Hamper Gifts That Can Help Customise And Personalise Your Gift Parcel

Making your own gift hamper has two main advantages. The first is you’re able to save a lot of money and second, you get to customise it to add your personal touch.

Which, by the way, store-bought gift hampers lack.

Once your basket is ready, you can now choose what gifts to fill it with. If you need help with that, then you’re in luck.

Here is a list of ideas for hamper gifts that can help customise and personalise your gift parcel.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

Christmas Gift Hampers

Christmas Day is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, we also look forward to the exchange of gifts that take place during the Yuletide season.

Check out these gift ideas I think are perfect for your Christmas gift hampers:

  1. Foot Warmers– these are a perfect gift because we all know how harsh this season can be. These keep the feet warm and make you comfortable—best of all, there’s no electricity required!
  2. Personalised Memorial Christmas Tree Decoration– this gift will make your recipient’s tree stand out. This bauble comes with a feather inside that lets you print the name of their lost loved one. It’s like they’re still celebrating Christmas with them even though they’re not physically there.
  3. Little Mermaid Short Pyjamas– what little girl doesn’t love Disney princesses? Made with 100% cotton, let your recipient show her love for Disney in style anywhere she goes.

Easter Gift Hampers

Easter for Catholics represents the resurrection of Jesus. It’s the start of spring, too, and people decorate their houses with bunnies and eggs which symbolise fertility.

Put some of these gifts in your Easter gift hampers to make your recipient really happy:

  1. Bunny Ring Holder– a great gift for adults, this item makes sure that their valuable rings are in a safe place so they don’t get lost.
  2. Egg Bath Bombs– since it’s Easter, why not replace regular bath bombs with egg bombs? These egg bombs come in six different colours and have divine scents that will make bath time more exciting.
  3. White Chocolate Bunny– chocolates are perhaps the best way to please kids. Made with dark and white chocolate with a tiny pink heart as a nose, this gift is something no child can resist.

Birthday Gift Hampers

Turning a year older isn’t a bad thing. Age is but a number and what’s important is you grew both emotionally and mentally in the past year.

Consider adding some of these gift ideas to your birthday gift hampers to complete his/her day:

  1. Classy Explicit Woman Mug– let your girl friend know how awesome she is with this simple yet funny coffee mug. It’s also the perfect way of letting others know that messing around with her isn’t exactly a good idea.
  2. Lolly Lip Balms– this set is great for young girls who want to feel like a lady but aren’t one just yet. These balms also help them stand out from the crowd because of their cute and unique designs.
  3. Pizza Padded Laptop Sleeve– pizza is probably the favourite snack of guys. Your guy friend can now protect the most important gadget in style with this laptop sleeve with his favourite food printed on it.

Engagement Gift Hampers

Getting engaged is the first step towards a couple’s journey to forever. Here are a few gifts you can add to your engagement gift hampers that will surely thrill the newly-engaged couple:

  1. Wedding Planner Book– planning a wedding can be crazy. Help the couple maintain their sanity by giving them this book that allows them to keep things organised for the big day.
  2. 3-Piece Bed Set– speaking of stressful, give the new couple the gift of rest with this super comfortable comforter set. It will surely make the couple feel like royalty with its elegant design and superior microfiber backing.
  3. Personalised Wedding Countdown Plaque– this gift will excite the newly-engaged couple like no other. It comes with a chalkboard heart for them to write the remaining days before the big day finally arrives.

Bridal Shower Gift Hampers

Bridal showers are held to celebrate the last moments of a woman’s singlehood. The gifts range from the conservative ones (off of the registry) to daring and naughty items.

Here are a few bridal shower gift hampers gifts that will delight the future bride:

  1. Mini Skincare Kit– planning a wedding can be stressful and it can show on your girl friend’s face. Gift her this Vitamin C kit to brighten up her face and to help her glow on the most important day of her life.
  2. Necklace– have your girl friend show just how fashionable she is with this elegant piece that also subtly flaunts her future marital status.
  3. Sexy Lingerie Sleepwear Set– this gift will suit your taste if you’re up for something naughty. It features a deep V-neck with triangle cups and halter ties, perfect for their honeymoon night.

Bachelor Party Gift Hampers

Bachelor parties are held for men who are getting married. It’s now common for these to last for days, hence the term stag weekend, which becomes mini-holidays for the group of bachelors.

Below are some gift ideas for your bachelor party gift hampers if you’re deciding to make one:

  1. Groom Baseball Hat– the perfect groom-to-be gift, the message printed on this hat says exactly how he feels now his wedding day is near.
  2. I am the Stag T-Shirt– this t-shirt is made of high quality and thick cotton so you’re really getting your money’s worth. It’s a fun and fashionable way of letting everyone know a man is getting married.
  3. Stag Do Button Badges– though not exactly for the future groom, these buttons make the best accessory for the bachelors in the group as they celebrate the final moments of singlehood (at least for the groom-to-be.)

Wedding Gift Hampers

Their wedding day is the day any couple will remember forever. It’s the day when they become one so there’s no way someone would forget something as special as that.

Here are some wonderful gift ideas for your wedding gift hampers the new husband and wife will definitely cherish:

  1. Champagne Flutes– it’s time to pop the bottle for the newly-weds! Make the couple truly stand out with this set of champagne flutes designed with real Swarovski crystals for a touch of elegance.
  2. Amazon UK Gift Card– feeling extra fancy? Add this gift to your gift hamper and let the new couple decide what they really want to put in their new home. It even comes in a box with a cute bow tie that truly fits the occasion.
  3. Retro Non-Ticking Wall Clock– this old school analog clock brings that “wow” factor to the couple’s bedroom so they won’t lose track of time.

Anniversary Gift Hampers

Anniversaries represent how long a couple has been together. It’s such a nice thing to celebrate because they remind you of how many challenges you’ve gone through together.

Check out these gifts for your anniversary gift hampers to show your undying love for your partner:

  1. Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine– this beautiful figurine is the perfect anniversary gift even for couples who are just starting out. It may be simple but it brings out such deep emotions no words can express.
  2. Personalised Engraved Padlock– this padlock can be personalised with the couple’s names and wedding date in permanent, bold, and contrasting texts so they can easily be seen in most lighting conditions.
  3. 30thAnniversary Picture Frame– this gift is a perfect way to display a couple’s beautiful photo. It even comes with the words Pearl Wedding in the bottom to signify how long they’ve been together.

Baby Shower Gift Hampers

Expecting a baby is one of the most special things for parents. Carrying a baby is hard but it’s the most rewarding experience, too.

The parents-to-be will surely find any of these gifts for your baby shower gift hamper useful:

  1. Colour-Changing Room Thermometer– a big help for parents, this colour-changing thermometer basically tells them what their baby should wear at night so he/she sleeps comfortably. It doubles as a nightlight, too, for babies who can’t sleep in total darkness.
  2. 18-Pack Baby Wipes– newborn babies can be a lot of trouble. Fortunately, any mess can easily be cleaned with these ultra-soft baby wipes that are pH-balanced, paediatrician-tested, and hypoallergenic.
  3. Bedtime Little Library (Paperback)– this set of books is just the perfect size to fit in any handbag. Plus, the back of the books are like puzzle pieces that when put together, form the image of the main character.

Retirement Gift Hampers

Retiring can be bittersweet. It’s happy since you know you’ve already accomplished something in life yet it also means that you have to say goodbye to the life you’re used to.

Here are gifts that can help with your retirement gift baskets if you’ve never done one before:

  1. Retirement Canvas Bag– made of 100% cotton, this tote bag is a great gift to someone who’s enjoying the retired life. It’s big and spacious enough to keep all important belongings yet can easily be folded to fit in their pocket.
  2. Mouse Pad with Funny Senior Texting Code– this gift is perfect for retired individuals who now have to face the “pain” of learning how a computer works. It has a rubber base and a fabric top with vivid texts that won’t fade and come off easily.
  3. Funny Retirement Apron– this is for the retired husbands out there who thought they were retired but in reality, will end up working for their wives.

Thankyou Gift Hampers

Sometimes, a mere “thank you” isn’t enough to show your gratitude. If you feel like words aren’t enough, then consider adding any of these to your thankyou gift hampers:

  1. Thank You Tea Light Holder– I really like this gift idea because it comes with a mini candle that once you light up, illuminates the short yet sweet message that’s printed on the actual candle holder.
  2. Thank You Recipe Bag– this little bag contains a candle, a diamond, a smile, a bookmark, and a sheep to represent what your recipient has done. To finish it off, it also comes with its own spoon to mix all the “ingredients” together.
  3. Personalised Thank You Teacher Gift– teachers are one of our first superheroes and that is exactly what this gift represents. It comes printed with 4 different superheroes and an option to add your and your teacher’s name to make it more personal.

Congratulation Gift Hampers

Celebrating a person’s success is indeed a sweet gesture. It only shows how happy you are and how you totally support him/her no matter how small or big the achievement is.

Take a look at these gifts for congratulation gift hampers to help brighten up their day:

  1. So Proud of You Glass Message– this simple, mini token is made of glass printed with colourful and opaque letters to make the gift truly stand out. It’s surely a sweet and thoughtful way of letting someone know you’re proud of what they’ve accomplished.
  2. Hanging Wooden Heart Congratulations Keepsake– what I really like about this gift item is it sort of gives the impression that you believed in someone’s abilities when no one else did.
  3. You’re a Star Chocolate Star– why not give food items instead for a job well done? The star contains chocolate dots made of premium Belgian chocolate milk that is both Kosher and Vegetarian-friendly.

Halloween Gift Hampers

This is my second favourite holiday of the year. The trick-or-treating and the costumes alone are enough to make me feel like a child again—it’s an excuse to watch horror films, too!

Here’s a list of my gift suggestions that go well with Halloween gift hampers:

  1. Minecraft Skeleton Action Figure– this gift is perfect for Halloween lovers who are also huge gamers. It even comes with its own accessories so you can customise it any way that you want!
  2. Witch Hat with Netting– this gift item is a must-have for those who take Halloween seriously. Add this to any witch costume to add a spellbinding disguise.
  3. Pumpkin Spice Candle– get ready for some serious relaxation with this lovely-smelling gift item. It’s made of soy, too, so it’s perfect for all your vegan friends!

Valentines Day Gift Hampers

Couples always get a little bit cheesy on this particular day. Here are some gift ideas to add to your Valentines Day gift hampers to complement your sweetness and romance:

  1. 7-Inch Chocolate Pizza with Hearts– the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, this pizza is made of 100% Belgian chocolate and comes with 8 slices. It’s even enclosed in a pizza box for added authenticity!
  2. Heart-Shaped Candles– this is a great V-Day gift especially if beau is always stressed out. These candles have a nice, subtle fragrance and are smoke-free—ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere.
  3. Personalised Wine Label with Floral Heart– made of high-quality glossy paper, this wine sticker is the perfect last-minute gift to your beloved that will surely melt his/her heart.

Picnic Gift Hampers

Picnics are a great way for families and friends to bond. For a friend who enjoys hosting picnics, any of these gift suggestions for his/her picnic gift hampers will be truly appreciated:

  1. Waterproof Picnic Blanket– say goodbye to wet clothes from damp lawns with this extra-large, portable, and foldable picnic blanket. The best part is it’s easy to clean so they don’t have to worry where their picnic takes place.
  2. 24-Piece Cutlery Set– this cutlery set is made of quality stainless steel so you’re sure it won’t break easily. The handles have a gingham pattern, too, so they’re a pretty and cheerful sight to look at.
  3. Insulated Water Bottle– eco-friendly and BPA-free, this great gift can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

Hobbies Gift Hampers

Looking at a person’s hobbies is also a good way to build a gift hamper. If you decide to take this route, take a look at these gift ideas you can add to your hobbies gift hampers:

  1. Personalised Hammer– this is probably one of the best gifts you can give to the carpenter in your life. It has an 8-ounce steelhead with your message laser-engraved into the handle to make sure it won’t rub off with use.
  2. Cross Stitch Set– this gift is perfect for a friend who loves to do needlework. It comes with a detailed pattern, colourful threads, and some needles—it’s a sure way to keep him/her entertained and busy at the same time!
  3. Resistance Loop Bands with Carry Bag– for that friend who’s a fitness junkie, this gift comes with 6 bands with varying resistance levels so he/she could work out and work on his/her flexibility anytime, anywhere.

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