How To Send Champagne Gift Parcels – Everything You Need To Know

Champagne is a sparkly wine that creates bubbles once it reaches the glass upon pouring. Knowing how to send Champagne gift parcels is important for your gift to arrive safely.

Some use it loosely to describe bubbly wine. But in some places, especially EU countries, it’s illegal to use it as a broad term unless it’s actually made from the Champagne region in France.

Champagne is the usual go-to-drink when something calls for a celebration. Additionally, it’s also the perfect drink if you’re in for a romantic dinner.

This article on how to send champagne gift parcels is a must-read to finding that perfect bottle, whether you want to celebrate something, make a moment memorable, or gift it “just because.”

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples to help you purchase the intended recipient in your life.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Champagne Gift for Your Loved One

Champagne is perhaps the best gift idea to make someone feel truly special. It screams luxury; that’s why it’s the perfect celebratory gift.

But, gifting a bottle is tricky, especially if you don’t know what qualities make a good bottle. Also, with the number of options available, picking one can be confusing and very overwhelming.

I hope to take the guesswork out of choosing by making this list of how to choose the best champagne gift:

  1. Champagne vs. Cava vs. Prosecco vs. Sparkling wine

As mentioned, not all sparkling wine can be considered champagne. This simple guide can help you know the difference between the two:

  • Champagne is a sparkling wine made in Champagne, France; uses traditional Champagne grapes (pinot Meunier, pinot noir, and chardonnay 😉 and involves the liquid being fermented in a bottle instead of in tanks. It also has the finest bubbles and is the least sweet of the first three.
  • Cava – this Spanish sparkling wine is fermented in a bottle (like champagne) but is cheaper since it uses inexpensive grapes. It’s usually sweeter than champagne and has larger bubbles than champagne but finer than Prosecco.
  • Prosecco – this Italian sparkling wine uses the Charmat method wherein the liquids are placed in tanks first before being bottled. It has the coarsest bubbles and is usually sweeter than Cava.
  • Sparkling wine is more like an umbrella term for fizzy wines and doesn’t follow any traditional wine-making technique. It can also come from any part of the world.
  1. Know the recipient’s taste preference

Sugar is added during the final stages of production to level the wine’s acidity. A good tip is to pair sweeter drinks with desserts and partner acidic drinks with salads:

  • Doux – this is the sweetest variety paired well with desserts.
  • Demi-Sec, Sec, and Extra Sec – these are also on the sweet side but can also go well with certain types of dishes.
  • Brut and Extra Brut – these are for people who like it dry. These can either be enjoyed on their own or paired with basically any type of food (since they’re very versatile.)
  1. Know the tiers

This refers to the age of a wine. This is crucial since it affects the wine’s quality and taste.

  • Classic – the entry-level.
  • Reserve – may signify that it has been aged from a couple to several years for maximum results or taste.
  • Prestige – made from the winery’s most prestigious selection of grapes.
  1. Pick dark-colored bottles

Wines are like olive oil, where light affects their quality and taste. Keeping them in the dark bottles and storing them in a dark and cool place will prevent the wine from “cooking.”

  1. Size

After picking your wine or champagne, think about your group. How many glasses and how much is needed to serve the whole group?

Standard size is perfect for small groups, while magnum is better for large ones. Also, make sure to have a champagne bottle stopper in hand to guarantee your wine’s freshness for up to three days.

Where Can I Buy a Champagne Gift?

Champagne gifts can be bought either from a physical store or from an online shop. Each has its own pros and cons, which I’ll discuss more in detail.

The advantage of buying from a physical store is that you’re more likely to find the type or brand you really like. This gives you a whole lot of options, so you get a bang for your buck.

A disadvantage, however, is you have to endure the crowd and wait in line when purchasing.

Meanwhile, the biggest advantage of buying from an online shop is convenience. There’s no need to wait in line, too, since your order gets processed in an instant.

The shipping fee, unfortunately, is a big disadvantage. The waiting time is another one I can think of since you really can’t control what’s happening from the supplier to its way to you.

Whichever place you choose, make sure to buy only from a reputable seller. This is so you’re sure you’re getting only the best, and the quality isn’t compromised.

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What are the Most Popular Champagne Brands?

Choosing a bottle of champagne isn’t that easy, given all the choices we have. But, I’m going to give you what I think are good brands that go for every type of budget:

Cheapest: Rondel Brut Cava

This isn’t technically champagne, but it’s the closest I can get. This Spanish bubbly isn’t too sweet and has subtle nut and peach flavors with some white lilies’ undertones.

Mid-range: Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut

Made of pinot noir grapes with a little bit of Pinot Meunier and chardonnay, this drink has hints of brioche and fruits like apples and pears. It’s very smooth and can be paired with any dish.

Luxury: Ruinart Brut Blanc de Blancs

Fans of blanc de Blancs will absolutely love this drink made of 100% chardonnay. It has a toasty profile (think of almonds and honey) with fragrant fruits like green apple and peach to top it off.

What Types of Champagne Gift Sets are there Available?

Champagne gift sets can be divided into two types. The first is those with glassware included, while the second type is those with food items included.

It’s your choice of how many glasses will be included in your set for the first type. Some may offer a set with a minimum of two glasses, while some can go up to 12 glasses.

For the second type, you (or your recipient) are also receiving food items to pair with the bubbly drink.

Some of the usual types of Champagne gift sets available are the following:

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How Much Does a Champagne Gift Set Cost?

The cheapest champagne gift set I found was around $12. On top of that, a good starting point for a decent champagne bottle is around the $35-$48 price point.

So, I guess it’s safe to say you’ll be spending less than $60.

But, there’s no rule saying that a gift set should also include a bottle. I think that combining these two in a gift will make the experience more complete.

If adding a bottle is already out of your budget, then a set of glasses alone is still seen as a precious gift.

How Much Should I Spend on a Champagne Gift Parcel?

I’m still comfortable spending around $60 on a champagne gift parcel. I think it’s a good enough price range to get something decent and of good quality.

However, as mentioned, it will still depend on your budget.

You shouldn’t increase your budget only because everyone else’s gifts are more expensive than yours. Just spend what you’re comfortable spending and you’re all set.

I’m sure your recipient won’t mind if your gift is inexpensive or not. The important thing is you brought a gift to make his/her special day a little more memorable.

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Can I Personalize My Champagne Gift?

Of course, you can!

In fact, doing this will make your presence even more special. Your recipient will realize you’ve put in lots of effort in sending it, and you didn’t just send it for the sake of sending one.

There are plenty of ways on how to wrap a bottle of champagne. I’ll be showing you three easy options on how to personalize your champagne gift:

With a narrow box:

  1. Take any narrow box, for example, a shoebox, and place your bottle inside. If your box is a bit big, fill it with crumpled paper or with tissue paper so the bottle stays secure.
  2. Once everything is set, grab a pair of scissors, tape, wrapping paper, and wrap the entire thing.
  3. Wrap a colorful ribbon around your wrapped box to finish it off.

.With wrapping paper:

  1. Cut a sheet of wrapping paper, making sure it’s big enough to cover your bottle completely. It’s better to start with a huge sheet than a small one since it’s easier to make adjustments by cutting off extra paper than by adding more.
  2. Place the bottle on its side and near the edge of the wrapping paper. Using two-sided tape, stick the paper along the flat side of the bottle.
  3. Roll the bottle in the paper about 5 times (to make sure the bottle stays secure.) Then, cut off any excess paper and tape the ends with ordinary tape where they overlap.
  4. Make three slits in the bottom and top portions of the paper using scissors. Fold-down the slits in the middle and tape them with ordinary tape once all the segments are complete. Repeat the process for the other portion.
  5. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle to complete your wrapping and to make it look presentable.

With tissue paper and cellophane:

  1. Lay a piece of tissue paper flat on a table. Stick pieces of double-sided tape on four sides and then place cellophane on top. Once the two are attached, flip them over.
  2. Put your bottle in the middle of the tissue paper and bring it up over the neck. Start pleating by gathering the tissue paper and cellophane sections and folding them in while you do so.
  3. Grab a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the bottle’s opening. Make sure it’s secure before adding some more decorations to make it look pretty.

How Can I Save Money When Buying a Champagne Gift Set?

Champagne is, no doubt, delicious. But a good one can cost a lot, so here are some of my tips to save money on your favorite drink:

  • Wait for sales

This is especially true at supermarkets. Bottles of champagne are usually put on sale whenever a holiday is coming up, so you might want to check out that.

  • Order in bulk

I suggest stocking up when you find a brand you really like. You’re more likely to get discounts when buying several bottles at a time.

  • Visit warehouse clubs

Most warehouse stores have a wide selection of champagne priced lower than what you would find in supermarkets. Shopping at discount stores can help, too.

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Guide to DIY Packaging the Champagne Gift Before Shipping

Wrapping a champagne gift yourself can make your recipient feel extra special. This is because you still found time to make the extra step for him/her despite your busy schedule.

Below are other ways on how to DIY wrap your champagne gift to make it look more appealing:

Using a paper bag

This is the easiest method out there—just put the bottle in the bag, and you’re done! But, make sure to fill the bag with newspaper or tissue paper to protect it when it falls over.

Additionally, special bottle sleeves are now offered in convenience stores and gift shops to help protect bottles when sent out as gifts.

Using a bottle tube

  1. Buy a cardboard tube from your postal service, shipping store, or office supply stores. The widths can vary, so take your time to find a tube that fits your bottle perfectly.
  2. Insert the bottle into the tube. If there’s any excess, mark the tube about an inch over the bottle. Remove the bottle first and cut off any excess with scissors. Be extra careful with this step.
  3. Place a plug on one end of the tube and fasten it into place with tape. This will secure that end of the tube to make sure your bottle doesn’t fall out.
  4. Get some wrapping paper and lay the tube on its side on top. Tape the edge of the paper to the tube and roll it until the tube is tightly covered. Then, tape the paper together, where it begins to overlap.
  5. Cut off any excess and tape the small pieces on the bottom in the middle. Insert your bottle in the tube and place a second plug on top of the tube. Scrunch the top pieces together over the tube and secure the opening by tying a decorative ribbon around it.

Shipping Options Available for Your Gift Item

There are several options to send your champagne gift parcel. However, I think things are a bit different in the UK than it is in the US.

For example, sending one through the post in the UK is possible. The Royal Mail is willing to ship your items given it has less than 24% alcohol and no more than one liter.

In the US, on the other hand, it’s illegal for private citizens to send alcohol. UPS and FedEx won’t touch it unless you have an official distributor license and meet their other requirements.

The USPS, unfortunately, doesn’t carry packages with alcohol or wine in them. This is true both for domestic or international mail.

Will My Supplier Post My Gift Item Direct on My Behalf?

Yes. In fact, the suppliers are very knowledgeable when it comes to this.

A good retailer is expected to know the rules when shipping alcohol in-state. But, they should still abide by local laws to ensure your package arrives safely to your recipient.

However, things get tricky when shipping alcohol to another state. The supplier must know both the receiving and shipping states’ rules to ensure your package doesn’t get in trouble.

For example, it’s legal to ship alcoholic beverages from Mississippi. However, things become illegal when wine shipments are received in this state.

In this case, looking for a local retailer can be a safer option. While they may charge you extra money, rest assured you’re free of hassles sending champagne to another state may cause.

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Can I Send a Champagne Gift Set Internationally?

This is where things get complicated.

You must first check if your package can be legally sent to a destination with no permit. If you don’t, your package can be seized, quarantined, or even destroyed.

Shipping alcohol overseas means brushing up on federal and state export laws. It also means knowing the import laws of where you’re sending it to.

Again, better look for retailers or distributors in your preferred destination instead. It’ll cost you a lot of extras, yes, but you’re confident your package will reach your recipient with no issues.

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My Favorite Champagne Gift Parcel to Send for Her

This is the perfect gift for guys preparing a romantic dinner with the love of their life:

  • Get a pretty wine bucket or chiller with subtle vine accents to it.
  • Place a bottle of Cristal Champagne in it along with boxes of hazelnut truffles.

My Favorite Champagne Gift Parcel to Send for Him

For your bro who just got promoted at work, gift him this parcel to show how proud you are:

  • Grab a stainless steel Champagne bucket with his initials written on it.
  • Put in a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne and add some chocolate-covered nuts, flavored popcorn, and specialty candies.

My Favorite Champagne Gift Parcel to Send for a Couple

Send the couple your well-wishes with this parcel perfect for their anniversary or just because:

  • Prepare a traditional wicker basket and decorate the outside with a ribbon.
  • Place a bottle of their favorite Champagne and fill the basket with wafers, cheese, walnuts, peanuts, your choice of baked goodies, and some freshly-baked crostini.

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