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Hampergifts UK – Gift Hamper Supplier Product Range Review

This Hampergifts company review will show the product ranges available together with product examples and descriptions.

The article will provide you with an affiliate-linked detailed review of the popular UK based gift hamper supplier Hampergifts based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.

Hampergifts review conclusion:

My conclusion having looked into the company and the ranges they provide is that they are a company I would be happy to purchase a gift hamper or basket from for any special occasion for which I have a need.

You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol: Hampergifts encourages responsible drinking – Drinkaware.co.uk.

The ranges and product choices available from Hampergifts are extensive and will cover most financial requirements as the price ranges are competitive. The gift hampers will look the part and be worth every penny they cost you.

Hampergifts UK Valentine Hamper

Hampergifts UK Valentine Hamper

Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrated times when you get to show that special someone in your life just how important they are to you. Not that you should limit your affection to just a few days a year, but Hampergifts do understand that Valentine’s Day is a little extra special!

At Hampergifts they love to celebrate romance so they’ve created a range of Valentine’s Hampers & Gifts for you to passionately share with your valentine. Here are a few highlights:

Product Review – Rosé, Chocs & Cuddly Puppy: –

Although there’s no real puppy included here (sorry!) there is a soft cuddly floppy-eared dog, a pink-hued rosé and a mouth-watering selection of Belgian and Swiss chocolates. This is the ideal gift for your canine-loving valentine!

A stunningly presented, pink-hued rosé from Château de Beaulieu arrives with an adorably cuddly, soft and floppy-eared ‘love you’ puppy.

Open the metallic red gift box and you’ll also discover a mouth-watering selection of Belgian & Swiss chocolates – just perfect for the one you love.

Full contents of the Rosé, Chocs & Cuddly Puppy:

    • Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, Château de Beaulieu, France 2008/9, 75cl AWARD WINNERBRONZE MEDAL winner at Decanter Wine Awards 2009
    • Cuddly Floppy Dog with “I Love You” Heart, 20cm
    • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Cornet Truffles 50g
    • Gold Ballotin of Belgian Caramel Pralines 100g
    • Belgian Whole Cherry Chocolates Liqueur Pieces 100g
    • Belgian Cherry Truffles 100g

Rosé, Chocs & Cuddly Puppy conclusion: 

As you can see by the description and product content, there has been a great deal of effort put into getting the balance right with this gift hamper. Hampergifts know how to design a gift basket!

Product Review – Deluxe Golden Tower

The Deluxe Golden Tower stands at 50cm tall, featuring eight golden gift boxes. Each box comes filled to the brim with a vast amount of chocolates, cookies and other sweet treats.

The Deluxe Golden Tower is the height of pure indulgence. This tower could be the perfect choice for sharing with your significant other!

This top-of-the-range chocolate tower is a soaring 50cm tall and features eight golden gift boxes, each one filled to the brim with a vast amount of chocolates, cookies and other sweet treats.

This tower is pure indulgence on a grand scale! The contents include sugared almonds, lemon butter cookies, honey roasted nuts, Belgian truffles, chocolate coated Brazils, fruit cake, flapjack, caramels, hand-made honey biscuits and a considerable amount more.

The sheer number of goodies mean this gift is perfect for sharing – either in an office or for the whole family. (Tower Height: 50cm)

Full contents list of the Deluxe Golden Tower:-

    • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles 50g
    • Rich Fruit Cake 150g
    • Melting Pot Cranberry & White Chocolate Fudge 95g AWARD WINNERGOLD MEDAL at the Great Taste Awards
    • Buchanan’s Italian Creams 100g AWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • Honey Baked Flapjack 120g
    • Hand Made Honey & Sesame Biscuits 100g
    • Dark Chocolate Coated Brazils 150g
    • Continental Sugared Almonds 110g
    • White Chocolate Drops 80g
    • Honey Roasted Peanuts 130g
    • Sicilian Lemon Butter Cookies 100g
    • Belgian Chocolate Crisp Pieces 40g
    • Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines 80g
    • Buchanans Chocolate Caramels 100g
    • Buchanan’s Chocolate Russian Caramels 100g AWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • Zentis Chocolate Marzipan Loaf 100g
    • TOWER HEIGHT: 50cm

Deluxe Golden Tower product review conclusion: 

Another quality gift hamper from UK supplier Hampergifts. I wish someone would send me one of these beautiful gifts hampers!

Product review – Champagne Breakfast Hamper:

Ahh, breakfast – the most important meal of the day for many. Why not ditch the bowl of cereal and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with a Champagne breakfast in bed for two.

The Champagne Breakfast Hamper features a half-bottle of Louis Dornier Champagne, five American-style muffins, wild boar pâté, ale-infused wholegrain mustard, 3-fruit marmalade, tea, coffee and more!

All you need to do is add you’re significant other and you’ve got the best start to your Valentine’s Day!

Serve the half-bottle of Louis Dornier Champagne alongside five American-style muffins in three mouth-watering flavours. For something savory try the delicious wild boar pâté, the ale-infused wholegrain mustard or spread the 3-fruit marmalade on toast.

And for some fruity sweetness, you’ll love the apples & prunes in syrup, the fresh strawberry jam or the little pot of acacia honey. Finish off with either fresh ground Brazilian coffee or brew up a cup of earl grey tea.

Full contents list of the Champagne Breakfast Hamper:

    • Louis Dornier et Fils Brut 375ml – Half BottleAWARD WINNERDOUBLE SILVER MEDAL winner at the IWC Challenge 2011 and Sommelier Awards 2011
    • 5 x Jumbo Breakfast Muffins – Cherry, Blueberry & Double Chocolate
    • Apricots in Almond & Raspberry Syrup 200g
    • Cottage Delight Strawberry Extra Jam 110g AWARD WINNERGold Great Taste Award from The Guild of Fine Foods
    • Wooden Spoon Three Fruit Marmalade (Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit) 340g AWARD WINNERGold Great Taste Award from The Guild of Fine Foods
    • New English Teas Classic Earl Gray x 10 Envelopes
    • Edinburgh Preserves Wild Boar Pâté 180g
    • Fresh Ground Brazilian Coffee 50g
    • Wholegrain Mustard & Spitfire Ale 39g
    • The Wooden Spoon Acacia Honey 42g
    • BASKET DIMENSIONS: 38 x 26 x 13cm

Champagne Breakfast Hamper product review conclusion:

All of the beautiful Valentine’s Day Hampers & Gifts are packed by hand and ready for you to order as you will see on delivery. Hampergifts items will deliver you and your loved one a delighted Valentine’s Day!

You are buying for a loved one, and you know only the best you can afford will do. Hampergifts will provide you with quality at the price you can afford. 

Are you looking for the ideal present for a friend, family member or corporate client? Why not try one of the beautifully presented food hampers or gift baskets from Hampergifts.

The selection of beautifully presented food hampers and gift baskets are a fantastic gift for a friend, family member or a thank you to your corporate client. Whether a sweet tooth or a thirsty throat – these will help you to impress!

Ranging from the colourful gift towers such as the Jade to themed gift baskets such as their Luxury Port & Stilton Hamper or A Taste of Ireland.

Product review – Jade Tower from Hampergifts:

This splendid tower is made up of five stacked green & gold gift boxes absolutely packed with treats.

As each box is opened the suprises reveal themselves – spiced nuts, chocolate mints, mini pots of jam & marmalade, tea, biscuits and more.

Arriving with hand-tied green ribbon, this sweet & savoury tower not only looks beautiful, but caters for all tastes too.
(Tower Height: 33cm)

Full contents list of the Jade Tower from Hampergifts

    • Perthshire Thin & Crispy Oatcakes 150g AWARD WINNERGOLD Medal Winner at the Great Taste Awards
    • Belgian Chocolate & Cappuccino Truffles 100g
    • White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookies in Hessian Bag 100g
    • Baronie Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Pralines 100g
    • The Wooden Spoon Citrus Grapefruit & Lime Marmalade 42g
    • Olives Et Al Kiln Roasted Siena Nuts & Seeds 60gAWARD WINNERGOLD Medal Winner at the Great Taste Awards
    • New English Teas English Afternoon Tea x 10 Envelopes
    • Walkers Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mints 150g
    • Gourmet Chocolate ‘Stones’ 200g
    • Edinburgh Preserves Raspberry Jam 100g
    • Buchanan’s Italian Creams 100g AWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • TOWER HEIGHT: 33cm

Product review Conclusion – Jade Tower from Hampergifts:

From packaging through to the contents, each carefully wrapped parcel will delight and make you smile. I claim the pralines!

FWhatever the occasion, you’ll find the perfect gift for your loved ones, crafted by hand, using the highest standards of packaging and gift-wrapping available from Hampergifts.


These Chocolate Hampers are perfect for the chocoholics out there in which to indulge. Choose from the Chocolate Gifts and Sweet Treats and treat that special someone in your life to a delightful gift they will remember always.

The salivating sound of the chocoholic in your life can often be louder than a train in a tunnel! These chocolate hampers and chocolate gifts are curated to bring joy to any sweet tooth, featuring melt-in-the-mouth chocolates of all descriptions.

The chocolate hampers include sumptuous delights such as chocolate cookies, truffles, pralines, mints, chocolate nuts and much much more!

A few highlights from our range include the:-

Product review – Chocolate & Nut Delight gift tower:

Demolishing this elaborate construction will be a real treat! Each of the beautiful, reusable burgundy & silver boxes filled to the brim with indulgences like Honey Roasted Nuts, Hazelnut Praline Pieces, Sugared Almonds, Dark Chocolate Brazils, Yoghurt Coated Peanuts and more.

This stylish gift comes beautifully finished with a hand-tied ribbon – ideal for chocoholics, chocolate lovers, and people who like a chocolate surprise now and again. (Tower Height: 39cm).

Contents of the Chocolate & Nut Delight gift tower:

    • Continental Sugared Almonds 110g
    • Belgian Caramel Praline Pieces 70g
    • Baronie Belgian Hazelnut Pralines 100g
    • Buchanan’s Chocolate Italian Creams 70gAWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • Yoghurt Coated Peanuts & Raisins 150g
    • Honey Roasted Peanuts 130g
    • Buchanan’s Chocolate Caramels 70g
    • Buchanan’s Russian Caramels 70g AWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • Dark Chocolate Coated Brazils 150g
    • White Chocolate Pieces 80g
    • TOWER HEIGHT: 39cm

Chocolate & Nut Delight gift tower product review conclusion:-

If chocolates and nuts are for you or your gift recipient, then dive right in. Indulge your taste buds in chocolate nut heaven.

Product review – Chocolate Heaven Hamper:

Chocolate Heaven? It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But in this case, this large chocolate hamper cannot fail to impress!

With a wide selection of temptations to choose from, I suggest starting with the gourmet triple chocolate cookies, the mouth-watering double chocolate muffin, Belgian hazelnut pralines or the fine milk chocolate ‘stones.’ Then delve deeper to discover the white chocolate truffles or the three different varieties of dark chocolate mints.

This delectable hamper comes beautifully gift-wrapped in a seagrass & wooden basket.

Contents of the Chocolate Heaven Hamper:

    • Dark Orange Belgian Chocolate Truffles 75g
    • Lindt Excellence Mint Intense 100g
    • Chocolaterie Diane Belgian White Chocolates Pralines 150g
    • Triple Chocolate Gourmet Cookies in Hessian Bag 100g
    • Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Pieces 100g
    • Double Chocolate American Style Muffin 120g
    • Baronie Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks with Pure Peppermint Filling 75g
    • White Chocolate Pieces 80g
    • Walkers Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mints 150g
    • Gourmet Chocolate Stones 200g
    • BASKET DIMENSIONS – 40cm x 32cm x 9cm

Chocolate Heaven Hamper product review conclusion:-

Chocolate, chocolate, and yet more chocolate. Welcome to chocolate heaven! I know lots of people who would be draw dropping happy if this were to arrive for them. The question is, do you?

Product review of the Deluxe Golden Tower from Hampergifts:-

This item is Hampergifts’ top-of-the-range chocolate tower and is a soaring 50cm tall and features eight golden gift boxes, each one filled to the brim with a vast amount of chocolates, cookies and other sweet treats. This tower is truly pure indulgence on a grand scale!

The contents include sugared almonds, lemon butter cookies, honey roasted nuts, Belgian truffles, chocolate coated Brazils, fruit cake, flapjack, caramels, hand-made honey biscuits and a considerable amount more. 

The sheer number of goodies mean this gift is perfect for sharing – either in an office or for the whole family. (Tower Height: 50cm)

Full contents list of the Deluxe Golden Tower:-

    • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles 50g
    • Rich Fruit Cake 150g
    • Melting Pot Cranberry & White Chocolate Fudge 95g AWARD WINNERGOLD MEDAL at the Great Taste Awards
    • Buchanan’s Italian Creams 100g AWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • Honey Baked Flapjack 120g
    • Hand Made Honey & Sesame Biscuits 100g
    • Dark Chocolate Coated Brazils 150g
    • Continental Sugared Almonds 110g
    • White Chocolate Drops 80g
    • Honey Roasted Peanuts 130g
    • Sicilian Lemon Butter Cookies 100g
    • Belgian Chocolate Crisp Pieces 40g
    • Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines 80g
    • Buchanans Chocolate Caramels 100g
    • Buchanan’s Chocolate Russian Caramels 100g AWARD WINNERFood from Scotland Excellence Award
    • Zentis Chocolate Marzipan Loaf 100g
    • TOWER HEIGHT: 50cm

Deluxe Golden Tower product review conclusion:-

Bring some joy into the life of your favourite chocoholic or be sneaky and keep it all for yourself. Shhh!we won’t tell! Another quality product, from a real quality supplier.

Keep it simple yet sophisticated with one of these Wine Gift Boxes. Make an impression in the corporate world, or send a gift to a dear friend.

Sometimes the best gift is a simple one because Wine Gift Boxes make the perfect present for somebody who loves luxury without the fuss.

From hearty reds to crisp, fruity whites, these selections of top quality wines won’t fail to impress.

Treat a friend to the smooth taste of award-winning Errázuriz Syrah Max Reserva which comes presented in a stunning hardwood case complete with brass latches.

Impress a client with the Kleine Zalze Collection – a duo of refreshing Chenin Blanc and elegant Merlot nestled in a hand-made wooden basket.

If you’re looking to make an impression, the stunning Triple Wine Chest contains a trio of wines that cover all the bases, all presented in an antique effect wine box.

These wine gifts are presented in a stunning range of wooden wine boxes, baskets, and leather look cases, making them the perfect choice for both personal and corporate gifts alike.

Product review of Errázuriz Syrah Max Reserva Wine Gift Box from Hampergifts:

Tasting Notes: The Syrah grape is ideally suited to the hot, dry climate of the Aconcagua Valley, where they planted in the superb ‘Max 2’ vineyard.

After extended maceration, the wine ages for 12 months in French and American oak. A powerful and concentrated wine to tantalize the taste buds.

Full contents list of the Errázuriz Syrah Max Reserva gift box:-

Presented in a hardwood case with brass latch and handle:

  • Errázuriz Syrah Max Reserva, Aconcagua Valley, Chile – 75cl AWARD WINNERGOLD at IWC 2014

Conclusion from Errázuriz Syrah Max Reserva gift box product review:-

A beautiful item from Hampergifts. Check out the reviews for more confirmation of the quality.

Want a gin gift that will wow all gin lovers? This selection of gin hampers feature carefully selected items that will delight all taste buds.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the gin lover in your life? Look no further, these selection of gin hampers are sure to make an impression. Because no one gin lover is the same, they have created a range of gin gifts that have something for every taste.

Choose from a traditionally handcrafted gin to new twists on the classic G&T cocktail. They have carefully hand selected only the most excellent items to include in their gin hampers.

Treat the connoisseur to the splendid Tarquin’s Gin Hamper, an impressive spread of tasty delights surrounding a handcrafted dry gin. Food lovers and gin lovers alike will adore this hamper.

For a classic yet straightforward gift, have the Gin & Tonic Tray delivered to the lucky recipient’s door. They will love the indulgent chewy biscuits and coffee-infused dark chocolate that accompanies the delicious gin and tonic cocktail.

Mark a momentous occasion with the Tanqueray No. 10. This impressive hamper is packed full of delicious flavours to complement the bottle of Tanqueray No. Ten gin. For the sweet-toothed gin lover, our colour themed Bloom Gin & Rose Lemonade hamper will leave them tickled pink!

Each one of these gin hampers is lovingly gift-wrapped in the UK and delivered using secure signed-for methods, giving you the peace of mind that your gin gift will arrive safely to the lucky recipient.

This fantastic range of Luxury Hampers is perfect for wowing on that extra special occasion. Filled with gourmet treats to delight these Luxury Gift Baskets are sure to impress.

When you’re looking for something a little extra on a special occasion, these luxury hampers make an ideal gift. The unique baskets are brimming with award-winning products and quality gourmet treats.

Hampergifts range of Luxury Hampers and Gift Baskets include the Veuve Clicquot Hamper, and the ever-popular Grande.

For the ultimate in luxury, you can reserve The Royal – a vast collection of excellent food & drink and The Opulence – their most substantial hamper, containing 39 delicious gourmet items and packaged in a rope handled trunk.

Choose one of these beautiful luxury hampers today and help that someone special in your life to celebrate their day with a moment of magic.

Every hamper and gift basket is packed by hand and stunningly presented.

Have a cheese lover in your life? Treat them to one of these luxury cheese hampers. The handmade baskets are filled with award-winning cheeses to suit all tastes.

We all know somebody who’s a food lover, and finding them the perfect present be somewhat tricky. These luxury cheese hampers make the ideal gift that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters and treat their taste-buds to an extravaganza of award-winning treats.

Hampergifts have an excellent selection of cheese hampers containing only the finest foods, hand selected by their team of hamper ninjas!

From the mightily impressive Opulence filled with a large 39 gourmet food & drink items to the hugely popular Wine & Cheese Feast, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Hampergifts luxury cheese hampers come presented in a beautiful, hand made baskets, and are delivered a gift wrapped with an optional personalized message.

Relax, unwind and indulge with our range of luxurious pamper hampers. Bath & beauty gifts start from under £20, with specially chosen items gift-wrapped by hand.

Our Bath & Beauty Gifts are the perfect way to unwind after a long hard day. They contain everything that’s needed to soothe, relax and rejuvenate.

This range of specially chosen products include scented soaps, bathtime hampers and even gardening themed gifts, all gift-wrapped by hand.

There’s something for everyone from a green-fingered mum who loves a long soak after a day in the garden to fizzy bath bombs for those who are a little more effervescent.

Relax, unwind and indulge with these luxuriously pamper hampers. The ideal treat for someone special and that includes you.

Celebrate the pitter-patter of tiny feet with Hampergifts’ New Baby Hampers. They have an adorable selection of new baby gifts and baskets that baby & mum will love alike.

One of the most joyous occasions is the welcoming of a new child into the world.

Celebrate this pitter-patter of tiny feet and deliver one of our new baby gifts and hampers straight to Mum for a present she will love.

Hampergifts provide carefully selected hampers packed with all kinds of adorable goodies for the new arrival. Treat a new mum to the beautiful Welcome Bouquet in pink or blue and watch as she discovers tiny little socks for small little feet and baby bodysuits arranged to look like a gorgeous bouquet.

Give her the gift of the Baby Girl Basket or Baby Boy Basket which are packed full of all the essentials for her little bundle of joy, like bibs, combs and organic wipes, and a box of chocolates for Mum of course!

Marking the new baby, these gifts are lovingly gift wrapped with luxury ribbon and come with a personalized message.

Are you looking for the ideal gift for the beer or ale drinker in your life? From continental beer to English ales Hampergifts’ beer hampers are perfect for all occasions.

Beer makes everything better. It’s an ale old fact of life! Why not treat the beer drinker in your life to something special? They’ve made sure to include biscuits, nuts, and other treats – all designed to go wonderfully with the beer.

You can choose from the Continental Beer Basket, our Premium Beer Box, the popular English Ales Hamper or if you prefer to send beer and only beer then the Crate of Beer is ideal for you.

This award-winning range of beer hampers are perfect for a friend, loved one, co-worker or your favorite yeasty companion. Beautifully presented and hand-packaged, we’ll help you to impress!

Impress at the office, or treat yourself (we promise not to tell) with one of our Muffins & Cookies Hampers. Indulge your sweet tooth in a medley of goodies.

Have you got that favorite co-worker who loves nothing more than to unwrap their tuna fish sandwich right next to you at lunchtime? Why not change things up and have a delivery of delicious muffins & cookies instead. Not only do they taste delicious but they will smell infinitely better!

Indulge your taste buds in a marvellous medley of flavours with their Muffins, Cookies & Flapjack Selection, perfect for sharing around the office, or wow everyone with the crowd-pleasing Chocolate Heaven Hamper packed with an assortment of delights.

Hampergifts Cookies and Cake Towers are bound to make an impression, its golden stack of boxes concealing an assortment of sweet treats like White Chocolate & Strawberry Cookies, Cranberry Burst Flapjack, and melt-in-the-mouth Baronie Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Pralines.

Gift wrapped and presented in a reusable basket, theMuffins & Cookies hampers are sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest co-workers face.

Special occasion? Then these luxury themed hampers cover a wide selection, from best of British baskets for the for simple treats to nostalgic retro hampers.

Sometimes you need a particular gift. Perhaps the birthday boy or girl is yearning for the good old days, and a good dose of nostalgia is just what they need.

Maybe you have an anniversary coming up, and you want to give your loved a romantic gift that pulls out all the stops. These themed hampers are just the thing!

Treat that nostalgic friend to the wonderful Fizzy Favourites Retro Hamper and watch their eyes light up with delight as they uncover traditional favourites like Double Dip Sherbet, Giant Love Hearts, Popping Candy and much, much more!

Surprise your loved one to The Sweethearts Tower, packed full of an abundance of goodies, all housed inside adorable heart-shaped boxes.

Cheer up your homesick friend with the Taste Of Ireland hamper which will make them feel like they’re home again.

Hampergifts themed hampers are filled with award-winning foods and drink arriving gift wrapped with a luxury ribbon and a personalized gift message.

Say congratulations on someone’s special day with a glass of bubbly, or three! Hampergifts’ Champagne Hampers & Baskets are the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Nothing says congratulations more than the sound of a cork popping on a bottle of champagne. Mark the occasion and add something extra special to your glass of bubbly with one of the Champagne Hampers & Baskets.

These hampers contain hand selected products that perfectly complement the champagne included. The popular Veuve Clicquot Hamper consists of a medley of delicious treats to go along with the award-winning yellow label champagne.

If you want to make a big occasion even bigger, treat the lucky recipient to the best-selling Indulgence which contains a host of award-winning treats that truly live up to its name.

Arrange a romantic date with the Cuddles & Bubbles hamper for that special somebody in your life. No matter what the occasion, there’s always room for champagne!

Hampergifts’ Champagne Hampers & Baskets beautifully presented in a range of boxes and baskets with a personalized gift message.

Ready to enjoy a beautiful day out in the sunshine? Why not try one of the ready-to-eat picnic hampers and baskets? Everything you need for a great picnic.

One of the most enjoyable British pastimes on a sunny day is a picnic. We all have favourite memories of a picnic with family or a loved one, so why not create new memories with one of our picnic hampers & picnic baskets?

Hampergifts’ luxurious fitted wicker picnic hampers come complete with cutlery and crockery, ready to use! Each contains a carefully chosen selection of picnic foods, nibbles & treats.

Choose a Hampergifts’ picnic basket for a perfectly enjoyable day out with friends or family. Just add sun and dilute to taste!

The whiskey aficionado will love the selection of Whisky Hampers. From single malts and aged scotch with a host of treats, there’s something for everyone.

The whiskey expert is a difficult person to buy for, and often hard to impress. That’s where these Whisky Hampers come in.

For the Scotch specialist or the Malt master, the lucky recipient will be thrilled with their gift. You may even escape the long speech on the origin of whiskey as they will be too busy tasting!

Hampergifts’ whisky gifts contain specially selected products, presented in a variety of beautiful baskets, boxes and cases. Treat them to the Whiskey Surprise which is packed full of delicious treats including crumbly fudge, dark orange chocolates, rich fruit cake, and of course a half bottle of Scotch Whiskey.

If you want to keep it simple yet sophisticated, the Lagavulin 16 is an award-winning single malt presented in a hardwood gift box.

The Indulgence combines a vast array of food and drinks to complement the show-stopping Connoisseurs Blended Scotch Whiskey, perfect for marking a big occasion.

You must be 18+ to purchase these: Hampergifts encourages responsible drinkingDrinkaware.co.uk

You can impress even the most diligent wine expert with their excellent wine gifts. The wine hampers contain carefully selected top wines from quality classic regions.

A wine gift is always well received, but a beautiful wine gift will excite even the most critical of taste buds. These Fine Wine Gifts are a cut above the rest, containing specially selected wines from classic regions that will impress everyone’s inner sommelier.

The beautiful selection of excellent wine gifts includes the bright and intense Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Jean-Luc Colombo, the award winning Errázuriz Founder’s Reserve 2007 and the zesty Sancerre, La Grande Châtelaine de Joseph Mellot.

Hampergifts’ beautiful wine gifts are all presented in a variety of wine boxes, hardwood cases, and baskets which every wine connoisseur will appreciate.

Take a friend on a trip down memory lane with these retro Sweet Hampers, packed with all the classics. Recall your childhood days with sweet gifts.

We all remember the classic sweets from our childhood, and it’s hard not to feel a pang of nostalgia when you recall cola bottles, parma violets and of course the ever famous sherbet.

Hampergifts’ Sweet Hampers take you on a trip down memory lane with a fantastic selection of retro sweets and old school favorites.

Treat your sweet-toothed friend to the Retro Tuck Box, or surprise them with the Classic Retro Sweets Hamper. The popular Fizzy Favourites Retro Hamper is packed with 27 fizzy classics.

All of these sweet gifts come beautifully presented in wicker baskets that you can re-use, perfect for storing keepsakes and trinkets.

Indulge the vegetarian in your life to a meat-free treat that is sure to delight with one of our beautifully presented Vegetarian Hampers or Gift Baskets.

Every veritable vegetarian needs a little pampering from time to time! Here you will find a great selection of meat-free delights that are sure to tempt even the most challenging vegetarian!

From the Tea & Coffee Break Hamper to the Vanilla Berry Hat Box there are treats and surprises for everyone.

Whether they have a sweet tooth, a dry throat or want to relax and unwind, you’ll help make their day special.

Perhaps you want to join them for a day out? If so, the Chiller Picnic Hamper for Two is ideal for you to share.

All of the hampers and gifts are beautifully packaged with love and care, ready for your loved one to enjoy. (Please note that not all of the baskets are suitable for vegans.)

Need the ideal gift for the alcohol-free loved one in your life? Try one of these non-alcoholic hampers and give them a treat that they will savor.

As we all know, not everybody wants to drink alcohol so why shouldn’t they still receive a beautiful gift? They’ve designed a range of fantastic non-alcoholic hampers and gifts that you can surprise your alcohol-free loved one.

If they’re a morning person why not give them a bumper headstart to their day with the Breakfast Hamper. Or if they prefer elevenses consider our Tea & Coffee Break Tower.

Do they spend all their time outside and come in just needing to relax and unwind – if so, our French Linen Watering Can could be just the treat they need.

All of the non-alcoholic hampers and gifts are beautifully presented and packaged by hand, ready for your loved one’s special day.

Are you looking to treat your Dad for Father’s Day? Why not try one of these super Father’s Day Hampers? From wine, beer or whiskey gifts to the fantastic breakfast hamper.

It’s easy to overlook the excellent job that Dads can do in our lives. Why not celebrate your Dad and show him how much you care by giving him a gift that he’ll remember this Father’s Day.

Here are a few highlights from the great selection of Father’s Day Hampers and Gift Baskets provided by Hampergifts:

Continental Beer Basket

This basket contains two premium continental lagers, oatcakes, spiced tomato chutney, fruit cake and more! An ideal choice for the Dad that loves beer and a few snacks to accompany.

Great British Hamper Tower

A beautifully designed food tower celebrates the best of British in carefully packaged blue and silver gift boxes. Sweet treats include butter toffee from Yorkshire, crumbly fudge cubes from Lancashire and delicious caramels made in Scotland. With tea and coffee covered, there’s everything that your Dad needs for a wonderful Father’s Day celebration!

The Grande

This food and drink hamper does live up to its name and is one of the most substantial gift hampers to offer. It’s overflowing with four bottles of award-winning wine and a vast array of sweet and savory delights including biscuits, chocolates, nuts, cake, tea, and fruit preserves.

This lovingly packed deep wicker basket is ideal for showing Dad how special he is to you!

All of these Father’s Day Hampers are lovingly hand packaged and will be delivered securely to your dad.

Let Hampergifts help you show your Dad why he is the best Dad in the world.

Hampergifts prove a  wide range of corporate hampers and corporate gifts ideal for rewarding staff or clients.

Luxury hampers from £25 to £400, filled with award-winning food & drink. Get in touch with Hampergifts for corporate discounts.

Corporate Hampers make ideal gifts for employees or your clients/customers, particularly after completion of a sale or contract. This company offers a wide range of hampers & gifts, with a selection available to view below.

Hampergifts can also offer bespoke hampers that are tailored to suit your business requirements. Their range of award-winning food and drink gifts, beautiful gift wrapping and high-quality packaging help to make your business stand out.

Hampergifts’ Premium Vodka Hampers and Crates are fantastic gifts and ideal for the distinguished distiller in your life, accompanied with a tasty selection of snacks.

Buying a gift for a vodka lover can be a tough choice! With so many different vodkas to choose from, there’s a vast ocean of ethanol just waiting to be drunk.

Here are three premium vodkas for the distinguished distiller in your life with a quick run-down of each of the Vodkas.

Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere is a Polish rye vodka, introduced into the market in 1993. It’s quadruple distilled and free of additives creating a perfect balance of character and purity. Perfect on the rocks, in a martini or breathing life into a cocktail.

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is a brand co-owned by a favorite ghost busting hero, Dan Aykroyd. The vodka is made from high-quality peaches and cream corn, quadruple-distilled and then filtered seven times. The final three filtrations are through Herkimer diamond crystals. Oh and an excellent bottle?

DQ Vodka

DQ Vodka is a premium Swedish vodka manufactured from Sweden’s magical winter wheat. It’s continuously distilled into one of the smoothest vodkas you’ll ever taste and then packaged into a stunning glass and metal bottle, with satin chrome caps. If you care about the environment, you’ll be delighted to know that DQ Vodka is a 100% carbon neutral product.

Each of the vodkas above is packaged with a selection of tasty snacks and treats and presented in a beautiful crate, ready for your loved one to enjoy. Just make sure you screw the lid back on tightly to hide the little taste you had before presenting it to them!

You must be 18+ to purchase these: Hampergifts encourages responsible drinkingDrinkaware.co.uk

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