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Essential Things to Know When Buying Halloween Gift Baskets

Introduction to Halloween Gift Baskets:

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October 31st marks the date when we celebrate Halloween.

Despite its dark and creepy origin story, we still celebrate it, and why not? As much as we have tried to incorporate the origin story’s creepiness, we have been able to make it a fun day for children and adults alike. It has become a day where you can eat as much candy as you want, don some cool costumes and make jack-o-lanterns.

The day itself allows you to be anything you want to be; Darth Vader, Frankenstein, a zombie, the Hulk, a vampire, a werewolf, a ghost, a walking skeleton, Batman, the joker, a power ranger, or even a princess. We’ve barely scratched the surface with this list, but you get the idea.

We’ll not talk much about costumes, but we will look at Halloween’s origin story and the different and amazing gift baskets you can get your friends and family.

History of Halloween:

Most people love Halloween but don’t know the entire history behind this spooky holiday. Its origin story may send chills down your spine.

To fully understand this origin story, we will have to go back to 2000 years ago and specifically to a ceremony known as Samhaim. This was an ancient festival celebrated by the Celtic people and marked the beginning of what we have known today as Halloween.

When you think of New Year, your mind probably takes you to January 1st, but that was not the case with the Celts. They used to celebrate their new year on November 1st.

Though a significant day, November 1st meant that summer and the harvest season was over and that winter was coming.

Winter was marked with cold days and nights, and many people used to die during that period.

The Celts used to believe that the barrier between the realm of the living and that of the dead was shattered on the night before their new year. This meant that the dead could gain passage into the world of the living.

On that night, October 31st, to be precise, they held the ceremony called Samhaim. The dead were believed to cause all sorts of problems when they visited, including ruining the Celts’ crops.

The appearance of these spirits was believed to help the Celtic priests better predict the future. The priests have honored people, and the predictions they gave stood as a sign of hope and provided the Celts with the strength needed to overcome the unpleasant weather during the winter.

Due to this strong belief by the Celts, the ceremony had to be held every 31st of October.

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How Did Halloween Come to be?

I am pretty sure we all want to know what used to happen in the Samhaim festival, so let’s jump right in.

The ceremony was observed through massive bonfires lit by the priests. The Celtic people would then don costumes made of animal skins and heads while making sacrifices to their gods by burning their crops and animals in the bonfire.

After the end of the ceremony, they would light the bonfire again to give them warmth in preparation for the cold and dark winter. So that’s it; this is essentially how Halloween came to be.

Of course, we’ve had several changes to Halloween over the years, with new practices introduced by the Scottish and Irish people migrating to America, but this is the first origin story.

History of Gift Baskets and Trick-or-Treating:

The tradition of gift baskets and trick-or-treating began to sprout in 1556. This is long after the Celts’ ceremony, Samhaim.

For those unfamiliar with the Allhallowtide, this was a 3-day event which led to the eve of All Saints Day. Trick-or-treating originated from a practice called Souling, where the peasants would beg from door-to-door for treats and food during this period.

The treats and foods were supposed to be given to them as a way to remember the dead.

Between the late 1800s and early 1900s, after the Irish people migrated into America, Halloween became even more popular. Friends and family would come together and hold parties to mark this celebration.

This brought a more secular and modern view to Halloween and hence, the start of exchanging gifts.

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DIY Halloween Gift Basket Examples You Can Make Yourself:

Halloween house –

We’re all used to open Halloween gift baskets and boxes, so let’s start with something slightly different.

Basket shapes can also be like a house, and like in every house, you’ll have to find a way in before you get what’s inside. All the candies and snacks can be hidden inside this creepy house. Once you get inside, you’ll find various candies, and a doll was chosen randomly for you.

This example is a great Halloween gift basket idea for kids and adults alike if you wish to make one yourself.

Apple Pie Caramel –

An apple pie caramel can be an amazing Halloween gift basket for your neighbor, family, or friends.

Being a combination of apple pie and caramel, the treat brings out a delicious flavor certain to leave your family and friends wanting more.

If you want to go for something simple and not too over the top, then this is definitely something you should consider.

Chocolate-covered Grahams –

Chocolate-covered Grahams can be described just as the name states. This special chocolate box consists of graham crackers covered in chocolate.

This gives you that crunchy bite but with an extra lining of the delicious chocolate on top.

Some of the Grahams are dipped inside dark chocolate while others in milk chocolate.

Pick four candies –

Kids love candy and picking one that suits them can be difficult. Pick four candies that give you a variety of different flavored candies to choose from.

They have sweet-flavored candies, sour-flavored candies, fruity candies, and even licorice. You could even take all of them for the entire family. By doing so, everyone gets to pick the one they love.

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Even More DIY Halloween Gift Basket Examples You Can Make Yourself:

Fresh fruit and snacks –

You should know that not everyone loves candy, and some are restricted from eating them due to medical reasons. That’s alright; this gift basket is for them.

This Halloween gift basket consists of a variety of fruits and some snacks put together.

The basket has pears, apples, oranges, and snacks such as cheese crisps. This is a more nutritious gift basket.

Cravings Gift basket –

This basket comes with more than 50 distinct sweets and snacks. Here you will find lollipops, candy, nuts, and many more delicious sweets.

This is an ideal gift basket for your family, friends at work, neighbors, and students.

Gift basket trick or treat –

This is a beautifully designed basket consisting of a myriad of gourmet treats such as chocolate and snacks.

This is a good pick if you do not want to send your family and friends a basket full of candy.

Selection gift basket –

This basket idea can have 60 snacks for your friends and family to pick from. Each snack can be wrapped on its own. This makes it easy for one to pick and eat.

If you have a large family or group of friends, this can be an ideal gift basket.

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Conclusion Regarding “Essential Things to Know When Buying Halloween Gift Baskets”:

Trick or treating and giving out gift baskets during Halloween are practices that have existed for many years.

Finding the perfect gift basket for your family and friends can be quite difficult. One of the best ways to ensure that you choose the right gift basket knows what your family and friends love before Halloween.

Ensure that the gift basket picked does not contain an ingredient to which your family member or friend is allergic.

Age can also be a significant factor. Rarely do you find a kid who loves a sour-flavored-candy or chocolate, so you must find them a basket with sweet candies, cookies, and chocolate.

Your contents’ texture should also be an important thing to consider, and your family and friends’ medical condition.

These are just some basic factors to consider when picking out a gift basket, but they go a long way to ensure that you pick the best ones.

We have provided you with a great list of Halloween gift baskets to choose from. Some are ideally made for kids. However, most of the gift bags we’ve selected are for both kids and adults to ensure flexibility.

We hope you were able to find your desired Halloween gift basket here.

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