Starbucks Gift Baskets - Delightful Coffee Steeped In Flavor

Starbucks Gift Baskets – Delightful Coffee Steeped In Flavor

Coffee is such a versatile type of beverage. While some people love having it for breakfast, coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
On top of that, it can be served hot or cold, too.

Starbucks is perhaps the most famous coffee franchise. They have been in operation for almost 50 years with branches worldwide, and there’s no stopping to their expansion.

If you’re a Starbucks or a coffee lover, then you need to read this post. If you aren’t, I’m sure there’s one in your life that this article can apply to.

Here now are coffee gift ideas and Starbuck gift baskets coffee lovers should have in their life. Within this article, I shall refer to frequently asked questions (FAQs), hints, tips, and affiliate linked product examples, to help you with your purchase for the intended recipient in your life.

Good luck with your gift item search and thank you for taking the time to read my article which I am sure will be of assistance to you both now and in the future.

Starbucks Coffee Types – A Quick Guide:

When I first went to a Starbucks, I can’t tell you how confused I was. Yes, I love coffee, but all the options can be very overwhelming and intimidating.

That’s why I made this mini-guide on Starbucks coffee types. I’ll try my best to include as much information and I apologize in advance if some items are outdated or aren’t in your country.

The Basics:

  1. Coffee – plain black and usually freshly-brewed. If you want milk in your coffee, better tell them in advance so they don’t fill the entire cup.
  2. Iced Coffee – this isn’t ordinary coffee added with some ice. It’s plain, double-brewed coffee so the ice wouldn’t dilute it when placed in the fridge.
  3. Café Au Lait – a drink with half steamed milk and half coffee with a bit of foam.

Espresso Drinks:

  1. Latte – a drink consisting of espresso and hot milk with some foam. It’s unsweetened unless you order it with sugar or syrup.
  2. Cappuccino – similar to a latte except there’s more foam. It’s unsweetened, too, and is normally half milk and half foam (it can also be ordered wet, meaning more milk, or dry, meaning more foam.) An iced variety doesn’t exist.
  3. Caramel Macchiato – a vanilla latte topped with more foam and caramel drizzle. It is very sweet once it’s stirred well.
  4. Americano – espresso diluted in hot water until it’s just like regular coffee. Compared to a latte, an Americano usually has one more extra shot of espresso.
  5. Mocha – steamed milk and Espresso with whipped cream on top. It’s not very sweet despite being chocolaty.
  6. White Mocha – similar to Mocha but with white chocolate syrup added to the mix. Order this if you don’t want the taste of Espresso. It’s a lot sweeter than plain Mochas, too, and can be more expensive and unhealthier.
  7. Toffee Nut Latte – a latte with toffee nut syrup flavoring.
  8. Espresso – your typical espresso. A solo espresso has one shot (1 ounce or around 75 mg,) a doppio espresso has two, a triple espresso has three, and a quad espresso has four.
  9. Espresso Macchiato – a cup of milk foam with a drop of espresso. It’s like a very dry cappuccino and is usually ordered by the number of shots (not by the size of the cup.)
  10. Espresso con Panna – espresso with a huge dollop of whipped cream. Like Espresso Macchiato, is also ordered by the number of shots.

Level of Caffeine:

  1. Decaf – made with decaffeinated coffee or decaffeinated espresso. It just has less caffeine and doesn’t really mean caffeine-free (one ounce is about 3mg.)
  2. Half-caf – made with half decaf and half regular espresso (one ounce is about 40 mg.)

Additional Tips:

  • Order drip coffee or a cold brew for more caffeine.
  • Order a latte or a single shot of espresso for less caffeine.

Starbucks Gift Set Fit for All Occasions:

The smell of coffee lingers every time you pass by a Starbucks store. There’s no wonder why so many people are hooked to this store franchise.

If you or one of your friends is a Starbucks lover, take note of this Starbucks gift set list you can use in the future:

Double-Wall Starbucks 20 oz. Acrylic Tumblers with Straws (2-Piece Set):-

Latte and Mocha-Scented Starbucks Soy Candles:-

Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Gift Basket:-

Starbucks Daybreak Coffee Gift Basket:-

Starbucks Coffee Mornings Gift Box:-

Starbucks Merchandise Starbucks Lovers Should Own:

I’m sure avid Starbucks fans have purchased Starbucks-related items to support the company. Take a look at these Starbucks merchandise items you must have or add to your collection:

Christmas 2018 Starbucks Cup Tree Ornament:-

Personalized Starbucks 16-oz. Coffee Cup:-

Starbucks Gift Cards:-

Starbucks Drinkware they’re Famous for (Besides Coffee):

Starbucks became famous worldwide for their coffee. But, they also come up with interesting and cute containers that really grab anyone’s attention.

Check out the following fashionable Starbucks drinkware that holds their famous coffee.

Going Back to Basics with these Starbucks Cups:

Coffee is famous for being served hot. However, times have changed and our choices aren’t only limited to that.

These Starbucks cups are perfect for serving either hot or cold coffee:

Disposable Starbucks Paper Cups with Lids and Sleeves (50 Pack):-

Reusable Starbucks Personalized Cup with Lid:-

Reusable Starbucks Cups with Lids (Pack of 6):-

Reusable Starbucks Frosted Cup with Lid and Straw:-

Recyclable Starbucks Grande Coffee Cups with Lids (6 Pieces):-


Trendy Starbucks Tumbler Everyone Should Get:

Displaying your tumbler seems to be the “trend” these days. And for a Starbucks fan, having a Starbucks tumbler should definitely be on their list:

Stainless Steel Starbucks 20 oz. Double-Walled Tumbler:- Starbucks Stainless Steel Venti 20-Ounce Double Walled Cold Cup Tumbler Plastic Lid 2018 (Matte Black). 

Stainless Steel 16 oz. Starbucks Tumbler:- Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler – Black, 16 fl oz. Stainless Steel Starbucks Pike Place Double-Walled Tumbler:- *Starbucks Pike Place Concord Double-Walled Stainless Tumbler 16oz* * This tumbler can only be purchased at the Fist Starbucks store in Pike Place Market * Double-Walled stainless steel will keeps your beverages hot or cold longer * Great gift for Valentine’s Day or any holidays.

Sparkling Rose Gold Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler:- Starbucks Holiday 2018 Sparkling Rose Gold Stainless Steel Cold cup tumbler 24oz

Disney Parks Starbucks 2017 Tumbler:- Tink and the magical kingdom can make their way to a living room near you with the Starbucks Disney Parks Disneyland Venti 24 fl. oz water cup tumbler. BPA Free with a double wall construction and reusable straw.

Starbucks Travel Mug Collection – for Coffee On-the-Go:

Staying in a café is nice but we know we have other things to do. Here’s the Starbucks travel mug collection so you can enjoy your coffee anywhere you are:

Starbucks Reusable Cup – Saving the Earth in Style:

Garbage is one of the top environmental problems we have today. This Starbucks reusable cup list will give you options on how to enjoy your coffee and save the planet at the same time:

Starbucks Gift Mugs Every Fan Must Have:

Starbucks fans are always on the lookout for new items the company has in store. If you or your friends missed any of those, these Starbucks gift mugs are something to get your hands on:

Design it Yourself Gift Basket – Let Your Creativity Flow:

Creating gift baskets is a great way of personalizing your gifts. Also, it doesn’t need to be in a literal willow basket—just pick any container to go with the theme and you can start from there.

Here is a guide to design it yourself gift basket that will make you and your recipient proud:

The Recipient

Ask these 4 questions first before designing your gift basket:

  • What does he/she like?
  • What are his/her hobbies?
  • What else does he/she need?
  • What is his/her favorite food?


As mentioned, it shouldn’t necessarily be a basket. Here are other alternatives to what you can use as a base:

  • A canvas bag
  • A flower pot
  • A bucket
  • A bowl


Choosing a theme makes a basket look more organized and not all over the place. You can focus your theme on the recipient’s favorite things or base it on the occasion.

Decorating Your Basket

Place and arrange all the gift items in your container. To make it a bit different, wrap the cellophane over the entire container and secure it in the bottom using tape (be extra careful with this step.) You can then tie a ribbon around the container or tape a pretty bow on top—and you’re done!

Coffee Gift Baskets for the Right Start to Your Day:

Want an awesome way to show your coffee-loving friend how much you care? Gift any of these coffee gift baskets filled with his/her favorite drink and some snacks to enjoy it with:

Coffee Gift Set to Satisfy Every Palette:

We all have our own taste in coffee. So, I suggest giving your friends their own coffee gift set so they can enjoy their favorite beverage according to their taste:

Gourmet Coffee Gift Sets for People with Luxurious Tastes:

Nothing is as exquisite as sipping luxurious, great-tasting coffee. Gift any of these gourmet coffee gift sets to make your friends feel like royalty in the comforts of their own home:

Coffee Lovers Gift Ideas to Brighten Up their Day:

No matter how big or small, coffee lovers will appreciate gifts as long as they have something to do with their favorite drink. Here are some coffee lovers gift ideas that will have them thrilled:

  • R2D2 Star Wars Coffee Press:- ThinkGeek Star Wars Coffee Press R2D2 Limited Edition 4 Cup French Press – Includes Glass Carafe, Plunger & Filter.

Gifts for Coffee Drinkers to Add to their Collection:

Ran out of ideas of what to gift your coffee-loving friend? Scroll down these gifts for coffee drinkers to help up their coffee-making game:

  • Espresso Machine with Frother and Carafe:- Espresso Machine 3.5 Bar 4 Cup Espresso Maker Cappuccino Machine with Steam Milk Frother and Carafe
  • Portable Espresso Machine:- Moocoo Portable Espresso Machine, Manual Espresso Maker, 20 Bar Pressure for Capsule&Ground Coffee, Perfect Small for Travel Camping Kitchen Office – FDA Approved (Black).

Best Coffee Gifts they’ll be Pleased to Receive:

Gifting a coffee lover is fairly easy since coffee-related items are everywhere. But to give more options, here are my picks for best coffee gifts that would fit any budget:

  • Stainless Steel Pour-Over Coffee Filter:- PAPERLESS, DURABLE, AND ECO FRIENDLY; An essential tool for crafting a delicious, smooth cup of coffee; This reusable mesh filter pour over coffee maker is made of 18/8 quality stainless steel making it resistant to corrosion, plus it won’t absorb coffee oils and flavors like paper; This pour over coffee dripper is durable, so it won’t break like ceramic or glass.
  • Coffee Warmer and Mug Set:- Newly-released Coffee Warmer & Mug Set! After designing one of the best-selling coffee warmers on Amazon for over a year, we’re offering even more. Better thermal conductivity, premium quality. Perfect for keeping beverages warm all day.

Coffee Sampler Gift Pack – A Little Variety Won’t Hurt:

There are different kinds of coffee in the world—so why not try them all? Gifting your friend (or yourself) a coffee sampler gift pack is a sure way to reach coffee heaven:

  • Arabica and Flavored Coffee Gift Basket:- There’s a reason why we always say Coffee makes the perfect gift…it really does! We have a huge selection of gourmet coffee gifts and specialty coffee gift baskets for every budget and taste preference. Whether they love single origin coffee, flavored coffee, coffee blends or just coffee in general, we have the perfect gift for them.
  • Trunk of Sampler Coffee:- Send warm wishes with this delicious gourmet coffee gift basket that includes 24 try-me size samplers.

  • Sampler of Flavors:- A perfect gourmet coffee gift basket made up from 6 of our favorite flavored coffees.
  • Treasure Chest of Coffee:- Sure to please just about anybody, our Treasure Chest of Coffee offers a wonderful assortment of our specialty gourmet coffee. Great for any occasion!

  • Hawaiian Coffee Sampler:- A handpicked selection of 4 Hawaiian gourmet coffees from one of Seattle’s top small-batch roasters. This sampler represents our favorite Hawaiian coffees including a 100% Kona, a 100% Oahu, and 2 blends. Every Bean Box includes nearly a half pound of freshly-roasted whole bean coffee, tasting notes, roaster profiles, brewing tips, and an artisan treat.

Quirky Coffee Gifts for that Edgy Twist:

When I gift something, I also hope that my gift is something they don’t have yet. Here are quirky coffee gifts ideas that are anything but ordinary:

Coffee Cup Metal Wall Art:- Welcome guests with a warm and playful look that accents any interior design color scheme like neutral tones to vibrant paints and stains. Cut out shape design with silhouette of stacked coffee cups on tea plates with steam arising from the peak. Perfect for any coffee lover! A simple yet creative approach to a coffee decor wall art that perfect for a home kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop, cafe or diner.

Build-On Lego Brick Mug:- Fashion DIY building blocks coffee water cups, best choice for men women and also kids to use. Create a modern look enjoy the atmosphere and entertain in style.

I Solemnly Swear Color-Changing Coffee Mugs:- Morphing Mugs Harry Potter Heat Reveal Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Caffeine Molecule Necklace:- Caffeine – world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. We turned its chemical structure into a piece of delicate jewelry. Perfect way to show your nerdy and quirky side!

3-D Coffee Wall Clock:- Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock.

Funny Coffee Gifts – Nothing is Better than a Good Laugh:

Humor is always a good way to start a conversation. Take a look at these funny coffee gifts that are guaranteed to crack someone up:

I Run On Coffee, Chaos, and Cuss Words V-Neck Shirt:-

I Like Long Romantic Walks Coffee Mug:- Mom will enjoy a relaxing morning with her new funny coffee mug, which holds 11 ounces of her favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

Toilet Mug:- BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug, Ceramic Funny Gag Gift Perfect for Coffee or tea.

I Like Coffee and Maybe 3 People Shirt:- razy Dog T-shirt branded tees are designed and printed in the USA. We screen print our graphic tees with state of the art equipment to ensure vibrant colors and lasting durability. Our awesome funny shirts are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Go Away, Not Yet, and How Can I Help You Coffee Mug:- The Go Away funny glass coffee mug is a great gift idea for coffee and tea lovers, packed in a durable gift box and guaranteed to arrive safely.

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