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Top Branded Gift Hamper Baskets to Buy Your Best Friend

This article is intended to assist you in making a top quality purchase of a gift hamper basket for your best friend. The article will include my affiliate linked top recommendations, tips, FAQs, and hints to help you.

I hope you enjoy the article and that the contents are helpful in guiding you to a good choice of gift hamper suitable for that best friend of yours.

To get you started how about this quick taster:-

Here are my top 5 gift baskets to buy your best friend available from Amazon USA:-

  1.  Organic Stores Gift Baskets Simply Sugar Free Gift Basket: Here’s a hard-to-find gift for the diabetic or for the dieter. The simply sugar free gift basket brings goodies and treats for the person who must remain sugar free. Say you care with a gift that cares for the health of your loved ones. Send the simply sugar free gift basket to your sugar-conscious friends and family today. Includes: 3.4 ounce just chocolates sugar free candies, sugar free asst jelly belly jelly beans, sugar free assorted fruit candies 4 ounce., gourmet coffee, three pepper crackers, spicy pretzel sticks, creamy port salute cheese dip, white cheddar popcorn and dark stain wicker basket. (Source
  2.  GiftTree Fresh Fruit & Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket: Premium fruit meets gourmet chocolates from Godiva. Send comfort and nourishment with this abundant gift basket overflowing with premium gift-grade fruits picked at the peak of perfection, paired with a large assortment of chocolates and confections from Godiva. Each gourmet item is carefully assembled, and the gift is accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon. A free card is included with your personal message or greeting, as well as complimentary scissors so your recipient can easily open their gift. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they continue to enjoy this elegant keepsake serving tray with hand-stitched leather trim. (Source
  3.  Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket: Two large bags of hand-popped gourmet gooey caramel corn made with rich, creamy real butter pairs with two bags of sweet chocolatey pretzels and white chocolate, Caramel drizzled pretzels, crunchy peanut brittle, chocolate-covered sea salt Cashews, real chocolate Almond bark, and a half-dozen of ghirardelli’s fine individually wrapped chocolate squares. A gift that will delight the whole office or the entire family, there are tasty handfuls of yummy deliciousness, attractively packed into a reusable seagrass basket and tied with a ribbon for perfect holiday or party presentation. (Source
  4.  Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set with Slide-out Drawer: The cheese board is made from sustainable materials, chemical-free, and an elegant addition to your entertaining essentials with its warm finish and wood grain. Nothing elevates a gathering more than a beautiful cheese board. Tailor-made for mingling and conversation, a delicious assortment of cheeses, paired with just the right foods, provides a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Use it for dinner parties, picnics, girl’s night, date night, wine tastings and the holidays. (Source
  5.  igourmet Irish Classics – Gourmet Gift Basket: Contains a spectacular array of traditional Irish fare. attractively packaged in a woven basket. An excellent gift for holidays and special occasions. (Source

Here is an extra taster to help:-

Here are examples of top branded gift hamper baskets to buy your best friend:-

  • Fragrances
  • Wine & accessories
  • Food hampers
  • Coffee
  • Spa items
  • Champagne
  • Tea & accessories
  • Beer & ales
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates

You will find many more examples within the article to help you make a choice that suits.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Article Contents List:-

Details, descriptions, and examples are given under the following headings to help you source the correct present for your best friend:-

I am sure the information provided above has helped you in finding a suitable hamper basket for your friends. If your friends enjoy their hamper as much as mine, you will love seeing the smiles on their faces.

Always take time when choosing a gift hamper and please remember to check if they have any allergies!

Question: What is the best gift for friend on birthday?

Answer: The best gift for your friend on his or her birthday would be a branded gift hamper wrapped and packed celebrating the birthday.

These are types of best gift available for your friend on their birthday:-

1. Chocolate hampers & gift baskets. Chocolate Hampers are perfect for the chocoholics out there. Choose from the sweet treats available and treat the best friend in your life.

2. Flowers. A good floral display always wins hearts.

3. Non-alcoholic hamper & gift baskets. For the ideal gift which is alcohol-free try one of the non-alcoholic hampers and give them a treat that they will love.

4. Spa pamper gift baskets. Help them relax, and unwind with a range of luxurious pampering hamper items.

5. Wine hampers. Wine hampers are ideal for the wine lover in your life. Whether they like red wine, white wine or rose. Wine gifts can be built to suit all palettes.

These four are just the tip of the iceberg. Search through the availabilities and ranges of gift hampers that your best friend may enjoy and select the one you feel most apt.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

My top 10 Amazon USA ranges to choose from for your special gift:-

Amazon is a wonderful source for all of your gift needs for whatever the occasion is.

Here are my top 10 Amazon USA ranges to choose from for your special gift:-

  • 1. Fragrances
  • 2. Wine & accessories
  • 3. Food hampers
  • 4. Coffee
  • 5. Spa items
  • 6. Champagne
  • 7. Tea & accessories
  • 8. Beer & ales
  • 9. Flowers
  • 10. Chocolates

These affiliate links above will take you directly to the corresponding Amazon page where you can full the full extent of what is available.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 5 main things to consider prior to buying my friend a gift hamper:-

  • Who am I sending it to – Yes my friend, but who else will be there? More friends, his or her family & neighbors? We are talking possibilities here so guess regarding additional relatives as they are most likely. 
  • How much do you wish to spend on your friend hamper? If the budget is limited, then different lines of thought are necessary to when budgets are not so limiting. Stay within your budget and do not put yourself into debt to make them happy.
  • If sending abroad will it get through customs? I do not know where you will be posting the parcel to consider this so. Does the nation you are shipping to allow the products in the package? 
  • How does it make me look when it arrives with them? Does it make me look like a cheapskate or a kind thoughtful person and caring friend? Vain perhaps, but if they were to think something negative they will not be happy with their gift. Now I am not referring to cost here mainly but the overall appearance. When the item packaging is weak looking it does not look nice then what? The friend will be disappointed on their special day as I would be too.
  • The shelf life of the contents – If its busy time of year we are looking at food wise if the materials are short term perishable are they suitable right now? There is no point in sending a large basket of quick shelf life product of they are not going to be eaten Perhaps a combination of the long and short term would be better or stick with long term shelf-life products for safety if in doubt.

Question: What should I gift to my best friend?

Answer: What you should to your best friend is a balanced gift hamper that matches their personality in conjunction with their food & drink preferences.

Here are some ideas as to what you should gift to your best friend:-

  • 1. Champagne bottle with fluted glasses.
  • 2. Wine hamper with a selection of cheeses.
  • 3. Gift hamper stuffed full with cakes and muffins.
  • 4. Food hamper with a mixed range of contents orientated towards the special occasion or season.

Remember to get the gift hamper basket wrapping correct for the occasion and also the gift card to go with it.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Types of gift hampers available to give to your friend:-

Here are my top types of gift hampers available to give to your friend:-

  • Food-based – A wide variety of gift hampers cover the food side, and many of them include an even more extensive range of contents.
  • Alcohol-based – Perfect for when you know the person likes a specific drink or range of drinks.
  • Specific item orientated – Many gift hampers follow a particular theme, such as a bottle of Champagne or a teapot for example. They can be good and precisely match your best friends likes and dislikes.
  • Non-food based – Spa gift hampers would be an excellent example of this.
  • Combination gift hampers – Food and alcohol ones are probably the top choices here.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

My top 10 suppliers for gift baskets and hampers on Amazon USA:-

Here are my top 10 suppliers for gift baskets and hampers on Amazon USA:-

  • 1. NEST Fragrances
  • 2. Wines for mothers
  • 3. Gifts to impress
  • 4. Starbucks
  • 5. Purelis
  • 6. Otis Spunkmeyer
  • 7. Vahdam
  • 8. Mr Beer
  • 9. Globalrose
  • 10. Hershey’s

These affiliate links will enable you to view the full ranges available from each of the companies showing.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Question: What should I get my best friend for Christmas under $20?

Answer: What you should get for a best friend for Christmas under $20 will need some thinking.

Here are a few of my personal choices when keeping below $20:-

  • 1. A good bottle of wine nicely wrapped with a luxury Christmas card to go with it.
  • 2. Whether male or female a good spa gift basket always goes down well.
  • 3. A good selection of international chocolates with various fillings and finishes.
  • 4. A small hamper filled with seasonal treats such as mince pies and a bottle of mulled wine.

Adapt the hamper to suit the season time and pinpointing what your friend will like, will make the gift even better.

Question: What should I gift my best friend on her wedding?

Answer: What you should gift your best friend on her wedding day is nice and simple when it comes to gift hampers.

Here are some suggestions as to what you can buy for your best friend on her wedding:

1. Champagne hamper basket with fluted glasses and maybe a few strawberries to finish it off.

2. Sweets or candy-filled basket. A selection of old time favorites goes down quite well.

3. Wines and cheeses for them to enjoy following the wedding but mind the storage and shelf life of the cheese.

4. Mixed food hamper for when they return home after their honeymoon.

Ranges of gift hampers explicitly designed for the wedding are abundant. Choose one that suits the style and expense you like.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Question: What sizes of gift hampers can I send my friend?:

Answer:- There are varying sizes that could each be suitable for your needs.

Here is how I see the size selections available from which you can choose to send to your friend:-

  • Small gift hampers – If money is limited a smaller gift hamper will work. Alternatively if budget is not a problem a small more luxurious gift hamper will be fantastic.
  • Medium sized gift hampers – A combination of size and luxury to give your best friend some enjoyment.
  • Large gift hampers – When money does not matter how can you not be impressed with a tremendous gift hamper? Keep an eye on quality standards to ensure you don’t lose too much of the luxury side.

Hints – 3 things I look for from my hampers for friends:-

  • Ease of delivery – Very important especially going abroad or if I left it a little bit too close to a birthday. If time is a constraint then make sure it will arrive on time and that somebody will be able to sign for it upon delivery. If your friends are a little frail will they be able to lift a substantial gift hamper?
  • Overall appearance correct? – If it does not look good, I don’t want it. The presentation is half the battle in making the recipient happy. It is essential for the best friends’ celebration.
  • Does it suit the requirement? – Think about what you are trying to say with the gift and what it means to you and them when they receive it. There are many ways to look at, but I am sure you get my gist. A Christmas wrapped gift hamper would not look right at a wedding, would it?

Question: How much should I give my best friend for a wedding gift?

Answer: How much you should give your best friend for a wedding gift is not easy to answer.

These four points are what I would use to calculate how much you should give your best friend for a wedding gift:-

1. How much I can afford.

2. If I was giving an item personally or as part of a group.

3. The likely expenditures have coming ahead in the next few weeks or months.

4. What I want to spend.

We should all be reasonable with our budgets, and we should always stick to them. It is especially important when I am working out how much I should give my best friend for a wedding gift.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

My top 5 luxury gift hamper baskets for a best friend on Amazon USA:-

Here are my top 5 luxury gift hamper baskets for a best friend from Amazon USA:-

  • 1. The Grandest Celebration Gourmet Food Holiday Gift Basket – Size Deluxe
  • 2. French Treasures Gift Basket (10.7 pound)
  • 3. Extravagance Gourmet Basket – Gift Card Included – British Food Gift Basket
  • 4. Mother to Be Spa and Gourmet -New Mother Pregnancy Gift Basket Deluxe
  • 5. Elegance Abounds Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket

With luck, these affiliate links will enable you to find the best friend gift hamper basket available for your needs.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 4 Alcohols I choose for my friends’ gift hamper baskets:-

Knowing your best friend means you will know what they like to drink when it comes to alcohol.

The good this too is that a bottle can be added to any gift basket to give it an extra boost.

Here are my top tips for alcohols I choose for my friends’ gift hamper baskets:-

  • Sherry – If your friends are perhaps in a senior age group similar to some of mine they seem to love a little glass of sherry in the afternoon or evening. Sherry is, therefore, one of the alcohols I would choose to be part of a gift hamper for a friend.
  • Beer – Often I have sat with my good friends on a sunny day and shared a cold beer. Heard or done that before? I like beer a little which is why beer is on my list. I am sure they won’t go amiss with your friends too.
  • Champagne or Prosecco – The ladies love Prosecco and if you want to go the full hog then why not consider a bottle of Champagne.
  • Cognac – Not one for me personally but many friends of a certain age or ilk seem to love a glass of Cognac after their dinner. Well worth considering if this is a drink your friends indulge in now and then. Excellent addition to your Christmas gift hamper basket for them too.

Question: What should I do for my best friend’s birthday?

Answer: What you should do for your best friend’s birthday is, first of all, make sure they enjoy it.

Here are a few things you can do for your best friend’s birthday:-

1. Buy your best friend a beautiful gift hamper basket filled with some special birthday treats.

2. Wish your best friend a happy birthday extravagantly.

3. Take them to dinner to wine and dine on this special occasion.

4. Arrange a small party for your best friend.

Grab a quality birthday card to go with your hamper basket and write a happy, friendly message inside. The gift hamper will also have a card that will need filling in.

Hints – 4 Foods I choose for my friends gift hampers:-

Foods here very popular and we all have our favourites. Using food as part of a gift basket will make your friend smile with joy.

Here are some top foods you can choose for your friend’s gift hamper:-

  • Chocolates – My father enjoys a massive Toblerone every Christmas and birthday. I enjoy receiving a chocolate orange whenever the opportunity arises. What about your friends? What would they like to find in their gift hamper basket from you? A large box of Cadbury’s
  • Pate – an excellent starter for any meal or even eat as part of a plowman’s lunch.
  • Cheese – Now this is a priority choice for me in any gift hamper for a friend. Only one of my friends is not keen on cheese which shows how popular it is. Add it to your gift hamper list.
  • Biscuits – We all love a cup of tea or coffee, and a cookie always goes down well our favorite warm brew. A good selection in the gift hamper will always bring a smile.
  • Cake – A good fruit cake for me, please! A cake is always favorite so almost a must have in a gift hamper for a friend of mine.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Question: What should I gift my best friend on Friendship Day?

Answer: What you should gift your best friend on Friendship Day should be a simple token of what your friendship means.

A few examples follow below for your assistance in finding a correct quality gift for friendship day:-

1. Spa and bath set so they can pamper themselves at the end of a day.

2. A bottle of wine, unless you want to treat them to a bottle of Champagne.

3. A basket of gifts based on their favorite hobbies.

4. Your company over a nice meal in a local restaurant.

Your gift for Friendship Day can be complicated or very simple. The price you pay for the item is not as important as the item gesture itself.

Hints – 5 non food items I look at for gift hampers for friends:-

Non food items are a lot easier to choose from especially if you are not sure of your friend has any hidden allergies.

Alternatively you can with care add these to your food gift hamper/basket to boost the overall effect of the gift.

Here are my 5 top choice non food based items I look at for gift hampers for friends:-

  • Bath bombs & spa items – We all love smellies at any time of year. Spa items can be a good fall back for the gift hamper for your friends if they are likely not to need any more food.
  • Sweets – Ok so these are a food source so to speak I know but one gift I like. The gift hamper may be for your friends, but we all love some sweets now and then. There are even hampers just full of sweets. Your friends will also have their old time favorite sweets so maybe include them or do a special hamper basket full of their favorites.
  • Teas & coffees – Ok so again they are foods in a way, but I am not classing them as such here. A good quality selection of either can truly stand out. The aroma of a good coffee after dinner is lovely.
  • Perfumes & aftershaves – A good add on or top up for the gift hamper for your friends. Keep it simple and know what they like before buying.
  • Towels – I know, maybe a little boring unless you GO FOR QUALITY! The quality will stand out always and getting the right class is oh so important.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Hints – 10 Amazon UK suppliers I look at for gift hampers for best friends:-

Clearly there are many suppliers available to you on Amazon UK and with some careful research you will find exactly what you are after.

Here are my top 10 Amazon UK suppliers I look at for gift hampers/baskets for best friends:-

  • Clearwater Hampers
  • Hay hampers
  • Web hampers
  • Simply Cornish Hampers
  • Virginia Hayward
  • Classic Cornish Hampers
  • Fine Scottish hampers
  • Gifthamperz
  • Kate’s hampers
  • Red hamper

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Question: What is best gift for best friend?

Answer: The best gift for your best friend is one that suits them and maybe a requirement they have.

Four areas of Amazon USA you may wish to search for your best gift for your best friend are:-

  • 1. Books are popular.
  • 2. Beauty and personal care.
  • 3. Fashion clothing & accessories.
  • 4. Health & household.

The good thing with buying online from Amazon is that if the friend wanted to change it, you could send it back quickly.

Question: What are good Christmas gifts for friends?

Answer: Good Christmas gifts for friends are ones you have chosen with care to match the people you are gifting.

Take ample time in choosing your gift.

To help you there are four groups in Amazon I would look at for Christmas gifts:-

  • 1. Home & kitchen.
  • 2. Arts & crafts.
  • 3. Wine hampers. 
  • 4. Food assortments & variety gifts.

Remember that gifts can be exchanged in most cases and they come guaranteed when you buy from online retailers such as Amazon.

My top 5 gift basket ranges for a best friend from Amazon UK:-

We all know there are lots of ranges from which to select but once you have been using them a while you begin to find what works for you.

Here are my top 5 gift basket ranges for a best friend from Amazon UK:-

  • 1. Chocolates
  • 2. Flowers
  • 3. Food Hampers
  • 4. Teas & accessories
  • 5. Scented candles

These affiliate links will take you to my top 5 gift basket ranges available in the UK.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Question: What should I get my best friend for Christmas cheap?

Answer: What you should your best friend for Christmas that is cheap should still have a quality level you are happy giving.

Here are four areas in Amazon USA I would look at for a cheap quality gift for a friend:-

  • 1. An assortment of chocolates.
  • 2. Spa gift sets.
  • 3. Beer gift set or basket.
  • 4. Food gift basket or hamper.

Just because you are looking for a cheap Christmas gift for your friend it does not need to mean inferior quality, one tip is to reduce the size of the item basket you are buying to improve the quality.

Question: What can I get my best friend for Christmas?

Answer: What you can buy your best friend for Christmas if money is not essential is a luxury gift basket.

Here are a few luxury items you can get for your best friend at Christmas:-

  • 1. Luxury gourmet baskets.
  • 2. Luxury food & beverage assortments.
  • 3. Candy & chocolate gifts.
  • 4. Christmas gift baskets.

We all love some luxury in our lives. I am sure if you get a luxury gift basket for your best friend at Christmas he or she will be overjoyed.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

My top 5 luxury gift hamper baskets on Amazon UK:

Here are my top five luxury hamper baskets on Amazon UK:-

  • 1. Ultimate Gourmet Feast Christmas Hamper – Huge Gourmet Xmas Food Hamper
  • 2. The Deluxe Food and Drink Hamper – Large Luxury Wicker Basket with 46 Gourmet Food Items
  • 3. The Monarchs Luxury Champagne and Gourmet Food Hamper – Quality Wicker Basket with 25 Food Items & 6 Bottles of Champagne
  • 4. Luxury French Champagne gift set Hamper
  • 5. Grand Feast includes Wine & Baileys – Luxury Gift Food Hamper Selection

These affiliated links will take you directly to the luxury items in Amazon UK where you can purchase in safety.

These items are available from and where I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Question: What should I get my best friend for her birthday for cheap?

Answer: What you should get your best friend for her birthday that is cheap can easily be done.

Here are a few examples of items I would look at for my best friend d that is cheap for her birthday:-

  • 1. Flowers
  • 2. Chocolates
  • 3. Spa items
  • 4. Perfumes

Although you are keeping the item as cheap as possible  you must ensure the presentation is top notch. Make sure the packaging or gift wrap make the item look twice the price and do the same with the gift card.

Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article on top branded gift hamper baskets to buy your best friend. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

If you have found this page to be of help to you, it would be awesome if you could share this page for me. (Thank you).

Good luck in your future purchases and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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