue water, gently crashing waves, people lounging in casual clothing or swimsuits, straw hats, sandals, a picnic lunch, and maybe even a fancy drink with an umbrella in it. By contrast, words that are not associated with the beach are work, stress, the big city, traffic, congestion, and frustration. Whether you are considering giving a gift to a child or an adult. Man or woman, a gift basket with a beach theme will be a gift they will remember for a long time. Ideas for a gift basket with a beach theme. Here’s a list of the top 10 items for your beach themed gift basket.

  • Coconut oil or lotion: for that deep tan and wonderful smell.
  • Sunglasses: to look cool and protect your eyes.
  • Beach towel or hand towel: something to keep you warm, lay down on and dry you off after a swim.
  • Tank tops: the perfect beachwear.
  • Sunscreen, sunblock: protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Flip flops: sandals that are just made for beach-going folks.
  • Beach ball: this one screams Day at the beach.
  • Sea animal stuffed animal, like a crab or dolphin: how cute –even adults will love this.
  • Seashells in a jar: this makes an excellent decoration for the home, as well.
  • Beach bag: something that can safely get wet and yet hold all of your stuff. Consider some or all of these ten things to include in your basket.

This is a link from amazon about the beach themed gift basket:

Movie Gift Basket

A movie night gift basket makes a perfect gift for a friend on their birthday, a teacher to say thanks or for any other occasion! This little movie night themed gift is fun to give and fun to receive. A dark, cool theater, the buttery smell of popcorn, passing around the candy and watching a great show on the big screen. Sound like fun to you? We thought so too, so when we had two of our friends, who happen to be sisters, have birthdays within about a week of each other, we thought it would be fun to throw together a movie night gift basket of sorts.

You can put anything you want into this movie night gift basket-make it as big or small as you want, but here are some of the things we added or things we think you could add:

  • Movie Theater Gift Card
  • Candy
  • Pop
  • Popcorn
  • Dessert gift card

Here is an example of Movies Gift Basket:

Sports Gift Basket

From golf and baseball to basketball, we’ve got the best sports gift baskets for athletes and fans of all ages many of which include name-brand equipment and officially licensed merchandise.

Below is an example of sports themed gift basket:

Pet Gift Basket

Pets are becoming increasingly popular. Pets give us companionship and they shower us with unconditional love and there is no better way of paying this forward for our pets than to treat and pamper them with lots of love and care. One great way of doing that is to spoil them occasionally with gift baskets. Not only are pet gift baskets great gifts for your own pets, they also make great gifts for a friend’s or relatives pet. Let them know that their pets are special and deserve all the love and attention too.

Before deciding on a pet gift basket, it is important to first find out the breed for the animal, its lifestyle and health conditions. Try to also find out if the pet has any allergies. This is because different animals and different breeds of the same animal are generally different from one another. Learning about its lifestyle and health condition will ensure that you do not end up giving the wrong gift that is of no use to the pet.

Besides that, it is also important that you choose pet gifts that are safe and meant specifically for pets. It is also important to ensure that the gifts chosen are safe and meant for pets and that all food items are healthy and safe.

Finally, as in any other gift baskets, decide on a theme for the pet. You can choose from a wide range of pet related themes like food, clothing, toys, medication, jewelry and many other items.

Here are some cool basket ideas to be used as a base for your gift basket:

  • Pet beds
  • Pet carriers/crates/cages
  • Food/water dishes and bowls
  • Tote bags
  • Wicker baskets
  • Keepsake containers (these containers can be used to store the pet’s toys later)

Here is an example of the pet gift basket:

Unicorn Gift Basket

These unicorn gift ideas will have you believing in unicorns and dreaming about rainbows and glitter! There are so many awesome gift ideas below for the unicorn obsessed kid on your list. There are gift ideas for younger kids as well as older kids and tweens, crafty unicorn gifts and gorgeous unicorn decor that would brighten up any room.

Below is a link of unicorn gift basket:

Grilling Gift Basket

A grilling gift basket is a good fit for nearly any occasion for the person who loves to cook outdoors. The gift idea works particularly well for Father’s Day, birthdays and as a housewarming gift. Knowing what grilling gear the recipient already owns will help you select useful items for the basket. Also note the type of grill the recipient owns as some items differ for a gas versus a charcoal grill.

Here is an example from amazon of the grilling gift basket:

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