Pregnancy Gift Basket Ideas – Gift Items For The Mum To Be

Entering motherhood is definitely an exciting time, so pregnancy gift basket ideas will help find a memorable gift for the mum to be.

With the many joys, surprises, and fears that come with being a mother, the experience is certainly a thrilling one. Each pregnancy is different, and some women may need to make a bigger adjustment in their daily routines, while others may have to deal with more physical pain due to their enlarged bellies.

Growing a baby takes plenty of work, especially during the first pregnancy. Still, there are plenty of items suited for expectant mothers to allow the next nine months to become more bearable and pleasant as possible.

If you’re looking for a present for a pregnant friend or family member, look no further as we’ve compiled a list of pregnancy gift basket ideas that the mother-to-be will surely love to receive.

Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples to help you purchase the intended recipient in your life.

Here are my top 5 pregnancy gift baskets available from Amazon USA:-

  1.  Organic Stores Gift Baskets Simply Sugar-Free Gift Basket: Here’s a hard-to-find gift for the diabetic or the dieter. (Source
  2.  GiftTree Fresh Fruit & Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket: Premium fruit meets gourmet chocolates from Godiva. (Source
  3.  Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket: Two large bags of hand-popped gourmet gooey caramel corn. (Source
  4.  Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set, 6 Products in Giftable Tin: Revitalize and infuse your skin with Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set. (Source
  5.  igourmet Irish Classics – Gourmet Gift Basket: Ttraditional Irish fare. (Source

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  1. Pregnancy Gift Basket – Show Your Love with a Basket of Happiness

  2. Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms – Gifts That Will Help Them

  3. Pregnancy Gift Box – Awesome Goodies Not to Miss

  4. Pregnancy Gift Basket Content Ideas for Expecting Mothers to Help Maintain Their Wellness

  5. Sentimental Gifts for a Pregnant Sister

  6. Best Pregnancy Pillow to Give with Your Pregnancy Gift Basket 

  7. Pregnancy Survival Kit – the Basis of a Great Pregnancy Gift Basket

  8. Bump Box Pregnancy Gift Baskets

  9. The Stork Bag – Something Special for Your Pregnancy Gift Basket

  10. Presents for a Pregnant Friend, Not for Baby and Not Part of the Gift Basket

  11. Mom to Be Gift Basket/mom to Be Gifts to Include with Your Pregnancy Gift Basket

  12. New Mom Gifts That Every New Mom Needs

  13. Christmas Gifts for Expecting Parents to Boost the Pregnancy Gift Basket

  14. Pregnancy Gift Basket Care Package Ideas

  15. Best Pregnancy Gifts For Your Short List

  16. Birthday Gifts for Expecting Mothers

  17. Gifts for a Newly Pregnant Friend to Add to Your Pregnancy Gift Basket

  18. Baby Bump Headphones – Safe Way to Play Music for the Baby

  19. My Top Tips on Making a Pregnancy Gift Basket

  20. What You Need to Make a Pregnancy Gift Basket

  21. Step by Step Guide to Making a Pregnancy Gift Basket

  22. What to Put in Pregnancy Gift Basket That Will Cheer Her Up

  23. Where to Buy a Pregnancy Gift Basket with the Simplest Delivery Options

  24. Post Pregnancy Gift Basket for Mom to Re-Energize Her Well Being

  25. First Pregnancy Gift Basket Ideas That the Mom to Be May Need

  26. Pregnancy Gift Basket Delivery – What You Should Consider Before Sending

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Pregnancy Gift Basket – Show Your Love with a Basket of Happiness

Women experience so much during the nine months of pregnancy. Their highs and lows come with plenty of surprises, anxieties, and more, so it’s the perfect time to give these women you love something they’ll treasure for a long time.

Consider these splendid pregnancy gift basket items for the mom-to-be:-

Skincare set– choose skincare sets with no harsh chemicals, so her skin is completely nourished and moisturized by all-natural ingredients. That’s one less thing she’ll have to worry about.

Ginger drops– put in some natural ginger drops like these can offer relief for her bouts of nausea in the morning.

Pregnancy guide– a fun yet comprehensive pregnancy book will guide her through the first to third trimesters, helping her understand everything from strange food cravings to a growing belly.

Pregnancy herbal tea – is also a helpful addition to a pregnancy gift basket, especially for moms-to-be who are cutting out caffeine as an assortment of herbal tea can become a fun, nutritious substitute for a daily coffee fix.

Keepsake pregnancy journal – this kind of journal will allow your loved one to jot down her hopes, dreams, and worries during pregnancy and could become one of the family’s cherished treasures.

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Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms – Gifts That Will Help Them

Future mothers have to deal with a lot, from doctor’s appointments and baby swaddling to personal care and house chores. Now that they’re going through uncomfortable changes during their pregnancy, you can show them lots of love.

These pregnancy gifts for first-time moms will certainly help them ease up and unwind:-

Pregnancy pillow– a super-soft pregnancy pillow helps support a woman’s growing body and is perfect for snuggling in bed. It’s also a lifesaver when she wants to sit while working with her laptop or reading a book.

Skincare set– first-time mothers should remember that it’s crucial to keep their skin hydrated and moisturized to avoid itching and stretch marks. Consider gift sets that include products made from natural ingredients, including lip balms, belly creams, and foot and hand creams, to make her feel healthy and beautiful.

The oil diffuser is perfect for pregnant mothers who need both energy and relaxation to get through the day. Choose oil diffusers that come with various essentials, such as lavender oil, that help promote good sleep.

Bath salts – make sure the first-time mom can pamper herself with pregnancy bath salts that will reduce vomiting and feelings of nausea. They’re the best addition to any warm bath as their nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body, supporting the mom-to-be’s energy level and promoting healthy sleep.

Pregnancy Gift Box – Awesome Goodies Not to Miss

Entering motherhood and giving it your all is a selfless, strenuous yet enriching experience in a woman’s life. Hence, we believe that moms-to-be deserve something special to help them through their journey.

Here are items that can be an awesome addition to any pregnancy gift box:-

Morning sickness tea – as morning sickness is not exactly a fine way of starting her day, you can help your loved one by getting her some morning sickness tea made from organic ingredients. As she regularly consumes the tea, it won’t only settle her stomach and ease nausea but also relieve other conditions like diarrhea and constipation.

Compression socks – as she moves from one trimester to the next, she may feel the sluggishness kicking in, especially in her legs. Compression socks are an excellent way to keep her legs comfortable while providing relief to fatigue and bloating.

Maternity belt– help her relieve spinal pressure with a maternity belt that lifts and supports the extra weight from her growing belly. Choose breathable belts made of durable mesh material, so she feels comfortable from day tonight.

Maternity dress – if the mom-to-be wants to have a photography session and take pictures with her baby bump, get her a gorgeous and classy maternity dress that will cover and expose all of the right places and make for flattering pregnancy photos.

Pregnancy Gift Basket Content Ideas for Expecting Mothers to Help Maintain Their Wellness

Carrying another human being in their belly, pregnant mothers should make smart and healthy food choices to take care of their bodies and maintain overall wellness.

Here are top pregnancy gift basket wellness gift ideas for expecting mothers:-

Pregnancy nutrition guide – because pregnancy can bring on certain eating difficulties, it can be challenging to determine what to eat and when it should be eaten. Choose a pregnancy nutrition guide that will provide the expectant mother with easy-to-understand guidelines about nutrition and healthy recipes to support these recommendations. From satisfying one’s cravings to coping with nausea, she’ll get the perfect advice from this book.

Pregnancy tea set– pick out the best types of tea to support the mom-to-be. She’ll find everything she needs for the first through the third trimester in a completely organic tea set.

Great-tasting coffee – if the mother-to-be is a big coffee drinker, she doesn’t have to give it up while going through pregnancy completely. You can find nutritious, guilt-free coffee that can be consumed by women who are not only pregnant but are also breastfeeding. With low levels of acid and reduced amounts of caffeine, a cup (or two) will be easier on her sensitive stomach.

Pregnancy water bottle – dehydration during pregnancy should be avoided as it can result in headaches, nausea, and many more complications. A pregnancy water bottle can help your loved one monitor and increase her water intake, sending more nutrients to her baby as she keeps drinking fluids throughout the day.

Sentimental Gifts for a Pregnant Sister

Gift-giving is one of the opportunities to express to our friends and family members how much we love and care for them. Most of us want to preserve and relive good memories and acknowledge our close relationships.

Here are some sentimental gifts for a pregnant sister you may wish to consider:-

Sonogram pregnancy keepsake frame– expecting moms can place their little angel on display in a charming frame that will feature different ultrasound images throughout their pregnancy. When the beautiful frame has been filled up, it is gorgeously displayed in the baby’s room.

Pregnancy journal – week by week, the mon-to-be can document her beautiful journey with an inspiring pregnancy journal where she can record all the physical and emotional changes she’s going through while reading through quirky comments on cravings, baby nicknames, and more.

Tiny messages in a bottle – write lots and lots of personal messages to your sister and stuff them inside capsules, so she’ll have daily reminders of your love and care.

Best Pregnancy Pillow to Give with Your Pregnancy Gift Basket 

One of the most amazing moments in a woman’s life is becoming a mother. As it is physically challenging for her to go through this transformation for the next forty weeks, all she needs is to ease up and feel relaxed. Having a reliable pillow will promote good rest and sleep at night. As her belly gets bigger, she needs pillows that will effectively promote relaxation all day long.

Here are some of the top choice best pregnancy pillows to choose from:-

Leachco Snoggle Total Body Pillow– with this pillow, the expectant mother can comfortably sleep on her back and side as it can be easily rolled and bent in any manner she needs.

Jill & Joey Pregnancy Pillow Wedge– reasonably priced wedges are a practical pillow present for pregnant women. These will make their sleep more bearable and something to actually look forward to. Wedges are highly versatile and offer back and bump relief. They don’t need a lot of space in bed, so their partner can have some more space for themselves.

Restrology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – designed for pregnant moms, this pillow easily follows the shape of one’s body for full support. Your expecting friend or family member doesn’t need to have any more multiple pillows when she receives this full body pillow as a gift, thanks to its full support for her head, back, and belly that helps prevent heartburn and back pain.

Pregnancy Survival Kit – the Basis of a Great Pregnancy Gift Basket

With all the changes the mom-to-be is experiencing, she will definitely treasure an early gift that will help her prepare for her pregnancy, what better way to show that you care by coming up with a pregnancy survival kit filled with the essentials.

Consider these items for a pregnancy survival kit:-

Pregnancy tea– something soothing and warm to drink is definitely a yes for the woman who’s expecting. For your pregnant loved one who’s feeling a bit empty with no hot beverages in the morning, help her make the switch to herbal tea that has plenty of nutrients and will aid in the relief of nausea and cramps.

Inflatable travel pillow– pregnant women will thank you for giving them something extra comfy to sit on as they travel, sit in the car, or stay at home, making them feel strongly loved and cared for.

Heating pad– pregnancy comes with plenty of body changes, including body pains, so a heating pad is a relaxing way to provide relief to her throbbing joints and muscles.

Tummy drops – for many women, having nausea in the morning (morning sickness) is one of the first symptoms of a growing tot in their belly. If morning sickness is getting your friend down, putting together some ginger candies in the survival kit will help calm her tummy.

Hand sanitizer – choose hand sanitizers that are made from all-natural ingredients and are safe for pregnant women. Let’s face it; they may tend to become a little more fearful about contracting viruses so that hand sanitizers will come in, well, handy.

Snacks on the go – some pregnant moms tend to be hungry at all times, so they would certainly appreciate a box of tasty snacks as they go along their day.

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Bump Box Pregnancy Gift Baskets

Bump Boxes have risen to popularity as subscription gifts for mothers and mothers-to-be. You can find boxes suitable for the first, second, and third trimester as they contain items that expecting moms will find helpful depending on the stage of their pregnancy, such as tummy drops for morning sickness or a baby guide book.

If you know someone pregnant, Bump Boxes are a brilliant way to help them get pampered with day-to-day essentials from trusted brands. You can choose a gift box that they have already put together, or you can have one customized for your loved one.

The Stork Bag – Something Special for Your Pregnancy Gift Basket

Launched in 2014, the Stork Bag is the first-ever reusable subscription bundle designed specifically for pregnant women. Every Stork Bag matches every trimester of pregnancy and can include a wide range of items created for expecting moms. Every eight to twelve handpicked items can surely improve your friend or family member’s pregnancy experience, so the entire nine months become more tolerable and exciting.

Presents for a Pregnant Friend, Not for Baby and Not Part of the Gift Basket

Welcoming a baby soon can be a highly exciting yet stressful time for the expecting mother. There are a lot of things to do, and any present you can give is greatly treasured. Regardless of the worries and pressures, having a baby on the way is something that is celebrated by family and friends. Moreover, rewarding your friend for her commitment and dedication as a mother-to-be is a thoughtful thing to do as well.

Consider these best presents for your pregnant friend :-

Sleek smartwatch – for the techy friend or family member, gifting her with a smartwatch is the perfect glam pregnancy gift. This gadget can help her track her own sleep cycles and fitness goals while setting reminders and assisting her to pay for diapers or just about anything.

Jewelry – despite daily stresses, gift her a piece of classic jewelry that has some space for the baby’s birthstone so she won’t only feel gorgeous but is always reminded of her little darling every time she wears it.

Maternity hospital bag– packed with the essential items she needs for labor and delivery at the hospital, the mom-to-be will surely be impressed with this bundle.

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Mom to Be Gift Basket/mom to Be Gifts to Include with Your Pregnancy Gift Basket

If you know of a relative, friend, or co-worker whose family will expand soon, consider these special presents that can help celebrate the newest addition to their bunch.

These wonderful mom-to-be gift basket gifts are both fun and helpful:

Baby memory book– from mommy’s pregnancy journey to baby’s first sounds, steps, bath, and more, your loved one can layout plenty of experiences in a fun baby memory book.

Spa gift basket she will definitely thank you for a relaxing spa gift basket! She can start her day right and feel fresh and uplifted thanks to a bath and beauty set that will comfort her body and balance her moods.

Maternity pillow a pregnancy pillow offers support for multiple positions, such as laying down and sitting, so the mom-to-be will certainly appreciate how much she can rest comfortably despite a bigger belly.

New Mom Gifts That Every New Mom Needs

New moms have so much going on as they’re adjusting to this new life. Your present could be something that will put a smile on her face or bring happiness to her heart.

Check out these awesome new mom gifts that she’ll surely treasure:-

Pampering set– it takes hard work to care for a baby and, as amazing as it is to be a mother, these women could really use some extra pampering.

Soft jogger pants– while this can be a common choice when it comes to gift-giving for new moms, a pair or two of these super comfortable pants will definitely be appreciated as she heads her way to the grocery store, coffee shop, doctor’s office, living room or just about anywhere.

Hand sanitizer with essential oils– the new mom will definitely need help keeping her skin soft, healthy, and rejuvenated.

Eye gel let’s face it, new moms have to deal with the fact that they can’t get any normal sleep like before. Eye gels will help hydrate their eye areas and keep their skin looking firm and fresh.

Christmas Gifts for Expecting Parents to Boost the Pregnancy Gift Basket

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for expecting parents that are thoughtful and unique, the following items will definitely surprise these important folks in your life.

Here are some top choice Christmas gifts for expecting parents:-

Photo printer– help out the couple easily preserve memories by getting them a photo printer so they can instantly print photos from their phone. Along with an app, a printer will allow them to print cute-sized pictures instantly from their device so these new parents can easily create keepsakes of their little angel.

Coffee brewer– while a pregnant woman is asked to stay away from caffeinated drinks, she’ll definitely appreciate an espresso machine after giving birth. A brewer will make her and her partner’s mornings a little easier, especially if they’re avid coffee drinkers. Choose brewers that offer to make different kinds of coffee brews, including hot and cold drinks.

Baby food maker set– preparing homemade baby food has never been easier. Once their tot begins to eat solid foods, the parents can rely on a baby food maker to prepare meals by steaming and blending ingredients. Don’t forget to look for baby food maker sets that can easily be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Book on what to expect in the first year– gaining practical knowledge about raising babies is priceless, so it’s a brilliant idea to gift the parents with useful resources that will give them information about what to expect from their baby month by month.

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Pregnancy Gift Basket Care Package Ideas

Anyone who has gone through pregnancy knows that maintaining good health and achieving wellness during these nine months can be harder than usual. Aside from worrying about one’s own health, the mother-to-be has to consider her baby’s condition in her growing bump. Certain factors, such as sleep and nutrition, become more critical than usual.

Still, you can gift your pregnant friend or family member with pregnancy care packages to help them experience a healthy pregnancy. The right tools and accessories will definitely help her take care of herself and feel her best as she goes through these nine months.

Here are some pregnancy care package ideas to consider:-

Foot soak– during pregnancy, there’s a big chance that her feet will swell up. Guide her through as she soaks her feet in warm water mixed with natural sweet-smelling salts that can reduce the pain and help her relax.

Lotion for stretch marks– one thing that can help minimize stretch marks is cocoa butter lotion that doesn’t only help take care of her body but has fragrant scents that will keep her in a good mood.

Sleep mask– pregnant women certainly need plenty of sleep, and getting your expecting friend a sleep mask will remind her that she should catch up on a good night’s sleep. Because it may be hard to wind down at night, a sleep mask can keep out any incoming light away from her eyes and help induce a state of darkness.

Calcium supplements – because prenatal vitamins may not always provide the recommended daily intake of calcium for pregnant women, consider giving her calcium supplements as her baby also needs this nutrient to develop healthy body parts, including the bones and teeth.

Relaxing body wash– treat your loved one with an extra special body wash that contains ingredients, such as lavender and eucalyptus, to help her relax, have a good mood, and promote good sleep.

Best Pregnancy Gifts For Your Short List

If you’re looking for the best pregnancy gifts rather than pregnancy gift baskets, then have a look at these exceptional presents that are most likely to be treasured by moms-to-be, whether they’re a good friend of yours, a co-worker, or the mother of your child.

Here are my top selections for best pregnancy gifts:-

Belly butter– specially formulated for pregnant women, these belly butter formulas are intended to nourish and moisturize their skin, keeping it soft throughout these nine months.

Pregnancy journal– it’s an awesome reminder of her journey, the moment she announced the pregnancy until she experienced her baby’s first kick and everything else in between. With the journal, she can also reflect on the wonderful feelings, thoughts, and experienced she’s had during this transformation.

Specialized speaker for baby– the baby in her womb can hear at about five months, so these baby-bump speakers will allow the mother to safely play soothing music directly to her womb using an audio device.

Maternity pajamas– choose sleepwear that is soft, loose, lightweight, and comfortable for the expecting mom.

Amazon Prime – because news moms are always on the lookout for new products and accessories to try for their baby and themselves, consider giving the gift of convenience with Amazon Prime. They can easily procure baby outfits, body care products, other registry buys, and so much more.

Birthday Gifts for Expecting Mothers

If the birthday of a special soon-to-be-mom is coming up, now is the perfect time to give her something that will do so much for her. Whether she’s only beginning to experience the first pregnancy symptoms or is nearing her due date, you bet she’ll appreciate some extra care and pampering.

Here are some birthday gifts to consider for expecting mothers:-

Cherry Rosé flavored water– if she misses her wine, opt for flavored water with a blend of antioxidants typically found in red wine. Without alcohol, the expecting mom will enjoy a great chilled drink.

Cozy pregnancy pillow– most pregnancy pillows are designed to relieve shoulder pain and alleviate pressure on the lower back. In contrast, others can be used while happily floating and relaxing in the pool, doing pregnancy exercises, or having a prenatal massage.

Comfy slippers– as pregnancy often comes with swelling, your loved one’s feet are probably aching more than usual. Consider getting her a pair of comfortable, slip-resistant slippers that she can wear at home or even to the hospital when she’s about to deliver her baby.

Exercise ball– during pregnancy, an exercise ball can provide relief to pains in the hips. Simultaneously, certain stretching positions can help align the baby into a proper position in the tummy. It’s great for yoga, low-impact back and abdominal exercises, and pregnancy gymnastics.

Gifts for a Newly Pregnant Friend to Add to Your Pregnancy Gift Basket

So your friend has just announced her pregnancy, and tons of adorable nursery room gifts and fabulous onesies are being sent her way. While moms-to-be love to put together their baby’s wardrobe and the nursery, remember that your expecting friend also needs her own stuff.

Here are a few essential gifts for your newly pregnant friend:-

Books– if the mother-to-be is a reader, she’ll probably look forward to receiving books that will help her understand and nurture her baby well.

Prenatal vitamins – As soon as she learns she’s pregnant, prenatal vitamins must take prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid, iron, and other nutrients she needs for her body and her baby.

Comfortable high-waist leggings– extra-soft stretchy can help your friend feel more comfortable as her belly begins to grow and get heavier.

Nutrient-packed snacks– because it’s challenging for many pregnant women to enjoy breakfast due to morning sickness, keeping a stash of nutritious snacks can be really helpful. Choose snacks that are small enough to be kept in her purse but are packed with nutrients, such as protein and fiber, so she feels full until lunchtime.

Baby Bump Headphones – Safe Way to Play Music for the Baby

Many moms-to-be wonders how playing music directed at their baby using headphones will affect their growth and safety. Music is generally deemed safe for the fetus, and the ideal type of music to play for the little one is classical music, as it is likely to create a sound that can mimic lullabies. Still, any musical selection is considered safe as long as the sound is not harsh.

Baby bump headphones can be a great pregnancy gift for your loved one as these will allow the mom-to-be to play music to her womb safely. She can even send loving messages to the baby in her belly using any standard audio device. She can play music and messages whether she’s at work in the office, going for a stroll, or unwinding at home.

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My Top Tips on Making a Pregnancy Gift Basket:

Choose a pretty basket –

You could choose one that matches the recipient’s house décor or that of the new baby room, depending on the direction you are taking the basket gift.
Make it personal – Rather than just handing over a gift basket full of deliciousness and fancy gifts, try and make it unique for the mom in a way that shows the effort you have taken. Figure out what gift brands and products she adores and get those for the basket as a priority. Receiving her favorite products and the most delightful brands will make for the perfect pregnancy gift basket.

Be smart with the basket size –

Once you have everything planned out, add some crumpled pieces of paper or some fancy tissue paper to the bottom of the basket. It displays the gifts generously, and you won’t have to worry about filling the basket out as much. The bigger the basket, the bigger the present, so a few bulky items will be great for this part of it.

Add some treats –

All of us have our favorite treat, and I expect the mom will not mind receiving some chocolate treats, candy, or dried fruits. Remember, treats do not always need to be edibles, so knowing the lady will ensure you get what you need.

Don’t forget the decorative touch –

A pretty ribbon or bow is a superb idea to finish off the gift basket and be color coordinated for the sex of the baby if you wish. It makes the basket look amazing in the final presentation when done correctly.

What You Need to Make a Pregnancy Gift Basket:

Here I will provide the actual basics you will need, and with these, you can then build up the contents to suit your pocket. Try to go for the best quality you can because appearance can make or break the gift basket when finished. I have seen some awful ones that were more than twice the price of some far better-looking ones.

Here is what you need:

  • A basket
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Ribbon
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Bow
  • A pair of scissors
  • Tape
  • Items to personalize the pregnancy gift basket

Step by Step Guide to Making a Pregnancy Gift Basket:

Step 1. Buy the basket and your top choice content items. The basket you can obtain from a craft store, and any good looking basket purchase will do as long as it’s within your budget

Step 2. Clear a working area and ensure nothing or nobody can interfere with the creative process. Then layout every item for easy access, including your basket contents.

Step 3. Line the basket with colored tissue paper once you have estimated how much filling you needed.

Step 4. Arrange the items in the basket, beginning with the largest items at the back. The primary item should be placed at the center to attract all the attention as this will catch her eye first of all.

Step 5. Surround the main item with other pregnancy-related smaller items. Add all the minor details that you envision for the gift basket.

Step 6. Decorate the basket in a theme that relates to the recipient and the situation accordingly.

Step 7. Once you are satisfied with the result, cover the gift basket with the ribbon, cellophane, and bow.

What to Put in Pregnancy Gift Basket That Will Cheer Her Up

There are oh so many items you have the opportunity to select from, and many of them will be better for you to choose. However, I feel certain items are great for the job at hand and ones I would turn to time and time again.

Here are my top 3 selections:

Sidefeel Women Hooded Knit Cardigan (View details)

Luxury Preserved Roses in a Box (View details)

 Antique Monogram Journal (View details)


Where to Buy a Pregnancy Gift Basket with the Simplest Delivery Options

Keeping deliveries simple is best for us when trying to get our gift to where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. Luckily nowadays, deliveries are far more trustworthy and. Very quick indeed. Often you can order today, and it will be there tomorrow, time and distance allowing obviously.

Looking at the first part, knowing where to buy our pregnancy gift basket is important. 

Here is why it’s important:

  • Quality: Quality of goods as not all companies have the same standards.
  • Fit for purpose – Items are fit for purpose because you may be wanting a nut-free parcel, and the company supplying the basket cannot guarantee safety.
  • Guarantee: Not all companies will provide the same guarantee levels that you may expect. Some of them will insist on you paying for any return postage costs, which with a gif basket can be relatively high. Check how you are covered before you order.
  • Gift-wrap: Although gift baskets typically come wrapped to perfection, not all companies will alter the wrapping to suit your tastes. This is important to make it fit for purpose on the day.

Post Pregnancy Gift Basket for Mom to Re-Energize Her Well Being

To help re-energize her well being, I think it is time for us to get sneaky and crafty at the same time. To do this, we will search through some of the top-selling gift boxes on Amazon and extract the best items. It is as simple as that to build your perfect gift basket.

Here is what I have found that, when combined, will make an excellent gift basket:

  • Coffee: But not just any coffee; here, we need to look at something a little more special.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate but something different and more impressive than the usual. Perhaps chocolate truffles.
  • Bath bombs – An excellent old reliable gift but more special when part of the gift basket.
  • Skincare package – with all that her body has gone through, a superior quality skincare set will work wonders.
  • Herbal teas – these are popular for many, although I admit to not liking them. Old fashioned tea I like, yes, but not herbal.

First Pregnancy Gift Basket Ideas That the Mom to Be May Need

Every new mom going through pregnancy will be experiencing occurrences and changes not previously undertaken for the first time. Many of these are quite remarkable, and some are less so. With this in mind, a few good ideas about what can be inside the pregnancy gift basket will help enormously during this first occasion.

Here are some refreshingly new ideas of what mom may need:

Bump Boxes 1st Trimester (View on Amazon)

New Mama Affirmations (View on Amazon)

IEFLIFE Necklaces for Women (View on Amazon)

Pregnancy Gift Basket Delivery – What You Should Consider Before Sending

If you have never sent a gift basket yourself previously, you won’t have experienced the problems that some of us have had to endure. Often issues that occur cannot be expected, but some are down to sheer laziness and bad handling by delivery drivers.

Here is a list of things that could go wrong that need considering before sending:

  • Packaging damage.
  • Content damage due to dropping.
  • Contents melt due to high temperatures in summer.
  • Content may freeze and crack due to cold in winter.
  • Spillages onto the gift basket from other items being transported.
  • It gets delivered to the wrong address.
  • The parcel ends up at the wrong house.
  • The parcel ends up in a place where someone could easily take it.

As you can see, different problems could occur, but you can stop most from happening by taking simple steps. For example, to prevent the gift basket wrap from being damaged, you can place it in a larger box with sufficient padding to protect the content.

I will leave you to work out the rest as they are relatively straightforward.

Conclusion: Thank you for taking the time to read my article on pregnancy gift basket ideas. I hope you have enjoyed this article on branded gift hampers and that the information provided has been of great help to you.

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Good luck with your future purchases, and I hope the item(s) will be much enjoyed.

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