Gift Hampers UK – Ranges Available To Customers In The UK

Gift hampers are the perfect gift to make someone really happy. They’re technically counted as one but they contain a lot of gifts inside your recipient will surely appreciate.

However, ready-made gift hampers aren’t very cheap. Additionally, they have a generic feel to them so the recipient has no way of telling which gift hamper is from whom.

You can solve this problem by making a gift hamper from scratch. If you aren’t so sure where to start, then you’re in the right place.

This article on gift hampers UK will teach you how to make a basket that you can be proud of.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

Gift Hamper Baskets Empty

Baskets are the first things we look for when we think of gift hampers. Wicker baskets remain to be the popular choice because of their elegance despite their simplicity.


Check out these gift hamper baskets empty you can use for your next project:


Lidded Empty Gift Hamper


Square Basket with Side Handles and Lining


Square Willow Basket with Lining and Collapsible Handles


Oval Willow Basket


Rectangular Wicker Tray Kit


Round Basket with Loop Handle


Teacup and Saucer Novelty Wicker Basket

Gift Hamper Box

A gift hamper box is preferred by some since the gifts in it are more secure. It can be divided into two types: rigid boxes and boxes that need to be assembled.

Here are examples of rigid boxes:


Hinged Lidded Gift Box


Rectangular Jewellery Gift Box with Interior Foam and Lid


Here are examples of flat boxes:


Double Wall Cardboard Boxes with Lid Flaps and Kraft Finish


Kraft Paper Favour Gift Boxes

Gift Hamper Accessories

There are several types of gift hamper accessories. They’re used to decorate a gift hamper to make it look pretty and fit for the occasion.


These can be categorised into three. There are cheap and expensive ones available but the important thing is how you utilise them to make the hamper look presentable.

Here are the three categories I’m talking about:

  1. Base – decorative and coloured paper is a popular option for this. However, other items like straws and paper shreds can also be used. These are stuffed in the bottom of the basket or container to provide extra cushion and to make the gifts more stable.
  2. Cellophane rolls – your choices include clear, coloured, or a printed one. Shrink bags can be used, too, to make wrapping the basket a whole lot easier. Wrapping the basket basically secures all the items inside and makes them more anchored.
  3. Bow and card – think of these two as the final touches to your hamper. Adding a bow makes it look more professional while adding a card with a message gives the hamper a personalised feel to it.

Typical Gift Hamper Contents

Gift hampers can be divided into two types: a food-related and a non-food related hamper. Here are typical gift hamper contents for the first type:

  • Cheese
  • Wine (for alcoholic hampers)
  • Coffee, tea, or other drinks (for a non-alcoholic hamper)
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Crisps
  • Biscuits or other baked goods
  • Preserves or chutney

However, these are just what they usuallycontain and don’t always apply to all. The contents will still depend on your chosen theme which we’ll discuss more of below.

Gift Hamper Themes

Deciding on a theme is perhaps the most crucial step in making a gift hamper. A theme makes the hamper look organised and makes the process a whole lot easier.

As mentioned, the contents of your hamper will still depend on your theme. Here are some gift hamper themes you can use for food or non-food related hampers:

  1. The Manly Man basket – fill this basket with products men need to keep his skin feeling and looking good. Examples of products include shaving cream, an after-shave lotion, some hand cream, and body spray.
  2. Sweet Memories basket – give your friend with a sweet tooth a major throwback with this basket filled with candies from the past decade. Throw in some Frosties, Wham bars, Poppets, and maybe a candy necklace.
  3. Healthy Fruit basket – this is for the friend who leads a healthy lifestyle. Stuff your basket with oranges, apples, and pears (or whatever fruit is in season) and he/she’ll definitely thank you for the sweet gesture.
  4. Exotic Wine basket – gift your wine-loving friend the experience of a lifetime by gifting a basket with bottles of wine from around the globe. Add in some cookies, olives, or salami to complement each one.

Gift Hamper Ideas

Here are more gift hamper ideas if you didn’t find the one you were looking for above. But, these are only suggestions and it’s still better to go with what you have in mind:

  1. The Entertainer gift box – for the friend who loves having guests over, a box stuffed with playing cards, dice, dominoes, and a bottle of his/her favourite wine is a perfect fit and a must-have.
  2. The Gluten-Free gift hamper – for someone who follows a strict diet, a basket filled with gluten-free snacks is the best choice if you want them to indulge minus the guilt.
  3. Car Wash gift bucket – have a friend who’s the ultimate car enthusiast? Then, grab some car wax and other cleaning materials and put them in a large bucket and you’re all set.
  4. The Gentleman’s gift bag – for the guy who invests in and takes care of his shoes a lot, this bag filled with soft and hard-bristled brushes, a shine cloth, and neutral and black shoe polishes is the most epic gift.

Gift Hampers For:

Your recipient is another important thing to consider when giving gift hampers. Take a look at these gift hampers based on who they’re for:


For Women


for Mum


for Sister


for Daughter


For Kids


for Girls


for Babies


for Boys


For Men


for Dad


for Brother


for Son

How to Make a Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Gift hampers sold in stores can be costly. If you have a tight budget and would like to cut down on expenses, you may want to consider making one yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, this quick guide on how to make a gift hamper can help:

  1. Think of a theme

You can base your theme on the occasion or your recipient’s hobbies and interests. Make sure you’ve decided on a theme first before anything else so your hamper has a clear direction.

  1. Buy or make your gifts

You can choose to combine store-bought and homemade gifts in your basket. You can also visit bazaars or discount shops to really save some money.

  1. Pick your basket

You can opt to go for the traditional wicker baskets. However, you can also settle for other types of containers you think are more suitable for your chosen theme.

Once you’re done, place some paper shreds in the basket to have an even base. Then, arrange your gifts inside in a way they can all be seen.

  1. Wrap your basket

This is optional. If you wish to leave it unwrapped, simply stick a bow or a card with a message to make it presentable and more personalised.

On the other hand, here are easy steps on how to wrap your own basket:

  • Lay a piece of cellophane flat on the table.
  • Place your basket in the middle of the cellophane.
  • Hold the edges of the cellophane and lift them upward. Gather and scrunch them over the tallest part of your basket or container.
  • Secure the opening by wrapping some tape around it. Then, tie a colourful bow over the tape to finish the basket.

How to Customise a Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Prices of ready-made gift hampers can go up because of various reasons. They can sometimes become so ridiculously high that you start to wonder if it’s really worth buying them or not.

If you’re one of those people, this guide on how to customise a gift hamper will help a lot:

  1. Choosing a theme

Coming up with a theme makes the whole basket look organized. Your theme can be based on the recipient’s personality or the reason you’re giving him/her a basket.

  1. Picking your gifts

Your gifts must relate to the theme and don’t need to be expensive. I suggest buying gifts with varying shapes and sizes, too, to make the basket look more interesting.

  1. Selecting a basket

Wicker baskets are popular choices for gift hampers. But, you can use other kinds of containers to give your gift a little twist.

Once your container is ready, stuff it with paper shreds or straw to make a base. Then, put your gifts inside with the shorter items in front of the taller ones so they look organized.

  1. Finishing the basket

You can leave the basket as it is. Just tape a little bow and a greeting card on it and you’re all set.

Meanwhile, here are easy steps to wrap your basket to make it look elegant:

  • Put your basket or container on a table.
  • Place a shrink bag over your basket and gather the excess in the bottom. Then, grab a hairdryer and go from the bottom up to shrink the entire bag.
  • Tape a decorative ribbon and a card on top and you’re done!

How to Personalise a Gift Hamper – Simple Guide

Personalised gifts can make your recipient feel extra special. Since it was made especially for him/her, he/she will feel very unique and touched by the gesture.

Check out this guide on how to personalise a gift hamper to make yours stand out:

  1. Start with a theme

This can be based on the recipient’s interests or hobbies. But, a hamper based on why you’re giving your gift is a safe choice if you really aren’t close to the person.

  1. Choose your gifts

Make sure the gifts have something to do with your chosen theme. This will make the hamper look organised and well-thought of.

  1. Pick a container

Wicker baskets are a safe and universal choice for gift hampers. However, you can get creative and use other containers you think are appropriate for the occasion or theme.

Stuff the bottom of your container with paper shreds to give extra cushion for the gifts. Then, arrange your gifts in a way that all items can easily be seen at first glance.

  1. Wrapping your container

You have the option to leave your container unwrapped. If you choose to do this, place a bow and a card with a personalised message to give it a final touch.

However, wrapping your gift can make the items inside more secure. Here are easy steps you can follow when wrapping your basket:

  • Lay a flat piece of cellophane on a table.
  • Place your container on top, making sure it’s in the centre of the cellophane.
  • Grab a hold of the flaps and lift them upward. Scrunch them over the handle of your basket or the tallest item in your container.
  • Secure the opening by wrapping tape around it. Then, grab a colourful ribbon and tie it over the tape to hide it and finish off your basket.

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